Thinking in the Narrative — Justopia Soul Bearing, Part II



Is there such thing as thinking in the narrative? I think there is. Now that I am writing every day, to the point of totally life-altering levels, I have realized something important. Well, it’s important to me. I have always been a day dreamer, or so that’s what my teachers, my parents and yes, I have called it. But now I am thinking it is something different. I narrate my life 24 hours a day. No, not like that old woman with wild white hair you have seen walking down the street in a big city, not like the pan handler on the street corner or the guy that’s just yammering away on the subway while you are on your way to work. No, all of my narrative is done silently — inside my own little 3 lb. brain.


What JTV has done for me is pretty remarkable though. And yes, again, remarkable to me. It has given me an outlet for the narrative. It doesn’t have to swirl around banging up against gray matter all day and night anymore. I’ve written about all things JTV, but since it’s my life I am allowing to wither on the vine here while Lifecasters sit and show us their lives, my life has become almost non existent. What I find myself narrating in my head, and eventually onto this very spot is all It’s either about the guys at JTV HQ or about a lifecaster or about viewers and everything involved with the network.  It makes my head spin.


While I have become über focused in the world of JTV, I have lost all focus on the things that should probably matter most; finding a viable source of income, paying more attention to friends and family, getting outside for fresh air — past the balcony, reading the books that are beginning to pile up, writing what I planned to write, finishing projects I started in April, and the list goes on.


Finally, food!

I wanted to cook something to either stream or photograph, but I wasn’t “feeling it” this morning. I turned on the Food Network and still nothing. All I was coming up with were bites of sarcasm at Paula Dean and her sloppy, greasy cooking, Sandra Lee and her packaged, processed, pre-prepared recipes for her “Semi Homemade” until Giada Delaurentis showed up. It looked like what I had fallen into were a series of shows meant for people that need ideas for quick to prepare meals. I would imagine the shows were on the schedule because in most place (not all!) this week kids head back to school and parents need ways to make their lives easier once the mayhem of homework and shuttling kids to activities and getting ready, etc. start up again. Thank goodness Giada didn’t sacrifice good ingredients for her segments. I decided to go withe the Rigatoni with Red Pepper, Almonds and Bread Crumbs, as inspiration — the basis for what I prepared. I had no rigatoni in the pantry and was not in the mood for roasted peppers, so I changed things up and used a delicious marinara sauce and fettuccini rather than rigatoni which works out well since I decided not to use the slippery sliced peppers.

When preparing pasta dishes, it’s important to consider the sauce. I have seen countless friends and even restaurants use Angel Hair pasta with heavy cream sauces or a chunky meat sauce on a flat pasta (like a thin fettuccini) and in the end, there’s a river of meat in the bowl.

This is a very easy recipe and it’s delicious! Come on, give it a try.

New Channels

Once again I have no words. I don’t know if the JTV team has taken a look at their new channel called BadBoyJosh321, but if not, I hope they do — SOON! It should all be in the archives. The kid was doing and saying things that I’d number one, be embarrassed to repeat or describe here and number 2, saying things that I’d be ashamed to say. Other lifecasters have been talked to about language of this type when it appeared to be a cultural misunderstanding and I have never seen any of them do what this kid was doing. The only words I can come up with are: Gross, Disgusting, Concerning, Scary, Disappointing … I could go on, but won’t. I would have reported over and over, but I am not sure how much credibility I have with the guys at JTV headquarters anymore. It’s a shame, because if they are busy and have not had a chance to take a look, they are missing the opportunity to close a channel that clearly does not belong on JTV.

One of the things that I can say Justin and the guys are pretty good at is keeping things acceptable here. Yes, there is room for improvement, but it would be a shame to mar what they have accomplished with something like BabBoyJosh321.


6 Responses

  1. Keep on writing. You are good at it. Even if JTV is not always the topic, it can be seen as the springboard to bigger and better things. The site is the same for me. I will still keep it up, but it has really served as a way to start the creative juices moving. I’ll keep checking in.

  2. Speaking of new channels, it appears that a whole bunch of new ones were added of the weekend. Sadly, I clicked and clicked and clicked and none of these new channels excited me. I see a sad trend tho, young women sitting in front of the camera answering the same questions over and over again while perverts ask them really digusting questions. They all seem to beg for money with their paypal widgets.

    What was great and entertaing was Lisa in Tokyo! This should be the trend for That’s what is about, people doing interesting things, taking themeselves outside and showing us their life.

    That’s what sets apart. If you want to watch someone sit in front of a camera doing nothing and saying nothing, then check out Stickam and Ustream! I hope Justin realises that.

  3. Koka,

    Thanks for reading and for stopping in to comment. I’ve been “following” your travels in France via Twitter. What a great thing! And yes, it’s ok for a guy to like the gardens at Rodin. 🙂 And now that you mentioned the iJustinefan site, I know who you are!!!! Geez, I am so slow sometimes.

    I am going to expand this site. It’s time to get out of JTV mode. I’ve got a lot I want to write about, so now that I’ve been living the “writerly life” for 5 months, I think I am ready to move on. Just have to figure out how to make it into a livelihood.

    I will be looking forward to reading more details of the great Parisian escape when you return.

  4. Hi PCeasy,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I agree, there is nothing interesting on the new channels either. I tuned into the guy from Brazil, but he didn’t hold my interest long. I asked him if he was at an internet cafe because I saw a guy sitting at a computer behind him, but he replied that he was at home. I’d like to see more of where he lives. I’d like to see the environment, the food, etc. I don’t know if he’s going to be mobile though.

    I was watching Lisa this morning and it’s great. She’s doing a great job lifecasting her vacation and she’s in an incredible country. If JTV had more of this I would not know which way to turn.

    As for minors lifecasting — ugh. I suppose there is nothing we can do about it, but I’d like to hope less people are looking for that kind of channel, but for now, it does seem to be all the rage. Ugh

  5. I agree with you about babyboyjosh. I watched some of his antics on the archives and feel that he is definitely not JTV material or I guess I should qualify it by saying as a long time viewer (from day 4 or 5) not something I would watch. Now I am sure there is a demographic that he would draw but it if obvious I am not of that demographic. lol did I saw demographic…hmmm I wonder if the crew is even tracking the DOB entered by all new users. To bad it doesn’t ask the M or F question for more of the basic demographic profile.
    At least they are on the right track and I don’t have to visit josh again thank goodness 🙂
    Keep writing…..

  6. Hi Peekers,

    Yep, I am happy not to HAVE to watch any channel if I don’t want to. That one just completely repulsed me, so I was compelled to report it. I just doubt what I say makes any difference if it’s not on these pages. I have visions of the guys seeing that the report came from me and saying — oh not HER again — she’s such a downer.

    Thanks for continuing to read and for commenting!

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