Articulating a Viewpoint in a Blog is no Easy Task and Justopia Makes the WordPress Landing Page



This photo always makes me smile. Clarkfield, Pampanga, Philippines 2000


My comments on the past few days at JTV have been received with both positive and negative comments in the chat rooms, in the blog comments, in private messages, in email and on the air at JTV headquarters. I knew when I started posting the daily commentary that I was opening myself up to all kinds of responses. I had not made the blog public until a while after I started writing it because I was not sure how willing I was to “hearing” what people had to say about my writing, my opinions, my message, but as with the times I showed up on Stickam this week, I just held my breath and took the plunge.

I have always tried to be gracious, especially early on after having had an expletive hurled at me in response to a piece of mail I sent to the guys at the email address before the blog ever came to life. I have approved all comments, with one exception — a vulgar comment months ago that appeared to be directed at nothing or no one specific — just nothing anyone needed to be subjected to. Even those that are challenging what I write and I attempt to do it without unacceptable language. I have pulled back on personal strikes, which I realized were unnecessary an probably about as immature as some of the things I was ranting about.

But … when I returned from my day out, I was pinged by a few viewers that had been looking for me. They wanted to let me know that I should go into the archives and watch the period that begins at approximately 12:31pm this afternoon and lasts for all of about a minute. I expected that my posts about the channels with minors would not be well received and that once again, I might see the link to the blog pulled from the JTV site, but I did not expect Justin to take it so personally. I was actually not voicing negativity about the network. I was pointing to what I feel is a lack of common sense of a parent to put his 13 year old on a page with details that list the child’s full name, city and country he lives in and his schedule for the day as well as watching the channel of a 15 year old kid that is looking for porn and discussing it with chatters. Justin and team, this was not directed at you. You can not control what people say and do once you allow them to be on your network, you only ask that they follow the terms of service and privacy policy you have posted and you have put up safety tips which I have previously I think is a good idea. So it’s not you or the team that I was directing my rant at — it was something abstract I suppose –a lack of common sense by those that allow the people they are responsible for protecting to put themselves at risk.


#1 Fan?

I would never be so presumptions as to state that I am JTV’s number 1 fan. The most obsessed, yes. I spend far too many hours here, too many days and nights. I do it for a few reasons, but I have never claimed to be the #1 fan. This is why I am here:

  • I like to see what’s going on outside my own little world
  • I like to see what is happening in the world of technology
  • I like chatting with the 2D friends I’ve made here
  • I like learning and I do believe I have learned something everyday while on JTV — whether positive or negative
  • I am anxious to see JTV blossom and achieve the success they are working toward

And as I’ve stated over and over, I find inspiration in what goes on to the point that it gives me something to write about and I can’t stop writing.



Lincoln Memorial — Spring, 2007


What Justin and team don’t seem to realize is that I have been a supporter, at times a defender when they or the site have been the object of ridicule. When the Jonas Brothers were on and the site went wild, I could have joined in on the bashing, but I thought it was great that they’d found something to draw people to the site and I said so in the blog that night. Yes, I certainly have my share of negative comments, I’d be the biggest fool on the planet not to acknowledge that, but I have tried to find a more balanced place. I make a point of throwing out praise when I see something that I believe is positive, even when others tell me they think otherwise.

I reada what “Freddy Farce,” (who has a rather familiar “voice” 😉 posted on the blog today:

Ok. Enough of attacking JTV without seeing / discussing how the competition or other community portals handles these issues as well. Terms of Service states an age of 13 years is allowed. And it is their parents choice not yours, jtv, or anyone else.

I agree, I have not discussed how the competition handles these issues other than a brief mention or two, but I am not writing as a paid blogger or journalist. If I were, I would be spending part of these days calling people, fact checking, researching, looking for background, and more. It is a blog — an electronic journal. If I do decide to wrap up my JTV experience and put it between two covers and call it a book then yes, I will need to do some extensive work researching, reading, interviewing and doing the things necessary to make it something credible and worthwhile reading, but for now, it is a blog that has been commissioned by no one other than whatever it is inside me that compels me to sit down at this black laptop every day to ensure I accomplish this crazy goal of posting daily.



Automated tulip in Buenos Aires, 2006


Justin Speaks to a Missing Justopia

Rather than having the viewers tell me what Justin said about me, I wanted to listen for myself and I was taken aback when he turned his head away from the guys and looked straight into the camera and with a look and sound of disgust addressed me as though I was there and told me that a friend would be a friend and have nice things to say, not curses and that when he came over to see me doing the cooking show on Stickam and he hung out for 5 or 10 minutes, he thought it was good and he told me so (at which point one of the guys challenged him on that and he backed it up saying that he did think it was good) and that he told me so. Again, it’s tough to really get what people are saying when they are in a one way voice conversation or chatting online, but I only remember Justin saying that he was there to check it out and see how Stickam performed and that for him it was choppy. I did not realize he had been in the room until well after the fact, but I did tell him I didn’t know that it was choppy and that it was very hard to pull off a short cooking demo.

