An Onslaught of New Channels and Nothing to Watch

New Lifecasters


I’m going to make this short again tonight. I have spent far too many hours here this week and it’s only Wednesday. Our friend broadcasting from Iraq was having tech difficulties this morning and he left to go take a nap and never returned. I kept checking, but he never reappeared.


When I tuned into Lisa she was out and about in Kyoto and walking to a shrine. I remembered reading about these in a book I read a couple of years ago and seeing them when the Olympics were in Japan and have always wanted to go to Kyoto and see them. I went to Japan a couple of times and regret that I never got out of Tokyo. It was always business, so I didn’t have the opportunity.


I heard her talking about learning a lesson about not taking photos where it’s prohibited, but do not know what happened specifically. I had that problem in Buenos Aires one time when a friend came down to visit. We were standing outside a synagogue and there were barricades and a police officer in front. There are a few temples in the city, but this one was the Sephardic temple and I wanted to get shots of it because of the stark difference in architecture with it’s dombs. I was a little nervous taking photos when I saw the policeman and barricades, but figured that since The 1994 AMIA Bombing they just take extra precautions around that site. We were approached by the officer and while my friend’s Spanish was far better than mine, or well, put it this way, I could say it all in my head, but was afraid of making a mistake, so I remained mute and tried to smile. With a very stern look and tone, he told us we were not permitted to take photos and that we had to step inside the temple. We stepped over the threshold and were met by two people that were obviously temple employees. The policeman was standing by our side the entire time. They were all demanding to see the film in our cameras. We showed them that we had no actual film, but rather had memory cards. They then demanded we erase what was on there after we showed them what we had taken.

I am a real rule follower and proceeded to empty the shots on the card. Only because it was our first stop of the day and the fact that I had only shot those photos I emptied the card. Had we been out all day shooting I would have been pretty upset. It was apparent that the history of the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in 1992 and the AMIA bombing in 1994 have kept the Jewish community on their guard.  We did not have an issue with their need for security, that was not not a problem at all.  But it quickly taught us that you can’t expect that everywhere you are will be accepting of your desire to capture the moment.

Long story, not really relevant, but it just sort of fit.

New Faces on JTV

We were treated to a bevvy of new channels today, but nothing that kept me interested, so I hung out, chatted with some 2D friends and finally called it a day.  I gave myself, or I should say, was coaxed to give myself a 1am deadline to stop the writing and get out out of JTV for the day.   I just looked at the clock thinking it was 12:45 and alas, its 1:45 so I failed — Miserably!  Until tomorrow..


6 Responses

  1. I have never visited another country. That would have scared the mess out of me!! I am a rule follower toooo. Get some sleep!!!

  2. Yeah Stacia, no kidding. I am not sure I was so much scared as confused. Seemed like an innocent enough thing to do — take photos, but there were reasons I suppose.

  3. Justopia,
    Dont forget to take an look at Economy Superstar if he shows up!
    He is a 27 year old guy from Wisconsin.
    Supersmart. Talk a lot and reading own poems. Very entertaining.
    Place 2 directly, second to Justine….!!!
    He said they measured his IQ when he was 4 years old to 186! LOL
    He went to bed 5.30 AM last night after his first 5 hours broadcasting.
    To get an idea about him;

  4. Thanks for reading and for the recommendation Akablaze. I have not seen this channel yet. I’ll be looking out for it.

  5. heh, remember the pics I took at my mom’s? I took a pic at the hand drawn ferry of the sign that says “photos are prohibited” lol I didn’t even notice it when I was standing right there taking the picture! oopsy!

  6. Oh my gosh Sasha! How funny is that. I wonder why they do not want photos taken? Any ideas?

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