Linus and iJustine Go Head to Head and iJustine Hits the Road Again

And They’re Off!


As you can see from the image above, Melinus was in the number #1 spot today. It was like this most of the day while iJustine was busy winging her way to LA for her CNBC interview. I received a twitter from her this morning that made me curious. She said: Sitting in the first seat on a plane sucks — I keep getting yelled at for all of my electronics!! I didn’t realize she was traveling, although when I poked my head into her channel yesterday it did look like she was arranging her clothes to pack for a trip, but I didn’t ask questions. No one can ask questions in her room, chat scrolls too fast.

When I got online this morning I heard she was flying to L.A. and wondered who was flying her out in first class. While it’s possible she was on a plane without multiple classes of service, I figured she was in 1st, why else make the point in the twitter?

I watched the icon bar as Melinus climbed to and stayed on top. Ashley tried to make a run for it a few times, but for only moments did she take top billing. Once Justine landed and got online, Linus was still out in front. It lasted for a while and then became the Melinus and iJustine network and at some point, Wild 949 threw their hat in the ring and the three channels seemed to make 90% of the viewer population. At times, it was as though Ashley and Justine were in a placement match. Justine’s icon would disappear and Ashely’s would show up in her place and vice versa. Linus lost his icon a few times as well. I think I saw total viewer-ship above 1900, but things were moving with light speed and I did not write it down. Nevertheless, the numbers were high for the afternoon.


Justine waiting at Universal

Linus and Emelie made headlines in multiple newspapers: Hallands Nyheter, and Metro International, GT Expressen. This drew in hundreds of viewers. The room was on fire and with volumes of Swedish scrolling through, I found it impossible to keep up. I was happy to see Linus and Emelie getting the attention, and not being able to follow what was going on was not an issue for me. As I told Linus, it was a good news story.

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles … I tuned in as Justine got into a limo to head to Universal Studios for her interview with CNBC. She was not clear on where she was supposed to go, and rather than letting the driver help to get her to her destination, she took things into her own hands once they were on Universal property and made her way to the place with coffee shops and retail. No sooner did she enter this area than a man approached her and opened the conversation with the following: “Are you a model or an actor?” Justine seemed genuinely flattered and caught off guard. She said neither and then the explanation about what she is doing took off. He had not heard of JTV and seemed interested, but then went on to attempt to stake his claim. He mentioned that he has a live music show and that she is beautiful and would present well. I don’t know that she knew what to say at this point, but he pressed on and eventually got her card and her phone number and seemed happy. He introduced her to someone else wearing a badge and he too talked about her being on TV. She resisted but I heard him say something to the effect of, “You can read right? Then you can do this.” I don’t know what show he was promoting, but he too thought she would be great.


You can see there were chat problems and Melinus was still on top

The CNBC rep found her and took her to a room to wait. I had things to take care of. I was not sure if the interview was going to be live or recorded, so I turned on CNBC and they were knee deep in discussion of the subprime lending issue. I thought to myself that it would be horrible having to follow that show. It’s a serious issue, people losing their homes, being saddled with balloon payments on interest only or ARM loans and talk of how this will sprial to the job market and beyond. I wouldn’t want to be interviewed for a light news story after a show focused on a serious subject such as that, but I went about my business and saw nothing on TV with iJustine.

When I came back to the channel, she was getting into the car to head back to the hotel. It must have been a short interview. The other ones I saw were short as well. It’s interesting that she had to make her way out to Los Angeles for such a brief interaction, I wonder why they didn’t use a chroma key — blue/green screen and conduct the interview remotely? But, it’s not for me to analyze or spend anymore time on. I will just continue to pop in and see what she’s up to from time to time.

For now, I need a break. Physically I am feeling the brunt of little sleep and most of my day at the keyboard. I am going to call it a night and do what my body is telling me to do — SLEEP!

As always, thank you for reading and commenting.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Justo,

    Great reporting as usual. You go girl!

  2. Thanks Sara!

  3. Excellant article as usual Justy. I consider reading your blog with a having a cup of morning coffee as my usual way to start off the day.

  4. Thanks Bkiff! Glad you consistently read — and enjoy. And I’m really happy WordPress allowed me to publish a few minutes ago. Frustrated does not begin to articulate how I felt with the inability. Having WordPress go down was MORE annoying than Mods banning on a whim! 🙂

  5. It would be nice to see some comparison screen shots, movie clips, audio clips of stickam vs. justintv vs. ustream vs..(other).. I think you should show the fans, vc, and staff what they are missing.. And maybe, just maybe, give kudos to some of things they have done right.

    I think the justopia blog should step out of its comfort zone and report (blog) on the current status of web casting (life casting) in general. Are You Game?

  6. Hi Chip,

    Since you posted the same comment on both today and yesterday’s blog entries, I will just paste my response below:

    Your point is a good one. I had teed up one short video and a few screen shots, but decided that it was almost impossible to get even one of the food shots embedded that I would not struggle as WordPress worked overnight to resolve their technical problems. I did stay up all night watching the counter tick down toward “maintenance end time” so that I could get what I did write, earlier in the day (to which I added the Stickam thing at the last minute) published. My plan is to write about it in more detail tonight with the video and stills included.

    As for the challenge to give kudos to some of the things they have done right — today’s post was #116. I started writing about JTV at the end of April, although I did not publish anywhere until I got the bright idea (or loss of clear thinking) to brush off the blog I had out at ,Mac, move them to WordPress and continue on a daily basis to write. It’s hundreds of pages now, but in those pages you will find smiles and “attaboys” and even encouragement among the less than glowing reporting on things as they have rolled before my eyes and ears from day to day.

    The plan late in the week was to begin looking at other platforms to see what was going on and to begin writing about that as well. I mentioned to a few that it seems to be time to become less JTV -centric and to create a new name and a new blog, to take a broader view.

    What I really need to do is figure out how to incorporate it all into a way to support myself so that I don’t end up on the food line — writing all day everyday doesn’t pay the bills, but since lifecasting does seem to be here to stay, in some form or another, I want to continue writing about it as it grows and evolves.

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