I also wrote in a post this week after a Stickam appearance that detailed a few of the negatives I experienced on Stickam which I have cut the comments from that post and pasted here:

No, I don’t see myself walking away from JTV so quickly — Jeffy and Linus and even Justin and iJustine are there to entertain me and keep me engaged, but the quality of Stickam will be a draw for those that want to try it out. A few things that I don’t like:

I think the chat is flash like Ustream and it doesn’t play nicely. Correcting typos is excruciating most of the time — just backspacing takes time, if it even works.
Sound is an issue. When it’s just one caster, it’s awesome, but with multiple people streaming it’s tough. There can be an echo or just too many people talking at one time. It can be overwhelming with 7 people at the same time.
The video is a little small, although the resolution is quite good and when Ted did picture in picture (PIP) I could still see him and yours truly clearly, not that I wanted to see me!



Yes, I went on Stickam. It was the 2nd night iTed could not get his channel to work on JTV and we all moved over with him for the evening. I did like what I saw. It was smooth and clear and the audio was amazing, but the next night when I wanted to try a cooking show, I hosted. I do not have a JTV code and I have not asked for one. Stickam is a flash in the pan, 4 clicks and you are streaming online alternative and what better way to test it out to see if I liked doing it before putting myself or JTV through the paces of getting a code? One of my JTV friends has suggested I get a code to test it out, but I just don’t want to be sitting in the graveyard of dead icons if I decide that I really am not into it after a day or two.

Before I close this topic, let me reiterate what I’ve said in a recent post — I think the the JTV team has made great progress. While I see problems technically and otherwise, I am still around viewing and participating and continuing to wait to see the big breakthrough. I thought the Yahoo appearance by Justin and iJustine was great while others bashed it, it and am one that has always enjoyed seeing them or any of the lifecasters make appearances and I hope it continues. Visibility

On a brighter note, as people were PM’ing me and making comments in the room to get me to go check out the archives in Jutin’s room, I was in for a surprise when I opened There in front of me in the top position of the left hand column was my icon and a link to Living the Justopian Life under the Technology heading. I am not sure how, but I made it to the landing page. It brought in a few hundred hits in the afternoon, and that was about it. I wonder if I can embed JTV into the blog? I’ll have to try it out when I am not in need of sleep.


6 Responses

  1. Congrats justopia! I’m thrilled about your WordPress standing. All I can say is, that I have been reading your blog every day. Before I go to work and grab my Starbuck’s..I must read your blog to see the happenings on JTV and also to check out your beautiful photos. I’m so upset that I missed your cooking show on Stickam! I don’t do a lot of reading and for me to want to read your blog every day says a lot for someone like myself. 🙂

  2. Thanks Spooky! I’m so glad you read and enjoy and appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  3. Congrats on your standing with WordPress!!
    As for the previous entry regarding minors I read it as mainly geared towards the parents (any parent) that allow their child/children to access the internet without some type of supervision. It did not read it as to be pointing a finger at the JTV crew and JTV as a company.
    I have looked in on the rooms where minors are broadcasting and it appears that they are in their own room, not in a common area in the house where parents can keep an eye out for what is happening.
    We all should be able to trust our children but can we trust the faceless name that says the things a child wants to hear and tells them that they are who they say they are behind typed words.
    Do folks feel that Perverted Justice (yeah Portland), who helps out Dateline on their ‘To Catch a Predator’ shows, do what they do for the fun of it?
    My nephew was being chatted up by someone that knew just what to say to a 12 year old in a chat room on a game site geared towards pre-teens and young teens. Fortunately nothing ever happened because the computer was located in the kitchen area; my brother saw what had been said and stepped in and took control but talk about to close for comfort. We all want to believe it doesn’t happen until it happens to you or someone close to you.
    Now for the friends tell friends only good stuff….I just have to laugh.
    True friends tell each other both good and bad …only those that are looking at getting something for nothing will blow smoke up another’s ass and only tell them what they want to hear which is usually all good all the time.
    Justopia I feel you have been fair, both in giving kudos and ‘constructive criticism’ and not negative ‘curse you into oblivion’ as stated by the President and Founder of JTV in the now infamous clip.

  4. Thanks for the well thought out comment, Peekers. You were on point — I was not directing the comments to Justin or the team. But I suppose it’s one of those interpretations of the written word thing, and we know how that can go — it can change an entire society. 😉

  5. hey.. nice post man!

  6. Hi Pelmror,

    Thanks for stopping in, reading and taking the time to post a comment!


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