A Brief Update With No Positive Feedback for JTV — None and a Note About Parental Controls

I posted before going to bed last night/this morning, but after tuning in a little while ago, I felt compelled to write this post. Be sure to read the one prior to see what went on yesterday as well. Lots of action on JTV with new channels launching — and nothing that’s making me smile this morning.

I am getting ready to head out for the day, but I wanted to note that I am beyond inflamed over what I see on JTV this morning. I was not feeling great about streaming on Stickam last night with minors in the room and decided to shut down, but going into the JTV lineup and seeing a 13 year old in the #2 or #3 spot with a schedule that talks about when he is going to bed and “Go to the bank so my dad can pay off the mortgage,” is well, I can’t find words to describe my dismay.

Why the minors?! If those raiders with their spam-bots come into his room I would hate to think what he will be subjected to. He seemed to be asking for more mods a little while ago — but how does he make his decisions who to grant mod status to? Anyone can be and say anything they want here and verifying via Facebook as Michael had mentioned as a possiblity will not fix that either. Without requiring a payment and address method, which I can’t imagine anyone here being amenable to, verification is futile.

I wish i could understand how these parents think it’s ok to have their minor children streaming live for anyone to see, and that includes children that are just watching at their parent is broadcasting, whether they are a todler that is totally unaware or an 8 year old child. It’s just incomprehensible to me. Don’t people read the news paper? Watch the news on TV? Read any of the millions of news sites online? Listen to the news on the radio? This is a brave new world and the unthinkable things that happen out there in the real world don’t happen by chance — there are horrible people out there looking for innocent people to take advantage of, and what I turned on and saw at JTV this morning just gave me a terrible feeling.

I am trying so hard to log out of this blog but I just went into the Maxine15tv stream and they are talking porn! I was told by someone that he was watching porn, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t have time to look though the archives, but I don’t need to see a kid engaged in porn and I am astonished with the chat that is going on in there right now. Terms that a kid should not know. I know kids are more exposed to the darker side of life these days, but is JTV looking to be a promoter of this garbage?

And … if you scroll down any page and take a look at Recommended Video you will see that the first one on the list for Chophouse has a title that to me is totally unacceptable and a kid should not see and I would hate to have a minor and knowing what goes on in the Chophouse I would not want any child to see. What I saw in the Chophouse stream yesterday was gross. As I mentioned in the post I published about 9 hours ago, he had a friend over that got ticked off at the viewers and was making lude hand signs in close-up in front of the camera. Not something that will ruin me for life, but I was offended and I know others were shocked as well. I wish I had caught it to report it, but I have no time to go troll the archives today.

I am wondering how some of the child protection organizations would feel about what’s going onlike here? Is it the fratboys’ responsibility to protect minors that come to their site to watch or that broadcast? Well, probably not, but if they are going to be upstanding citizens, they need to pull this stuff down and rethink their business model.

The reason so many people still subscribe to AOL is because of one thing — plain and simple — PARENTAL CONTROLS. I know that parents love this feature. Those that want to have the internet as their babysitter can feel a little more comfortable that they are doing something to help. There are ways to protect children from what is out there on the internet, but it takes some time and effort. I’m pretty certain most of the lifecasters don’t read me, and that none of the new ones know I am around, but for those that might hit the blog and have young kids casting, you might want to check into some useful sites such as: Family Online Safety Institute, Net Nanny, SafeKids.com, and many more. Yes, most are fee based, but you don’t have to purchase — make the first step, go out read up on how to protect your kids.  Most all of these sites have tips and information.  It’s free.

Michael, if you are reading me, this is not one of my usual flames, I am over the top horrified. I am heading out for the day, and don’t expect I will be much happier the next time I tune in. You want positive feedback? You’re not going to get it today.


5 Responses

  1. Ok. Enough of attacking JTV without seeing / discussing how the competition or other community portals handles these issues as well. Terms of Service states an age of 13 years is allowed. And it is their parents choice not yours, jtv, or anyone else.

    Its not JTV’s job to be the moral compass of the internet. Its their jobs to entertain and profit from it. Does youtube worry about these things? No.. They just make sure LEGALLY that their rear side is covered. And if such a successful and seasoned company doesn’t care, why should a young company like JTV care? They are just trying to keep their head above water…

    I think your bias and emotions are blinding you from the business model they are attempting to emulate. This is the real world not Sesame Street. And your utopia is not everyones..

    (Just a thought from another vantage point, the green one [corporate greed] )

  2. Wow Freddie, if I follow your line of logic Justin should look into lifecasting child porn if it makes him money.

  3. Seriously what a moronic response. How is that following logic? The whole overtone of the post is what LEGALLY they are bound to follow, and what their competition does. Why attack a small fish like JTV that has such a small capture of the audience.. And leave the other “BIG FISH” out of the picture. Its short sighted, and just an emotional rant.

    Funny how that the first thing your mind thinks of is child porn. You are just attempting to aid a friend, rather than seeing the bigger picture.

  4. No, I am saying that your thought process is that as long as Justin is within legal bounds he can do whatever he wants to do if it makes him money. The entire point of the blog is what is morally right.

  5. FreddyFarse,

    Thank you for reading and for the comments.

    Yes, I am biased by my emotions. This is a blog. It is basically a personal JTV journal of sorts and I have stated repeatedly that these are my opinions, nothing more.

    I did state that I don’t believe the JTV team has a legal or moral responsibility to protect those that opt to broadcast. Far from it from me to impugn the moral character of anyone at JTV. I am not judge of character. I don’t even know them.

    The rant is at what I feel is the lack of common sense of those that are responsible for caring for the minors that are broadcasting here. Seeing a young boy post his full name, city and town on his channel bio along with his daily schedule and watching a 15 year old’s chat room scrolling by with chatter all about where good porn can be found happened to be a concern when I saw it happening.

    Many here that I chat with have challenged my viewpoint and I have been open to “listening” to what they have to say and have taken it in and softened a bit as well. The night before I saw the young boy I went to bed feeling terrible after a bit of viewing and when watching yesterday morning it continued. I needed a bit of a break from JTV which I got and came back with a more positive attitude to spend another afternoon away from JTV with.

    I have given praise to Justin and the team, and some of it this week. The blog is overwhelmingly long and for those that have not been around to follow it through the past 122 posts, I am beginning to think it’s almost like a soap opera that needs to be summarized from week to week so that people know what drives some of what I write and have some context to wrap around it.

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