New Office Space

Mazel Tov! — gotta say that when someone moves into a new space


Before we discuss the office design, I’d like to note that on my way to an afternoon of fun in the sun at an end of summer pool party, I now have to stop at the store for two gifts. One for the hosts of the party and the other, a Red Swingline Stapler!

Ok, now to the office set up. It appears that the JTV crew went with the same red white and blue of the logo design. Oh how patriotic the guys are. This is kind of like art, it’s a personal choice, some may say that I’ve gone soft, but who am I to judge personal style?  But … I would never have gone with the blue rugs. The floors and expansive white walls are incredible and although they did need something to help absorb some of the sound in the cavernous, stark space, I’d have gone with something more muted, more neutral so that it faded away from sight rather than being such a shock to the senses.


The camera position is cool, it gives a great view. I wonder how long it will take for the place to become cluttered, or if it will? The clue will be to see when the boxes and stuff on the upper right hand corner have been removed. I didn’t see them purchase any of what they put into the office, although one day when I tuned in I saw them at a big box store. The chairs? Well, if they were purchased at one of those stores, I’d give them oh… a year at most, before they are loose and rickety. It’s too bad they couldn’t budget for great Herman Miller Aeron chairs. Of course, they’re young guys, running a start up, so splurging on something that is ergonomically correct, comfortable as hell to sit in all day and looks damn good was probably just not a consideration.


Dunno, but I’m thinking a Red Swingline Stapler is definitely in order for this new office space, yes?

Well, it’s late as hell and I need to get some sleep before I head out to lunch. I am going to have to get serious about getting this article completed and sent up for editing, so I am going to try — TRY — TRY not to spend my day on JTV. I have found that I am spending more time in chat and less time watching the streams lately anyway. It’s become more and more about my 2D friends. Is that bad?


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