Lifecasting is Exhausting

I apologize, but I am not going to be able to break up this post with images today — the time has run away with me and I need to keep this short.

Need a Break

Again, I won’t say that being on Stickam is lifecasting — it’s really just video conferencing, but I am wiped out after doing it three nights in a row. I decided to try it tonight to see what a live stream of cooking my dinner would be like and it was tough work! I tried to prep just about everything before I began and I still didn’t feel like I was giving a good cooking demonstration. I am pretty fast in the kitchen and I did not take that into account either. I don’t think I will try that again — not on Stickam. I’d like to try it on JTV to see if it works out better. Stickam’s interface is limiting withe the small video screen and chat box I still think a good coking stream requires a better camera set up so people can actually see what you are doing.

I have said it before — I think do to a worthwhile cooking cast you have to produce the show and have at least a 2 camera set up — and then … it’s television.

Sadness on JTV

First of all, Jeffy was on when I left Stickam, but he was not chatting. I don’t know what’s going on, but there was sadness in the air and the chatters were concerned. Hopefully he is ok and things will return to the normal GGJeffy world soon.

And then there was Chophouse and later a new channel, OliveArtgardon, that brought in more “raids” of spammers and vile chat.

First I’d like to to talk about Chophouse. I have made a point of not going in there, but someone said I should take a look this afternoon. I did and what I saw not only offended me (enough to report it) but made me question the decision to let this guy on the network. Let’s not even talk about the spammers that flock to his room. What his friend was doing in the video was vulgar and disgusting and I did not appreciate it and would think that if anyone involved with the business saw this, would make them rather unhappy as well.

OliveArtgardon had a bad launch tonight. I don’t know, but it seems to me that there is no SOP or documentation for lifecasters. I have heard from a few that they launched that they were left to their own devices — literally and figuratively. iTed was telling us tonight, when recounting the horrors that went on in Olive’s room as she launched, that he had wicked problems with ugly talk in his room when he went live. But he handled it and things have been fine since, with a few exceptions. OliveArtgardon was a totally different story.

The spammers took over her room and she had no mods. She had her young daughter in a chair beside her watching the action and it was not something she should have seen. Not only was it juvenile, but it got vulgar and very nasty. Rebecca took her away which then upset the daughter (whose name I will not post, although mom did say it a couple of times). She consoled her and tried to explain, but who can explain a nightmare like that?

She shut down the stream briefly, although as she said on a call she took, she didn’t want to turn off the stream because there were 46 viewers. I’d venture a guess that the majority of the 46 were part of the raid. It does look like these Interrupters use macros and it’s impossible to break through any of it. In the Chophouse room this afternoon one of them was posting symbols of swastickas. That was my queue to leave. Life is too short to be spending any time in any room with that rot.

Rebecca came back online and nothing had changed, so some of the concerned regulars chipped in to help clear out the room including honestguy and mark and numerous viewers that are not normally mods, but are caring people. What we were witnessing was sad. Rebecca seemed to want to do this, but I guess had not spent a ton of time watching to see how things have been going recently with this band of vile thugs. They claim to be from Ebaum’s World and it looks like they have nothing better to do than harass and antagonize people. In typical fashion for these creeps, they were telling Rebecca to put her keyboard on her head — she did, then telling her to put her shoe on her head — she did, and she continued to do what they said. It’s elementary school nonsense, but she did not realize that doing what they asked would provoke more of the same and then resisting would also cause similar issues. So it got worse and worse.

A Lifecaster’s Bible (or whatever) would give people a clue before they launched. It is my opinion, and remember, this is my blog, so it’s my opinion — I’m not asking you to agree with me — is that putting a minor child on camera is not a good idea. I am not comfortable being in rooms with minors and would not subject my own children when they were young and I was just getting into the chat scene years ago to what goes on in an online community. While the rooms in the early days of AOL were mostly calm and respectable, there were those errant miscreants that made things ugly and I did not want to subject them to it. I had the power and I used it and they were none the wiser. With all the sick creeps out there, you just don’t know who is behind the names. It’s not worth the risk.

It does clearly state to be cognizant of things and to be careful of things like not revealing your location, etc., but although the guys at JTV are not responsible for ensuring that lifecasters use common sense, it would be nice if things were spelled out just a little more clearly. Justin talked about putting together a lifecasting guide — is it out there for them? If I were not so damn busy blogging my days away, I would write one for them.

Well, it’s 3:30 in the morning and I was about to tuck myself in at about 12:10 when I decided I had to write something and 3.5 hours later I am still here! I have an important meeting tonight and a dinner later and I can be pretty horrible when I am grumpy, so I am going to sign off here.

For those of you that have taken the time to come into my Stickam feed, thanks! It has been fun. I am sure I will do it again before the end of the week, but I will be busy tomorrow, so I am going to really, honestly, truly, I mean it — take a BREAK! I am NOT going to blog and I most likely will not stream!

I will be giving a great deal of thought to a JTV channel though, although depending on what comes of my meeting, I might not have time, which is something I should be hoping for!


2 Responses

  1. hey justopia! it’s rebecca here, funny to read one’s interpretation of an experience… anyhow… have to laff at keyboard on head and shoe on head….that was good fun! that part….in fact i remember the articles on both ustream and jtv about ‘being initiated’…so that is why i played along for the silly fun. But anyhow… it is almost odd-er for me that someone actually blogged about me …so i suppose i should be honored in some sort of way. Too bad turned into porn tv…..i just so happened to look it up today, cuz i missed a few people i had met over there way back when – before you know the ‘dirty wave’ …but it looked like it was cleaned up a bit…but u know how moments of perception are…ever changing and quite bizarre in this strange world we live in….
    🙂 hope you are well! Justopia….
    ps…as u can c…i no longer stream…the futile task that it was…but enjoying the other aspects of life and overcoming some of the challenges of my unique life.

  2. Hi Rebecca!

    Wow, this is an old post. I am happy to hear that you are alive and well. When people disappear suddenly it’s a concern. JTV fairly quickly figured out the porn thing and it is much much better, but the technology is struggling lately. I have my own site now. The video is powered by JTV, but it is out on People cam go there and never have to see the channel bar or be subjected to what goes on in JTV if they would rather not. It’s also much more interactive. We are getting ready for our first “Iron Chef” style cooking challenge. We have real time food trivia challenges and more. If you are so inclined, you can find us on

    Thanks for reading and for the note! Justopia

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