Linus Lectures, Gi Joe Has Fun, iJustine Returns, IRC and Site Chat Go Boom, a Rollicking Good Time on Stickam and Holiday Dinner Prep

Depth of Conversation


Potato Knish – don’t ask me why I purchased it for my dinner during my holiday shopping event at Whole Foods. Knishes are not my favorite and this was really just a heavy lump of cholesterol that went right to my stomach. Tagamet was in order tonight!

When I tuned into Melinus this afternoon I saw Linus drawing on the chalkboard in the kitchen. The audio and video together were reminiscent of the Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Global Warming was the topic and facts and figures were flying both in chat and on the board. Chat moved in a completely different direction and the CIA and NSA and secret naval ops and other things and I decided that I am way too opinionated and not educated enough in any specific portion of what was flying around in chat and on the stream, especially when Linus started talking about relatives and their relationship with the CIA or NSA or other super secret, not named government organizations, so I decided it was time to get out of dodge.


Holiday Shopping — 6 Bags

I headed to Whole Foods to do my holiday shopping. Tomorrow begins the Jewish New Year and I am having company on Thursday night — the 2nd night of the holiday. It is a fair amount of prep and I am going to stream it. At this point I wish I had gotten a code from JTV because it would be far better to cook with a JTV channel rather than Stickam. In any event, I’ll be doing some of the cooking on cam both tomorrow and Thursday. If I had a channel up and running I might just stream it during the dinner, but I won’t bother with Stickam. That would be a waste.


Ah! It’s a shonda — a real crime

A Day Off

iJustine took yesterday off and came back to her adoring fans this morning. I popped in for about 30 seconds, but she was on mute and of course there was nothing of any interest going on in the chat, so I backed right out. I wonder how she feels now that she experienced some peace and quiet for a day?

Joe in Iraq


The brisket is ginormous and the chicken looks nice and plump — it’s gonna be good eats!

I tuned into Joe’s stream for a while today. He had just woken up and was just getting going when I recieved an IM from him. I feel badly that I don’t spend much time in there so I thought I’d park for a while. He had a dozen or so viewers and one that was trying to antagonize him, asking pointless questions, trying to put him on the spot. You never know what is behind the words being typed, so whether the person was truly an American in the UAE attending Islamic Studies class is questionable, but clearly this person was trying to stir things up.


The Justopian fridge is not filled with a lot of processed foods — here you see olives for tomorrow night, tahini to make hummos with, miso paste, organic apple sauce and a cheater far of Rao’s marinara sauce for emergencies.

As usual, with great aplomb, Joe tried a few methods to get the subject changed and when the chatter would not give up, Joe send him/her packing. I was asking equally ridiculous questions by this viewer and just didn’t bother to respond. I was in no mood to start a Mid East war in the joeiniraq room tonight, especially on the eve of a great holiday.

Chat Failures


Over there on the right by the dried apples is the beginning of a care package to Iraq — a couple of recommended chap stick products. Now I just need to think of what else to send

Both site and IRC chat were dogs for a good portion of the day today. Site chat either wouldn’t load or took a very long time and IRC crashed multiple times. It’s tough when conversations are going and the bottom fall out, but there’s not much one can do about it. It’s just part of the JTV network. And it’s a crying shame since chat is what seems to be the glue that holds this thing together.



This has nothing to do with anything other than that it’s a recent photo my dad sent of his car that was recently refurbished

Since I’ve been too much of a wuss to get a code from JTV, I was back on Stickam tonight with my 2D friends. It took a while to get things going, but with Spookygrl’s upbeat tone and bright smile, we were on a roll.

After comparing flat irons — she won that contest… hers glows in the dark — we moved on to the larger contest of kitchen appliances. Well, even Spooky will tell you, it was no contest. I have a culinary/kitchen thing and am packed to the gills with every kind of electronic, and otherwise, device for the kitchen. Spooky pulled out her emulsion blender to which I returned with mine — All TWO of them. I pulled out the Porsche of mixers — the Viking — and then the De Longhi ice cream maker with built in compressor and then backed down with a manual juice squeezer which I purchased for one reason and one reason only. Living in Buenos Aires I became enamored with Mojitos. Well, you should probably just call it a limeade because the amount of rum I put in there is miniscule, but I needed something to help. Squeezing limes or lemons by hand is a bear. I didn’t even get to pull out the food processor or toaster or blenders or… the list goes on.


Spooky pulled out a couple of lamps in the Spooky genre. She has a thing for the Nightmare Before Christmas as do others in our room. I think I saw it, but can only vaguely remember. I do think I remember it being cute, but that’s about it.

Rosh Hashanah

You know, it seems like only yesterday that we were all sitting around Lobby1 watching the Passover event at Crystal Towers. Was it Lindsay or Amanda that was present with the boys and their friends — all sitting around the true, the first JTV frathouse going through a JTV-esque Hagadah reading? And now we are at the most important holida of the year — the High Holy Days. I wonder if they have plans to celebrate as well? I have not checked in since the other day when I saw the new office digs. I’ll have to make time to check.

I think I am going to cook myself into a frenzy tomorrow and will have little time to write, but I will get something up here. When have I ever written absolutely nothing?

The menu:

Chopped Chicken Liver with Crackers

Chicken Soup — either matzoh balls or noodles

Brisket — those of you in the know will know the kind — the sweet/savory kind that gives you wicked heart burn!

Potato Kugel — basically a potato pudding, but not like you are thinking, more like a thick potato pancake

Steamed Green Beans

Noodle Kugel — now this one is controversial — while I don’t keep kosher, it seems improper to serve noodle kugel with this meat meal … especially on one of the high holy days — we’ll see how badly I feel about it in the morning before I cook it

Fresh Challah with Honey


7 Responses

  1. Justopia! This spookygrl is soooo ready to take youuu on! A duel of the fates! 😉 That was sooooo much fun last night on Stickam with you and all the gang. The duel mixers…..Man! I was not ready for that! You are the Queen of Kitchen Gadgets. 🙂

  2. When I was in the jewelry business in Piladelphia, I was oftenvisited by Hassidic Jews from NYC who were also in the business. They would also take donations for Jewish charities and if one made a donation, they would stop back later in the week with a loaf of fresh baked Challa bread from NY. Let me tell ya, that challa vread made the best french toast in the world. The best.

    Have a good holiday, Justo.

  3. Spookygrl,

    As my wingman always says … “I ain’t scared!” So, bring it on lady. Our next duel will surpass the last, to be sure.

  4. He he,,,, Hi Justo! Just stopped by to say hello and see how you are doing. I am fine and am glad that you are still keeping us up to date. Take care, Johnincal.

  5. Your the hottest cook on Justintv! 🙂

  6. Thank you xrayspex. 🙂

  7. Hey Johnincal,

    You been watching the cooking demos? 🙂

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