Just Say No! And finding a Fran Man

I Am Not Obsessed, I Am Not Obsessed, I Am Not Obsessed!


Daikon Radish
I’m not writing…I’m not writing…I am not writing… REALLY! I’m NOT WRITING — at the moment. It’s still just all swirling around in my head. Tonight, will be a night to chill with my 2D friends on JTV and Stickam. It was fun, although I do think it’s easier and smoother on JTV.

The nice thing about Stickam is that multiple friends can stream with the host, but it’s tough to manage the audio without everyone talking over each other and a terrible echo at times. I read some email that came to my inbox today that was great to receive and coincided with the night I read from my high school diary. And then I read a few chapters of the book I have been writing the past few years, which has given me new inspiration to get back on it and finish already! And then things really got started.



We created the “Attibutes of a Fran Man” list (I will have to post that some time) after which we took a tour of my closets to determine just what I might wear on man hunt. We determined that I definitely need to go with the straight hair and not pulled back and we chose the glasses as well. Then Callie suggested I go to a bar in the airport to meet a pilot. I am not sure how unless I purchase a cheap ticket so I can get through security. Could be tough. After which, they all gave me some pointers for how to handle things while I was there.


Baby Bok Choy

All in all, very good advice, but I am painfully shy (YES! Really) and would imagine this is never going to happen! joeiniraq came in and was just adorable as always and he said he would take me on a date, but #1 on the list — the guy has to be 25 or older. It’s a shame, he’s such a gentleman. Anyway, I did ask him to ask the soldier sitting behind him if the would want to take me out. But the guy didn’t even turn to look at the stream. haha! It was at about that time that the group decided I need a “Wing Man.” I think that is a GREAT idea and I have one that I will probably employ to help. He is a great choice.

Later I cooked after being nicely prodded by Spookygrl. I planned to make a Chocolate Pecan Tart tomorrow and really needed the crust to be chilled well, so I taught the group how to make the dough. It’s chilling in the fridge as I type. I will finish it off tomorrow and plan to stream the assembly. It’s not a tough recipe, but it is a bit fun to put together.

And that was about it. I realized after, that I had been streaming for SIX HOURS! Ridiculous! Ok well, the first step is acknowledging you have a problem — yep! I am obsessed!

I do think it’s time for me to bite the bullet and get a JTV code, but my damn stubborn streak gets the best of me. We’ll see.


10 Responses

  1. Even though I wasn’t feeling good and I was feeling like a zombie, I had a lot of fun last night with you all on Stickam. I really enjoyed watching you create that crust ofr your pecan pie. You were amzaing in the kitchen! You just whipped that crust out like it was nothing! I loved it. I can’t wait for more! I hope you do get a code for JTV. I think you could open a whole new world for it’s viewers. I’d be watching. 😉

  2. Thanks Spookygrl!

    It was great great fun. I will finish off the pecan tart tonight. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon!!!!

  3. I love your blog and your cooking and will be pleased if you get a beta code, show the world what real cooking is 🙂 take care.

  4. Thanks again Spookygrl! We’ll see what happens. 🙂

  5. I dont understand how you get time for all the cooking and update yourself with JTV same time. Multitask. lol.
    By the way my friends in Bangkok said they dont understand how we can get time to boil potatoes!!! haha! – Ricecooker and stirfry some vegetables and chicken, voilá ; 5 min in Thailand….

    By the way we need more EU-webcasters, or at least more webcasters awake EU-time.
    Its only me and Mikiefresh in here when I wake up!!!
    I hate to stare at sleeping bratchicks.

    Do you know I am the first Swedish lifecaster???
    (forget Melinus. RIP)
    Nov 2006 from Holland,
    (I dont remember how many times the Holland guy said “neeeerrrd” during our chat when we tried to get online…).
    I called it Wowwadee puppymill. because of my kennelname. – “mill” is a joke for irritating my “enemies” in the doggyworld… I had a litter in 2nd of december 2006 and had 11 dogs at home….
    I have been mod in 5 groups, and banned in all the others because of fights, and telling “the truth..” LOL! /Tina

  6. Hey Akablaze/Tina,

    Thanks for reading and for the detailed comment. And yes, so many people think that cooking a good meal means a whole day project are missing out on good food.

    That’s cool about your original lifecast. I suspect a lot of people would like to see you stream live video again. You should come to Stickam when we get on there. It’s fun.

  7. Stickam may work, but not Justin……Altrough I have been online 24/7 since 2003…Im not childproof, Im running around here and forget Im only half dressed…:-S

    By the way the new channel at Justin TV, “model” was even too much for me,
    90% of it was questions about “colours of her trousers”. I was pretty close to report them… 😦

  8. Aka,

    i don’t know what the Model channel is. To be honest, the channels seem to come and go so quickly it hardly matters. It’s like they are all a flash in the pan.

    Thanks for writing.

  9. oops….here is the list:

    1) be alive
    2) have teeth (his own)
    3) can spell impeckablley!
    4) appreciates good cooking (no mac & cheese stuff)
    5) not a vegetarian
    6) over 25
    7) not a “FRAT boy”
    8) Has to read from Penthouse once a week to Justopia
    9) Have money
    10) Has to enjoy twittering Justopia
    11) Be able to decorate like a hunky gay guy
    12) able to make Justopia feel lusty
    13) have a good sexual drive
    14) be eclectric (nuts or weird..in an energetic way)

  10. Haha Cool!

    This was a while ago. Thanks for posting.

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