So, This is How it’s Gonna Be?

NOTE: I just attempted to publish and was met with a bright yellow message that WordPress is down until 6:00am EDT for scheduled maintenance. I saw nothing abut scheduled maintenance! Arrgghh! I lost 1/2 of my readers yesterday because of the problems with the site and now this? GRRR!!!  I am exhausted.  It is now 6:16am and WordPress is supposed to be done with their maintenance.  I am going to try to hit the publish button and see if I can finally go to bed!

WordPress AND JTV Woes


Not being able to publish before heading off to bed was a new experience for me, but no JTV being unavailable is not. What IS unusual is the fact that chat will not load — anywhere. The last time this happened it was only inaccessible in IRC, but this morning, although streams are working, site chat is not loading either. I checked into the Officecam and there is no sign of frenetic flailing of arms working to get things resolved.

I did see Yiou drop in with a mug of coffee in her hand and thought she might sit down at the computer and discover the problem and see busy bees toiling away after she informed them, but alas, that was not to be. I did find that site chat was working in one room, the one stream I care not to watch — ahhyeahforchrist. When I pull /list I see so few rooms listed. Yesterday there were 197, today there are 20. It seems that the only ones listed are


Trying to get into chat by any other means than pulling the list manually is impossible and if site chat is not working, they are not showing up in the IRC rooms list. I would imagine the 179 viewers in the iJustine room are in despair. While they can see she is alive and well, they are unable to push any of their intelligent comments into her room and I am sure this is extremely upsetting to them. It’s funny. At first it was Justine that made me nuts. Now I’ve come around and actually believe she has the potential for a future beyond JTV and now it’s her fans that make me want to take the plunge off my balcony.


I went out to the JTV blog site to see if there was an update. Nope, nothing, nyet, nada, nichts, NO! You’d think they would learn by now — GET THE MESSAGE OUT to people when things are not working properly or are being worked on.

What to Do, What to Do


I bounced around from stream to stream today, wasting my life away today and ended up in iTed’s room. It was a fun time. We listened to music, watched Ted do his dishes, went out on the town with him and Elvis and then on to ice cream and coffee and a whole lot of laughs!

In between laughs, I made dinner, but not before checking into Anthony and Kim’s stream. He mentioned that I have not really spent time in his room and that he was going to be cooking, so I thought I’d check it while I was cooking. He was making chicken parmesan. I communicated my disappointment with the jars of store bought sauce, but he did explain that he didn’t have enough time to make sauce. In the end, it came out looking delicious! It looked like chicken milanesa napolitana — I just might have to make that myself tomorrow. What did confuse me was the side dish — corn. Seems a little sweet for the chicken, but that’s ok, I will probably make pasta with mine.

My dinner — lamb chops, rosemary potatoes, green beans and broiled figs with parmesan and balsamico. Yum!

Lifecaster Quality Streaming


iTed finally gave up on JTV The stream would not work and it was not only annoying to him, but to us as well. So … we all followed him over to Stickam and all I can say is — what the hell have we been missing these past 5-plus months? The video was clean, the audio was crystal clear, the chat function is filled with features that make it so much easier to follow. It’s not perfect but Michael, you want positive feedback? Get JTV up to this speed and you will receive lots of glowing reviews. iTed decided that the quality was so favorable he felt inspired to pick up his guitar and wow, it was awesome! He is a talented guy and it was nice to be able to listen without the pitching we experirence on JTV
And as far as channel line up goes — have you stuck your head in on the Chophouse? Don’t! It’s abrasive and because of this, it is like the Spammers Unite and ugly, vulgar talk, stupid nonsensical chatter. You get what I’m talking about. He had no mods in there when I finally found his IRC room, but all of the sudden, bannation began. I left to go back to sanity and something with more intelligence than a rock. I didn’t remember to close out of that room, and about 20 minutes later, when I looked over, I saw that the room was not highlighted. I looked in and I had been banned. Banned?! For what?! For lurking? Oh well, more of the same moderator nonsense at JTV tonight. But no loss being banned from that room, it’s far worse than some of the other rooms I try to stay away from.


We now have iTed and FIVE, count ’em FIVE other JTV viewers streaming beside him. We got to see Spookygrl! I may — I say MAY — MAYBE — POSSIBLY — POTENTIALLY get up the nerve to stream with them tomorrow night too. We’ll see.

Ok, time to see if this blog post can be published. WordPress continues to be a dog tonight.


