Content vs. Availability, the Mad Ban-ers, and Confessions From an Obsessed Blogger-Chef

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What Do People Want?


Finally, another spectacular summer sunset

There has been much discussion and debate about the future — or not — in the world of JTV for months now. Tonight there was continuing debate between Unbelievers and Protectors (see the post published earlier this week about the JTV Caste System and it’s Update).

The Unbelievers were discussing the need for Justin and team to produce more interesting, worthwhile content. The Protectors were striking back with how “successful” Justin has been, that he is surely making money hand over fist, to which the unbelievers said that iJustine was the only reason people come to the site and that without her, JTV will fall painfully on it’s head.

Some said that porn was the only reason people come here, to which I had to scratch my head and wonder if I have luckily missed some illicit content I’d rather not be watching anyway, or if there are viewers with a much different opinion on what makes something fall into the porn category than I do, because the worst I’ve seen here would maybe rate an R rating — based on language.

However, it’s an interesting debate. I thought the fratboys were looking to make this a successful lifecasting portal, that they were soon going to be opening it up to anyone, not just the few, the chosen, the beta testers and once that happens, I can’t see it being about content any longer. I can visualize a site that people come to hang out their lifecasting shingle and that JTV is just the vehicle.


If they want to control content, it will be like television, only different. Determining who should stream would have to become a science. Look at broadcast and cable networks. They don’t pick shows on a whim. It takes teams of people and focus groups and a very well established ratings system to determine what shows will air and when and for how long.

No, I see JTV being something totally different. I look forward to the day when Joe Nobody takes a trip to The Three Gorges Damn in China and takes a ride on the Yangzee river so I can see what it looks like before the gates are opened and flooding begins in the final steps of man’s largest construction project on the planet commences. I’d like to go to the polar ice cap and watch as the effects of global warming (whether caused by man or otherwise) take their toll. I’d like to go along for a picnic on the beaches of the Dead Sea and watch as people splash and play and float on top of the salty water, and I’d like to be a virtual attendee at a Brahmin wedding with all the beautiful regalia in northern India. I would be happy to be a spectator at a rally as my favorite (as yet to be determined) presidential candidate takes to the stump and an observer with those that I am not fond of — so that I can make more informed decisions — decisions based on what I see and hear rather than what the pundits tell me and what I read in the editorial and op-ed sections of the paper.
I would pay to attend a lifecast at Le Cordon Bleu or of a Culinary tour of Vietnam. I don’t need Justin and his band of brothers to determine what should be streamed live. What I do need them for is to ensure that the platform for lifecasters is a solid one. A platform not riddled with outages and fits and starts. That it’s there when I want to tune in and that I can depend on it to be smooth and uninterrupted. I am not one of the many that abhors ads — I am rather the anthesis of this. I am a clicker. If I see an ad that appeals to me, I click and see what is behind the banner, and yes, if I am interested, I go so far as to plunk down my heard-earned money to make a purchase.


They have made great progress since I began watching on Day 3, but there is plenty more to do and they are still at the mercy of cell phone networks for those that take their lifecasts on the road. I just hope that the Unbelievers don’t win this debate, although there will be more JTV’s to choose from in the future.

Banning in iJustine’s Room has become de riguer for the Room Mods

If you missed it, this past week I posted a bit about the JTV Caste structure and an Update the following evening. I think I left out a group that is part of the Devoted, Addicted, Protector classes — the MODERATORS. The vigilante mob that feels it necessary to use their own subjective view to determine who stays and who goes. I was in Justine’s room for a while this evening and bananation was rampant. One name was familiar — someone with the name Jenjen567 (or something close) was on the ban button like a game of Jeopardy — bam! bam! bam! It was tough to determine who was saying what as the lines of chat flew by, but from what I saw, any “offenses” were minor at best. With the number of people in the room and the desire to be recognized by Justine by her followers, it was almost impossible to determine who said what, when. If Jenjen is the same person I think she is, she might want to stick to “interviewing” the fratboys. While those were miserable attempts to do something worthwhile, being a banning queen is pretty worthless.


Steamed Dumplings and Salad

The other wild “ban-er” tonight was Bubbygus. I am going to assume bubby is a guy — like the yiddish term of endearment for grandfather, although it’s not likely this guy/gal is anywhere near that maturity. The comment this guy uses in his ban script is something to the effect of, “Because I don’t like your attitude.” Wow, how very 9th grade of him.

As I understand it, the lifecasters chose their mods, so if this is what Justine wants, so be it, but there’s got to be a better way. Well, I know there’s a better way, but it involves time and commitment, so I doubt any of the lifecasters really want to be bothered.

It’s not like they are being paid to stream.



I made no plans for dinner tonight and after contemplating calling for delivery, I decided I would head to my freezer for something I knew would be hot and probably less greasy and soggy than what I could get by picking up the phone and calling a local restaurant.

I usually keep a large package of dumplings in the freezer, which I will often have for breakfast. Those trips to China and the VERY brief move there has yet to wear off and I still love starting my day that way.

I also make my own dumplings, but used up the last of those a couple of weeks ago, so tonight, it was the, although pretty unusual, prepared food route for me. I did make a salad and the dressing, which I will give you the recipe for below. I don’t use measurements, so I am making this up as I go.


