Obsessed? Perhaps, but I Ain’t Scared! and a Blog Milestone!

Well, Maybe a Little Scared


I did some catering when Gorbachev was in town in 1990 and yes, in 1998 I did vote for the Dukakis Bentsen ticket

I know! I know! I could not help myself!  I wasn’t going to post tonight, but here I am.  Just a few thoughts today though, I promise! It’s 1:47 am and I am still poking around. Just got out of another fun, silly night on Stickam. Tonight I was hosting. iTed was nowhere in sight so I took the plunge. At about the time when the room went really silent, I pulled out some memorabilia and my high school diaries. What was I thinking? I could not find 2 of them, but broke open the winter 1973 – Spring 1974 book. It began with the flight to Bombay and ended with another confused high school girl’s ramblings about boys. I even happened to open to the February 14 entry in which I wrote about breaking up with my boyfriend. WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I?! I broke up with him on Valentine’s Day!? But no worries, we got over it by the next day and I was back to my pining for Arnold ramblings. Oh, to be that age again.


We all got a good laugh out of it, although it was a bit difficult to hear the others that were streaming, but — we were treated to an appearance by Mangulo! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Mang man was streaming live! We didn’t really hear his voice, but saw here he lives — kinda. And I must say Mangulo, you keep it very clean. Very nice!

Delsal, you missed all the fun and even a straight hair for Justopia day! I did not look like I did the night before, but no worries, Thursday is glamour day so although there were a bunch of votes for a mohawk, the straight hair clearly won over curly and I will probably be afraid to ever sport the natural curl again. haha



Didn’t the queen recently have another Jubilee? My how time flies when you’re having fun

And then I revealed more of Justopia than I probably should have. It’s clear from these photos what my political persuasions are. I don’t know where my Carter and or Mondale shirts are, but he Dukakis/Benson sweatshirt is clearly a collectible. LOL The jeans have been traveling the planet with me, and when I look at them I find it hard to believe we ever wore straight legs like that (that’s what they were called) and that I made it out of the house with those patches. A few of them were removed and I clearly remember sewing them onto a used army-issued OD messenger bag. They were the best patches — I made an Allman Brother’s patch and a Greatful Dead patch which got prominent placement on the knees. Looking at these jeans, it pains me to think about what my parents were dealing with back then.

The feed went dead and when I came back, I decided to read the preface to the book I’ve been writing. I am not sure if it was the audio, or if it just wasn’t as humorous as I think it is, but it was received with modest applause. Back to the editing table I suppose. I spared everyone from reading more.

Crisis Averted


This was given to me as a joke by a neighbor. I ranted about this guy nearly everyday during the Iran-Contra hearings and this was their way of payback .


And I thought these made me look good!

I was typing away at about 6:30 when I noticed my battery was getting low. I looked down and saw that the power cord was not working. The safety mag was damaged and I could see the copper wires. I panicked! What would I do — a night without JTV or Stickam?! Say it isn’t so! I picked up my purse and headed right to the Apple store, plunked down my $80 and raced home with the new one. I did it so quickly I forgot about my AppleCare warranty again, so I will have to see if I can resolve that tomorrow and get my $80 back! What was most important was that I not be without my JTV! How sick is that?! But I ain’t scared! Really.

Living the Justopian Life Milestone!


Hard to believe I was that small

Wow! Broke the 10,000 hit mark — actually, this blog is sitting at 10,200 hits since launch right now. It is not anything monumental, but it’s good to see. I sure would like to attract more readers. Just think how many people are missing out on all this fun. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Couldnt help yourself? LOL i thought you are resting tonight.
    Darn it, i missed the streaming by 15 minutes 😦
    Please let me know your is next appreance 🙂
    Mangulo was streaming? Did he wear his goggles? Hahahaha

  2. You missed a fun time! Now Justopia’s early years have been disclosed. Mangulo did not wear his goggles. 😦 I don’t know when the next appearance is. Good question.

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