JTV Directory Change


I did get out into the real world today and at the moment, have to say I am not feeling 100%. I am not sure if it was the meal I had at my friend’s house or if it’s simply exhaustion. Let me tell you about this meal:

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Rib Eye Steak

Sweet Potatoes — roasted?

Roasted Asparagus

Red Bliss and Fingerling potatoes with onions


Brown Rice

Steamed Green Beans

Baileys Ice Cream Cake

What kind of menu was that? I wasn’t sure if I was at my friend’s house or on the Queen Mary at the midnight buffet. Some of it was really good. We have this competition thing between us. I cook, I take photos — he wants to cook and take photos better than me. Everything becomes a competition, I win and that makes future meals and trips get more and more competitive. I do like winning though! I think the objective judge liked dinner, but didn’t go nuts over it, so I will be coming up with a killer menu that will easily smoke his. I do not know what it will be yet. I am not really one to plan a meal far in advance unless it’s a huge party. It will depend on what’s in season and what inspires me that day.

New Directory Page

There have been some changes to the user interface and I do like what I see on the Directory page. The icons appear as though they are in a photo album. They are larger and easy to see. It also looks much cleaner. The JTV site has always been rather dark and this page lightens things up. And there is an Easter Egg on now as well. For those of you that are Mac users, I’ll bet you are Easter Egg hungry — I haven’t noticed one in a very long time and would not have known about this if it had not been pointed out to me by a JTV regular. I often get info from my 2D friends. Thank you everyone! I try, but can’t be everywhere at the same time.

I came back after dinner and spent some time here, but didn’t see much going on. Jeffy was back, still a little quiet, although more engaged. Linus and Emelie got up to go to work so I said a quick hello as they went off to work.  Then I felt sorry for myself because I had seen them going to bed and then getting up.  Far too many hours on JTV!!!!

Ok, before I collapse from exhaustion I will close here.  See you tomorrow.  Or is it really today?  🙂


7 Responses

  1. Did you know that the average American watches 4 hours of T.V. every day?

    Maybe you feel a little sluggish from eating so much meat? Does it to me almost every time!

  2. I am kind of leaning toward it being the food combo and amount. I only had a small piece of steak, but between the chicken and multiple veggies and potatoes and rice and the dessert, ahhh! I can’t think about it or I might be ill. hahahaha

    And yes, we watch a lot of TV, although since the launch of JTV, mine is mostly all internet based.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. What Easter Egg? What am I missing here….

  4. Hi Bkiff,

    Easter Eggs on a Mac are little treats hidden a program or maybe on the operating system, but I’ve usually seen them hiding in programs I am using. The people that develop the software write them in. It’s like going on an Easter Egg hunt and finding a treat. These are non-caloric though. 🙂 I guess you really can’t call the directory page behind the JTV monkey an Easter Egg, because usually an Easter Egg will make you smile, be a little humorous and this just brings you out to a different JTV page. I will surf around to see if I can find an easter egg to take a screen shot of for you to see. I haven’t looked for one in a long time, but I will go on the hunt.

  5. Yeah. I know about easter eggs. Way back in time, I was an Amiga person. They wee always easter egg city.

  6. The new look is nice but now I cant get the feeds to load at work….bummer.
    Now I guess I will have to focus on work (well pretended to work….lol) and listen to music like I used to before JTV’s pod took over my body….lol
    All in all I agree the new look is nice and being able to see both on and off channels has been really nice…

  7. Pretty awesome article. Thanks! – CowDir

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