1 tsp sesame oil
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 Tbls vinegar
1 tsp mirin (Japanese rice wine – it’s thick and sweet)
1 Tbls mayonnaise
1 Tbls grated ginger
1/2 tsp wasabi (you can find this in a tube now or in powder form which you add water to and make a paste)
1 Tbls sesame seeds (I prefer to use the black ones, but either will do. If you use regular, they are better if you “toast” them in a pan for a minute or two

Wisk all ingredients until well combined and smooth. Add sesame seeds at the end.


10 Responses

  1. Something that bugs me with these trigger happy moderators is that one of the side effects of banning somebody is that JTV is potentially losing a viewer for good. Sure there are lots people that know how to beat the system, but the casual user will not. The viewer may also get mad enough when banned to not want to come back anyway.

  2. Yes Carrot, it’s tough to say how many potentially delighted viewers have gone on their not so merry way never to return, and for benign stuff. Some viewers are not very internet or chat savvy and do make mistakes, others come with an aggressive, nasty or impolite attitude and turn the room into something ugly. But if you’ll notice, someone like Jeffy, who never bans, as a pretty calm room. People have learned to use the /ignore command in IRC or the ignore function in site chat, which works like a charm.

  3. there are some cases in channels were I find there should be a mod to at least kick some of the mare crazer bunch. However, I hav seen way to many kicks/bans for wat looks like no reason I wont name any one channel altho I think you know wat one I am talking about. I agree that Jeffy’s channel always seems to be calm which is very nice.

  4. Hi Nellie,

    I agree — there are instances in which mods are needed. Case in point — GGJeffy’s last night. I peeked in there and it was a nightmare in there. There was no use staying with all the garbage that was flying through chat. If it had been me, I would have shut down to let the cockroaches scurry to some other place looking for something to feed on.

    Thanks for the comment and for reading!

  5. Oh Justy! I want to see all those things, too! EXCELLENT summation of what JTV could/should grow into. It almost makes me want to get a mobile set up to be able to lifecast some of the more interesting events in my life and surroundings!

    They really need to hire someone (like you!) to work on their TOS and compile some help packets for lifecasters to manage their camming and chatroom managing experience (ie, directions for irc). A system of having SOMEONE in management available to help during crisis is a necessity they will regret if they dont put into place soon, especially with the Legions of Morons “attacking” regularly. Paltalk is a similar platform, with many rooms of cammers and chatters and they have company mods to help ALL THE TIME.

  6. Thanks for the comment Leggedy. I will have to check out Paltalk, I have not heard of it before. having mods for all rooms with universal guidelines is a bear. I think they wanted to leave it up to the channel owners, but as we see, they all handle it differently. The “raiders” just go from room to room to see who they can irritate. I sure am glad I brought mine up to be gentlemen.

  7. Though I understand what you are trying to get at, the situation in Justine’s JTV is a completely different phenomenon altogether. At the peak of her popularity, there has been an excess of 2300 viewers on Justine’s Lifecast alone. During those hours, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of users competing for Justine’s attention. Though not the majority, an amazing number of those users disrupt the chatroom with “CAPS”, ridiculous requests, and vulgar comments. Moderators consistenly post rules to inform users of proper chat etiquette. Unfortunately, such rules are often ignored and madness ensues in the chatroom. Although it may seem drastic to kick and ban users, the majority of these users are repeat offenders and have already been warned to cease their inane antics and disorderly activities. I have personally seen these mods in action (yes this includes JenJen which in my opinion does a great job). I do not agree with your observation and want to let others know that I respect what the mods are trying to do. Not only are they trying to maintain a chatroom, but they are trying to ensure that Justine or any other Lifecaster gets the decency that they deserve.

  8. Bang321,

    A agree, there are times when mods are needed — without the subjectivity — and is what I have been getting at for 5 months in the posts in which I’ve talked about chat moderation. Having mods that leave a kick or a ban with a, “Because I don’t like your attitude” doesn’t ring of objectivity. That’s all I’m saying. With Chat moderation comes a false sense of importance and without clear guidelines, mods are left to their own devices. It’s an internet age-old problem.

  9. No offense to any of the other lifecasters but due to the attention she has gained justines chat is another beast altogether and quite often there is no one there to kick someone when they are being out of line.

    There have been some rules put forth and I see them enforced on a pretty fair and even basis. This goes for both Jen and bubbygus.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment, Robert. It’s interesting how much comment activity this particular post has gotten and that the post was published well over a week ago and is still getting a look.

    I agree, Justine’s channel is a different beast altogether, but I have seen some “ugliness” in other rooms and sometimes spurred by input or opinion mods throw into the mix. I still stand by my opinion — and that’s all any of this is — opinion — that a volunteer mod squad is always a tough way to handle chat and that moderating in names specific to moderation is a much better way to handle the situation. With the right guidelines, mods could be given specific guidelines about how to handle their task. For example, no identifying your regular JTV moniker, no personal opinions, no “preaching,” etc.

    As a tagline on one of the public service announcements on the radio around here goes, “Not a sermon, just a suggestion.”

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