Linus Competes with iJustine and JTV Lifecaster Castes

In the News


This article about Linus hit the newspaper in Sweden yesterday and with it came increased volume for the Melinus channel. When I tuned in this morning, Linus was taking a phone call from a local radio station and I was told by Angincali that he had done at least one other radio interview the day before. I also hear that someone with an NBC moniker at an NBC4 affiliate in Irvine, California was lurking in the room for a while. We are not sure why, so I won’t begin to speculate.


The newspaper got the addresses for Linus, Justin and Justine incorrect, but corrected them this morning. Apparently the whole .tv thing was a challenge. I wonder how many potential new viewers were lost in the confusion? Linus had a lot of viewers this today. At one point he hit about 140 viewers. While the media attention surely brought a lot of new people, as we could see by all the Swedish being spoken, I think some of it may have bee n due to Justine’s icon not showing up. Her channel could be found if you went to it manually, but it was nowhere on the icon bar or in the directory. I was wondering if she may have taken it down for a while to give the people in the room a break. With the number of viewers she’s had, chat scrolls much too quickly for anyone to follow the conversations, so I figured she might have pulled the icon to create some peace and quiet in the room — not that it really seemed to help.

The Nutty Professor

I tuned into iTed for a while this afternoon. He was at the community college setting up the room for the class he will be instructing beginning next Tuesday. It’s a nice set up with a room full of iMac’s. He took us on a tour of the men’s room as well, which I could have lived without seeing, but it was humorous. He wanted to show us the new no water urinals. I took a video of a demonstration of how the thing works. Of course with the lousy camera resolution it’s tough to make much out, but just listening to iTed and his teaching buddy Wes talk about it all was a riot!. If you click on this link, you will see the short video. Be ready for modern urinal shots! 🙂 and a laugh or two.


Calming Music

Before heading out, I thought I’d take a minute and pop into Timothy Daniel’s room. I was in there the other night and he seemed pretty nice and it was interesting to listen to his music, although listening via JTV is not a great experience with the pitching. Tonight he was playing his songs and telling us the story of the songs prior to performing them. He kind of gives me the feeling that I’m at a Tom Chapin concert (brother of Harry Chapin). It’s the kind of music I like, it has meaning, depth, and doesn’t make my head want to explode. I will be spending more time in Timothy Daniel’s room.

Well, I’ve had a long day doing some important real life work, so I didn’t spent much time watching JTV and thus, have nothing more to write about.

I’m hoping for something good tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Those are such great Linus shots!!

  2. Hi Justine!

    The sure are good shots, he looks so happy. The photog did a great job, right? The publication seemed to garner a lot of viewers, some of which have continued to hang on.

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