Anytime is Suntory Time and a Twist on the Lifecasting Term

Karaoke is not for Lifecasting Whimps


One of my all time favorite movies is Lost in Translation. I had just moved back from India the weekend it released and although very different cultures, the message was the same to me: Sometimes you have to go halfway around the world to come full circle. This afternoon I am sitting in a karaoke bar in Tokyo watching Lisa and her new friend Yuta take turns with the mic. It is well worth a trip to the archives to watch as both take the mic and belt out a variety of songs. While both Yuta and Lisa looked nervous and hesitant with their first performances, by the 3rd and 4th they were much more at ease. I am not saying they were masterful, but it was clear that bott were having a fun night on the town.


We asked for a duet, and they granted our request

New Terms


I like rolling dough right on the granite countertop. It retains a chill which makes rolling dough a breeze

  • BratCast — underaged teens barking at their mom or dad on cam
  • AbominationCast — guy with his skivvies on in the middle of Times Square singing AT all that pass by
  • BoreCast — watching a guy play with his Rubick’s cube
  • CollegiateCast — girls (mostly)at college, whining about needing money for upgraded computers/tuition/vid equipment
  • TravelCast — lifecasts of interesting travels across the globe with interesting information both on cam and in chat
  • EducationCast — cam planted in the room of a college class as lifecaster instructs — you could learn something here!
    IraqCast — life of a soldier connecting with the outside world via JTV
  • ArtCast — musicians, painters, movie makers and more
  • ComedyCast — lifecasters doing funny/zany/silly things to engage viewers

And finally — without much further ado ………………………… img_3425.jpg

In order to keep the crust from becoming bubbly during the pre-bake, pie weights are necessary. Here I used plain, uncooked rice.

  • CulinaryCast — sharing the love of all things culinary live, on camera — some days in the kitchen, others at the market or in a bookstore searching for a great new cookbook, etc.


Once the pie has baked for 20 minutes, I remove it and prick it with a fork to further prevent bubbling as it goes back in the oven for another 5 minutes to brown

I stole the BratCast term from a Nekomimi_Lisa viewer this morning. I hate to have to admit this, but I don’t remember the name exactly — Timola? Well, I would imagine he will never read me, but if you know the correct name, please leave a comment so that I can correct the post. I thought it was a perfect description of some of the newer channels and it was a launching pad for other terms. If you have others, please leave a comment and we can try to build on it.

Pecan Tart — Part 2


It’s a cream cheese crust which is good for not only sweet desserts, but would be great for something like an onion tart

We finished off the tart tonight and I learned just how difficult doing a cooking lifecast can be. I have been making this tart for about 25 years and tonight was the first time I screwed up not only construction of the dessert, but the finishing touches as well. It came out tasting delicious, but my need to have everything be perfect, this was a disappointment.

First of all, I have taken this simple recipe and made it my own by adding chocolate. You pre-cook the shell and when I pull it out of the oven I usually put semisweet chocolate on it which quickly melts adding a delicious layer to the tart. I totally spaced that step.


All that work and you can’t even see the pecans with the opaque chocolate

Next once the timer sounded I pulled the tart out, it did not appear to be quite done so I planned to leave it in for 5 moure minutes, but … I got toally sidetracked by the conversation we were having in Stickam and probably 25 minutes later remembered! I ran for it and while it looked quite dark, it was not burned. I put it in the fridge to cool it down because the way I finish it off is to melt more chocolate, dip a fork in the bowl and drizzle melted chocolate over the top, adding a beautiful thin swirling chocolate effect. You have to let the tart cool, or the chocolate will just melt. I spent so much time arranging the pecans in concentric circles, but … I was trying to save time by melting the chocolate in the microwave and did not temper it correctly so when I tried to drizzle the chocolate it just fell onto the tart in blobs.


Nothing wrong with it other than the fact that it did not look beautiful. So I took out one of my handy silicone spatulas and just covered the top with chocolate. Taste = delicious! Presentation = Chef Collichio would not have been happy with me and I surely would have been eliminated from the contest has I been on Top Chef!


I usually plate it with a spoon of heavy cream on the bottom. If I’d had some fresh berries in the house I would have made a raspberry couli or would have just placed few in the cream

Back to the drawing board. I think a culinary lifecast will work out best with less dessert making since it’s such a finicky science — not as forgiving.


2 Responses

  1. Your tart looked soooo scrumptious! I was dying for a BIG piece. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us LIVE on Stickam your masterful cooking skills…I love it.

  2. Thanks Spookygrl! It was soooo good, as Ina Garten says. 🙂

    Thanks for hanging in there. It’s gotta be a snore-fest at times, although Callie sure did keep me on my toes! LOL

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