13 Responses

  1. Ok, i am half asleep and very tired but reluctant to sleep.

    Hmmm what do you mean by “…We now have iTed and FIVE, count ‘em FIVE other JTV viewers streaming beside him. We got to see Spookygrl! I may — I say MAY — MAYBE — POSSIBLY — POTENTIALLY get up the nerve to stream with them tomorrow night too. We’ll see”

    i am half asleep but am i looking at a possible? WHATTT? you are streaming on stickcam? SHUT UP. Really? Let me be the first viewer. In the meantime, i will get my laser pointer ready.

    hahaha I am kidding. I think you will be a good lifecaster. I can’t wait and please dont back out. Email me your schedule of appearance. 🙂

  2. It would be nice to see some comparison screen shots, movie clips, audio clips of stickam vs. justintv vs. ustream vs..(other).. I think you should show the fans, vc, and staff what they are missing.. And maybe, just maybe, give kudos to some of things they have done right.

    I think the justopia blog should step out of its comfort zone and report (blog) on the current status of web casting (life casting) in general. Are You Game?

  3. Hahahaha! Yes you got to see and hear meeee…VERY scary I’m sure but who cares, right? It was a lot of fun spent with you and iTed and fellow chatters last night on Stickam. I REALLY hope that YOU justopia..will give stickam a real try and join iTed and others on the cam LIVE! You’re this larger-than-life mystery and I for one am looking forward to you showing yourself to this world! 🙂

  4. Delsal, yes! Even though you were reading with eyes 1/2 shut you did read correctly. I made the foolish comment about considering getting on the stream with iTed and the group tonight. Having gotten a few hours of Ambien induced sleep (to ensure I did not wake up after 4 hours to see what was going on at JTV) I am not at full speed yet,but if I can get cleaned up and presentable, I might give it a go — all in the name of RESEARCH! I don’t want to feel that I can’t objectively write about JTV and therefore have turned down numerous requests to be a Mod or a Lifecaster, but knowing what it’s like behind the camera and chat would help give me better perspective.

    We’ll see what happens.

    Spookygrl, your appearance on cam gave me the courage — at least at about 5am when I saw you all smiles and giggling and comfortable showing who you are. I will see if I can suck up the courage myself.

    And Chip, your point is a good one. I had teed up one short video and a few screen shots, but decided that it was almost impossible to get even one of the food shots embedded that I would not struggle as WordPress worked overnight to resolve their technical problems. I did stay up all night watching the counter tick down toward “maintenance end time” so that I could get what I did write, earlier in the day (to which I added the Stickam thing at the last minute) published. My plan is to write about it in more detail tonight with the video and stills included.

    As for the challenge to give kudos to some of the things they have done right — today’s post was #116. I started writing about JTV at the end of April, although I did not publish anywhere until I got the bright idea (or loss of clear thinking) to brush off the blog I had out at ,Mac, move them to WordPress and continue on a daily basis to write. It’s hundreds of pages now, but in those pages you will find smiles and “attaboys” and even encouragement among the less than glowing reporting on things as they have rolled before my eyes and ears from day to day.

    The plan late in the week was to begin looking at other platforms to see what was going on and to begin writing about that as well. I mentioned to a few that it seems to be time to become less JTV -centric and to create a new name and a new blog, to take a broader view.

    What I really need to do is firgure out how to incorporate it all into a way to support myself so that I don’t end up on the food line — writing all day everyday doesn’t pay the bills, but since lifecasting does seem to be here to stay, in some form or another, I want to continue writing about it as it grows and evolves.

    And Del, Chip and Spooky — thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!

  5. Yes Yes Yes…..tell me when you are going appear, alright!
    Wow…stickam is a new technology for lifecasting, i was browsing through many different channels. They have about 5500 members including radio stations from XM satelites and Sirious and it has so many capablities. Better sound, better quality of resolutions.

    I am so addicted to stickam, as a matter of fact, i am browsing and chatting at the same time. Can’t wait to see the whole crew later.

  6. Wow! Such enthusiasm Delsal. I had to take a train to real life today, but am working on finishing up so that I can see if iTed is doing the Stickam thing tonight. I sure hope I picked the right outfit to wear to the ball!! 🙂

  7. Excellent reporting as always but girl your killing me, I’m starving!

  8. Thanks Sara, but you probably shouldn’t read the post I just published! Dinner was better than this one!! 🙂

  9. I like the video chat feature in Stickam, but the audio echoing from one person to the next makes its hard to listen to. It would great if JTV would do something like that, I like when Jeff does it.

  10. Yes PCeasy — I think with so many people it means the streamers have to wear headphones. Woe is me — I feel self conscious enough without bulky headphones. So… I will probably have to go out and buy some new ones later. LOL!

  11. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  12. Hello !!! 😉
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your posts are really interesting
    And want to ask you: what was the reasson for you to start this blog?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Your Piter

    • Thanks for reading, Piter. I got hooked into (JTV) at it’s launch and something about it made me write. It turned into my own JTV channel — a cooking channel. I stopped writing about Justin and his team and focused on food.

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