Caveat Emptor! and One Way to Get Rid of a Pesky Blogger


Tapioca Pearls

Buyer Beware!

I have noticed over the past few days as new lifecasters come online, many seem to be similar — young, attractive, brunette, and at least according to what one new lifecaster said on camera yestrday she made the leap from USTREAM to JTV at the request of JTV executive, Michael Siebel.  But most importantly, they all seem to be in need of money to support their new JTV lifecasting habit and not afraid to ask for donations. I have to ask … for what reason would someone donate to one of these women? Does a 16 year “cyberschooled”girl need to be lying in bed at 2:30 am EDT streaming her life to the internet 24×7? What does someone get in return for their donation? The chance to continue watching their beneficiary? What happens if a viewer contributes money for a lifecaster than claims she/he will be using the money to beef up their lifecasting equipment in order to enable him/her to “go mobile” and mobile never happens? Does the viewer just take his or her lumps? We’ve yet to see this transpire, but I’d like to be in the room for the dynamics if people donate and nothing comes of it. It’s not JTV’s responsibility. It’s probably not even the lifecaster’s responsibility, I mean, can’t they tell viewers anything with the hopes that they will start seeing the money pour in whether or not they have any intention of making good on their commitment? I’m not even sure any of the lifecasters with donate buttons ever really commit to anything anyway.

It’s a buyer beware, don’t come crying to me situation. A little eBay selling without consumer protection in place, but JTV’s biggest innovation just might be the creation of a generation of sales people with the chutzpah to go in for the close — over…and over… and over again.

Long Time JTV Regulars Launch Channels

Halo Halo — Philippines Version of an Ice Cream Sundae

I know what is happening now! Justin and team have figured out how to get me off their backs. Give codes to as many tenured JTV regulars as possible so that I have nothing to gripe about. But in order to accomplish this goal they’d also need to get rid of the lifecasters that drive me up the wall, improve unstructured chat moderation and create a way to cordon off the group of minors they are giving channels to so that they aren’t exposed to the ugliness that seems to pervade sites like this and Stickam, USTREAM, Paltalk, Camstreams, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and many many more.


No matter the future of JTV, it does appear that lifecasting is becoming part of the vernacular of at least a small subset of people and if the JTV team continues to stay focused, continues to grow, they may well pull this thing off.

Back to Food!!

People have been asking for food shots, videos and recipes so, let’s get to it. Tonight I made a simple dinner — A sausage sandwich with Halo Halo for dessert. The sandwich is easy and the dessert, although unfamiliar to most was a rare treat. It was a long time before I’d try halo halo when I was living in the Philippines, but as you get over culture shock and thinking everything you are unfamiliar with is strange and wrong, you open your mind to the possibility that you just might be missing out on something if you resist all the time. There is really nothing healthy or fresh about halo halo, but then again, the same holds true for an ice cream sundae in terms of fresh, and homemade, unless you are going to make the ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce yourself, so I feel just fine about this once a year treat. Unfortunately, I can not fine ube ice cream here, and my Whole Foods is a little slim on exotic ice cream flavors, so I used Butter Pecan — I tried to get as close to the nutty flavor of pandan leaves.


4 Responses

  1. HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY WEEKEND !! love your writing…. 🙂

  2. Thank you Stacia! I hope you have a good holiday weekend as well!

  3. Interesting article! It brings up a good question: what will happened when vlog donators are disappointed? The whole concept of ‘sponsoring’ a vlog is a strange one, with all kinds of implications to think about. Come check out a new and fresh vlogger community with no donation buttons at

  4. Hi Rose,

    Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I can not, or perhaps it is that I don’t want to imagine what the people that are donating to these lifecasters are expecting in return. If JTV goes that route, it will be just another porn site — not something I tuned in for. If you haven’t yet, take a look at the Nekomimi_lisa channel. She is in Japan on vacation and she is doing a great job of exploring the country while including her viewers in the trip from afar. If there were more of this on JTV, I’d be giddy.

    I’m heading over to check out now.

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