Soul Bearing, the Secret Life of Justopia and Trying to Travel to Japan

Twitter Message


I sent a twitter a few minutes ago. It went like this: “Is it wrong that my friends and family don’t know about my JTV life?” I feel as though I’m living two separate lives. One in hiding — behind the 13 inch screen, the other in real life, the one where I have real life interactions. I find myself measuring my words carefully whether on the phone or in person with people I normally have no reason to calculate my words with. If I was in a relationship, I would feel like I was cheating on my husband/boyfriend. I have told just four people about JTV and all four thought it was a different kind of thing and kind of brushed it off. One, a close friend that I have shared all kinds of personal joy and anguish with was interested in hearing all about it, even read my early blog entries, but then she settled into a new job and began traveling internationally again and we both kind of went our separate ways. It was a bit of a relief. The only others that know about my obsession are busy working and if I see them once a month that is frequent, so I can pretty much continue living in this secret world. For now.

A Contemplative Justopia

One day I am going to slip up. I know it, and I don’t know how I will explain my way out of it. “You do what?” “You sit around and watch who?” “You write every single day until the wee hours, some days until daylight about what?” “But WHY?!” And I won’t have a good response. The only thing I can think of is, “Because I am over the top obsessed with this group of 20-something guys that I nicknamed ‘The Fratboys’ due to their lifestyle and career habits, and their efforts to make this concept of theirs a successful reality. To say that is just not going to fly. I have visions of a car pulling up and a couple of strong guys with white jackets that tie in the back hauling me off to some not so luxurious facility. Or perhaps it will be an intervention — I will return home after a supermarket expedition one afternoon and there, in my living room will be my mother, my father, my sister, and a couple of friends all looking very dour, as though the world was about to come to an end.

So for now, I will continue to live in my own little corner of JTV and hope that my secret is not exposed.

Japanese Travels

I heard that Nekomimi Lisa was heading off on her trip to Japan and have been trying to catch her streaming from there, but never seem to be looking at the right time. This is the type of thing I look forward to on JTV, what I find is the most compelling content. It’s worthwhile — much better than running from room to room where the young 20 something girls are sitting on their couch with skimpy shirts playing to the audience soliciting … donations for their laptop, or camera or mobile card. Nothing worthwhile to spend time watching or listening to.

Justine’s Night Out


And this is a part of the Asian section of my cookbook collection – I am seeing streaming an Asian dinner in my future this week 🙂

I received a twitter while I was at the movies from iJustine saying she was going to the movies and that she “needed a break.” Well, good for her! She needed a break. I suppose she’s had time to herself when she’s been at cruising altitude on her travels, but going to a movie is so much better. You can lose yourself in the story and become someone else for a couple of hours. It has to be a relief for her to get some private time.

New Casts


I was tooling around the icon bar today and it was just more of the same. Nothing very interesting really, but when I got home from dinner and a movie I saw that Nekomimi_Lisa was streaming from Japan. For whatever reason, the feed was very choppy, but I did get bits and pieces of it. It’s great that a lifecaster has taken her show on the road. I hope to tune in and see her with a better feed before her trip ends. It’s a wonderful place to visit and having the opportuniy to travel to Japan from my couch is a great thing.

If this works, there’s such great promise for JTV.


8 Responses

  1. Glad you liked what you saw of Nekomimi_lisa’s Japan trip! She promises much, much more to come in this style of webcasting. Can’t wait to see. Love your new icon justopia….very cool.

  2. Thanks for reading Spooky! I just spent some time shooing more of those abstracts with different “messages” in mind. I’ll put them up in tonight’s post. I think I will have a tough time deciding which to really make my new identity. You’ll see what I’m talking about later, but I think they are all appropriate and fitting for Living the Justopian Life. 😉

  3. You make me smile Jus!!! keep on writing 🙂

  4. hey justopia, i have caught up and really enjoyed reading your blog regardless of what others might say i went all the way through.this particular post is funny because i feel the same way. like i’m doing something that is completely without explanation. and i’m afraid if I try to explain it, it will come out like i’m some weirdo-perv or something. lol. Just a few posts i wanted to say that i enjoyed. the caste-system double post is great, funny but somewhat true. also the way in which you follow justin and the “frat boys” has actually made me interested in checking their channels occasionally which i never did. another thing giving kids cam’s is irresponsible i think, but who am I so whatever. and finally i never even thought about mods until your blog, but then yesterday i was warned by one ridiculously and i heard a mod say this about what their role was. someone on chat asked-“what is a mod?” the mods response-“i’m a mod which means i am God and can decide who comes on here and who doesn’t plus i’m a mod for like seventeen other channels” hopefully this was said with ALOT of tongue in cheek, lol, but i don’t think so. He said it on cam by the way and there was no hint of sarcasm. I said and say again, “conceited much?” well thanks for the blog and i love it. I’m a stickler for grammar as well but there was just too much to write.

  5. loquent10,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read the entire blog. I’m not sure that there is anyone else that has gone back from beginning to now — it takes a lot of perseverance — hell of a lot of words. Most that have kept up with me from the beginning only have to make their way through a post at a time or a few at a time, but you get a gold medal for reading through the hundreds of pages in one weekend!

    I also appreciate the comments. I think you are correct — that mod’s comments were not tongue in cheek, although we’d all like to believe there truly are not people like that around, but the sad reality is that they permeate the mod world, and no matter how necessary they are — and at times they truly are needed — they are not the type of person I would like to invite to dinner.

  6. Thanks Stacia! Glad you find humor “here.” 🙂

  7. Actually I must tell you Justopia that this blog has become part of my morning routine when I get to work. Check my e-mail, make sure everything is up and running, relax, get my coffee and start reading Justopia. In fact, I don’t read any posts during the weekend so I can save them for my Monday morning back at work.

  8. Wow PC, how flattering! I am happy that you find enjoyment in what I write. It helps me feel that I am not writing into the air and fo no good reason. 🙂 Thank you for reading and for the comment!

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