That’s Entertainment — Is it? and Twitter Nomenclature


Inside of Tulip

Tulip, Washington, DC, 2007

I just figured it out! JTV has been my summer replacement for broadcast television. I have barely turned on my TV this summer. Instead, I have determined that sacrificing 42 inches of HD plasma clarity for my 13.5″ Macbook with crummy lifecasting quality on JTV and recent Stickam appearances offered far more entertainment than the seriously 2D choices on television. Tonight I got my first hint of the new television season with a return to Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David, creator of The Seinfeld Show is responsible for this often side-splitting half hour comedy series. Many don’t appreciate the humor, but even on the weakest episodes there is something to make me laugh out loud, or even applaud the humor — and I live alone, so that’s kind of freaky.

The funniest thing about tonight’s season opener was one of the sub plots — Larry and friends showing up to a couple of parties on the wrong night — a day late and with purpose. I showed up for a party a day late yesterday. Well, I didn’t actually show up, because as I drove down the street to my friends’ house and noticed that there were not a lot of cars parked along the curb, I realized I was there 24 hours late! I was just glad I didn’t bother to sign the card for the guy whose birthday was being celebrated as an aside and whom I really don’t know anyway. My summer of JTV mind-numbing has included a complete lack of knowing what day of the week today is and sometimes the need to question the month, so showing up a day late to a party while a bit disappointing, was not a total surprise. A once, ultra prompt, always a few minutes early to ever teleconference or in office meeting professional, I have come to embrace the anti-responsibility I have come to know since my self-imposed, albeit VERY EARLY retirement and love the fact that I have not synched my phone/PDA with Outlook in months!

Buenos Aires Tulip Close up

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006

JTV, thank you for helping to expand my mind and show me that there is world beyond television and that being wound up like a top in an effort to always be seen as a consummate business professional does not necessarily equal success.

Now — If I could just find a way to support myself by writing!


I have become a Twitter fan — in a big way. It makes me feel connected at all times. Yes, I have the ability to connect to AOL on an AOL Mobile communicator or my phone for many years, but with Twitter, you can just “blurt out” what you are thinking at any time of the day or night on your computer or phone. It’s easy. It’s engaging. It’s liberating. It’s addictive! Try it!!!!


Iguazu Falls, Argentina, 2006

But… there are some things to be learned before diving in head first. I think we all learn this as we navigate our way through Twitter’s proprietary nomenclature. First of all, there is the ability to reply to tweets one on one. Then there is the ability to reply to a specific post in a public fashion. It can get confusing, but when you’ve taken a few minutes to sort it out, it becomes clear. The commands are simple but there are subtle differences. This page will tell you all you need to know so that if you want to have a personal conversation with a follower, you don’t have to bare your soul to the world. This page gives you the skinny. I put it this way in my most recent tweet:

Justopia 1 of twitter’s big mysteries; To @ or not to @, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the slings and arrows… about 2 hours ago from web

You can follow me at Twitter here.


7 Responses

  1. I’m so thrilled to see that I’m not the ONLY person on this planet that feels JTV has replaced most of their tv viewing these days! I swear. It’s weird. Oh well.
    Thanks for the skinny on Twitter! Justopia….are you trying to tell meee something here? lol!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, it’s quite strange — it is as though I just don’t have patience for TV. Even Curb … I watched it, but my heart wasn’t truly into it. 😦 Oh well. Such is life.

    Now, as for the Twitter reference — well, uhhhh, yeah. I was trying to be subtle, kinda nonchalant — I was not sure if “everyone” knew that their tweets were visible to the public since there were @ signs next to a bunch of them. I thought of sending a little hint via Twitter using the “d” command, but didn’t want to test it in public. 😉

  3. And for others, like me, TV has come back into our lives via

    I feel like I am once again, becoming a typical American, as and other informative sites have taken a beating.


  4. Cool!

    It’s good to see you commenting. Are you saying that JTV is your form of television entertainment for now? Nothing good on local TV or sky network?

  5. I suddenly had this strange vision of a jtv channel that shows episodes of Seinfeld. Only with chat. Sort of a Seinfeld Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  6. Hahaha Bkiff! Funny.

  7. Haha, you funny guys.
    I only see TV when my kid calls me ” mum its lets dance”, “Swedish/or American Idol”, just for laugh together with her.
    I can not even sit stil long enough for an whole DVD….
    Must be something about both the eyes, ears and the hands get work when you chat same time as viewing new people at JTV….:-) Plus for me, the extra dimension=
    training my second language: english….
    Justin have take over, Im downstairs at my computer and my doughter upstairs with her laptop…..when shes notice something funny, she sends me an link via MSN. LOL
    My newspapers and post from august – september makes a big tower at my table beside the TV chair.
    My dogs have to wait for food until Mikiefresh whents to bed…which can take some time….lol

    Am I asocial or not???/Tina 😉

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