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Some are nuts about JTV

As I stumbled off to bed last night (early this morning) I thought of a few more categories that belonged in the post, but if I were to add them, it would have meant recording the audio version again and it’s never easy and takes a long time for it to go live on YouTube, so I thought I’d sleep on it.

And I’m glad I did. There was some insightful input from fellow Melinus viewers this morning and I came up with a few myself. So, let’s begin, shall we?

  • The Unbelievers
    • These are of the sort that have no faith in the mission. They feel that the fratboys are, well, fratboys that will never amount to anything. There is speculation that the JTV team’s efforts are all for naught although they do seem to stay afloat, but that with the current viewer numbers that it will not hold up to anything permanent. These doubters are agnostic and will spend their time telling others in the rooms just how fruitless the work Justin and the boys are doing is, even while the protectors work feverishly to beat them down.
  • The Obsequious
    • These compliant followers seem to bow or curtsey in deference to the supreme lifecasters or JTV team. Some start fan blogs (BTW — I see this blog as more of a Flame Blog) and live for the day they can meet their preferred lifecaster, or anyone even remotely related in some way to her, or him. Often, there is a bit of stalker in their behavior and if not true love, then they are clearly enamoured with their subject, in sometimes alarming degrees.
  • Colloquies
    • This group is likely the most prevalent. Colloquies are chatters, palavers, always on the lookout for something new to prattle on about, to converse and gab and gossip, to twaddle and yak, to jaw and natter on about the comings and goings of not only the fratboys, but of the lifecasters in the room they are devoted to, or lifecasters in general.
  • The Devoted
    • I worry about this group. Their passion and zeal has the potential to turn nasty, although it’s not likely. The devoted are strong in their commitment to watching lifecasters and to keep up with every detail. When they are pulled away for real life work or fun, they make a point of letting their 2D friends know that they will not be gone forever, in a kind of plea not to be forgotten and an unwritten request to be kept informed of all the latest and greatest developments. They are nothing, if not enthusiastic.
  • The Torturers
    • These are the viewers that seem to have the most fun on JTV! They join in the conversations in a room with the purpose of causing confusion and dissent. Sometimes they are welcomed by a few but, depending on the room, they can be the bain of a lifecaster’s existence. And to those of us that watch with anticipation as they throw their next zinger into the JTV air, they are a source of much amusement and without them, JTV would be a droll, boring place. Torture can be fun — for some of us.
  • The Participants
    • This is a jovial group. Participants enjoy the repartee with fellow participants, but are easily engaged by anyone in the room, whether they be on the receiving end of kind, or not so kind comments. Participants are the group everyone wants at the party. At a party in real life, they would be the talented ones who would plunk themselves down behind the host’s piano or would find their way to the controls behind the music and would play the uninvited, but much appreciated DJ and would really get the party going. They are the JTV viewers that have fun enlightening to the group to great music, forgotten music, humorous videos and more. Participants want to be everybody’s friend and we want to befriend them.
  • The Statisticians
    • These are the people that are engaged in the numbers. Compiling the numbers, fondling MiniTab — creating histograms and box plot diagrams, computing standard deviations and the probability of becoming the next top chatter in at least one room while looking for the outliers — those that may find their way into the top spot if they are not careful. And then there are those that just like playing with CrapStats to see what the macros have in store for them, all the while, chatting.
  • The Holier-than-thou’s
    • The groups that find themselves to stand apart so much that they make up stringent rules that all who enter their room have to abide by or be banned and that people in other rooms have to abide by or they too, are banned. A kind of banning in absentia.
  • The Addicted
    • This group has a real problem. Those dependent, habituated, hooked, obsessed, strung out JTV followers alter their real lives to make room for constant lifecast viewing. Some stay up all day and night so as not to miss a single moment, some log every detail of every comment made in chat and then spend time reading it all. Some, and these people either need to be made fun of or admired, surf through hours of archives to see what happened in their absence. God, I love these guys! Especially when they end up telling me about something that prompts me to watch and gives me material to write about.

I hope I have not left any group out. As I sit here and review all 17 groups, I am perplexed. In my own little Justopian world, just which group do I fit into? Where do I fit in the JTV social order? Of which caste am I? I am not sure I can fit myself into any single category. I feel as though there is some of me in each of the 17. I think that even those that so clearly fit into one group or another have tendencies that would put them into a different, if only for a brief time.


But no matter which group you fall into, if you are here reading, it means one of a few things:

  1. You like to be informed
  2. You are terribly bored with what is going on in the channels right now and needed a diversion
  3. You want to be sure you didn’t miss a thing
  4. You need a new recipe and often come in looking for a video/photos/recipe to inspire you
  5. You anxiously read, hoping to see a shout-out (BTW…this would put you strongly in the Devoted group)

6 Responses

  1. LOL….that was pretty funny! Loved it. What would we do with you? It certainly made me think about where I fall and it scares me! lol.

  2. Thanks spookygrl, I had fun writing it and I am so conflicted and confused — I think I belong in almost ALL of the categories. I know I do NOT belong with the enforcer group. Whenever someone tries to make me a mod, I politely ask them to “unmod” me. I have no interest in kicking/banning people and anyway, I think it would be a conflict of interest with this blog. The blogging is what I like most about my JTV life, so I want nothing to interfere with it! 🙂

  3. The Statisticians – funny. I have never ‘fondled’ my copy of MiniTab so I guess I’m not in this category (thankfully) ! I always refer to the top chatter in a channel (beside the channel owner) as the being in the #1 stalker position…

  4. I always refer to the top chatter in a channel (beside the channel owner) as the being in the #1 stalker position…

    Mmm hmmm…and there is my problem. I type extremely fast, and as we all know, I have a lot to say, so I seem to “out chat” almost everyone in the few chat rooms I spend any time in which puts me up at, or near the top of the list. And … the thing about these stats is that they are cumulative, so someone could step away and not come back for 2 weeks, but if they are way out in front, they will stay up near the top simply because the stats never — ever — drop off. It’s all BS really.

  5. Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

  6. Hey Andy!

    Are you catching up on the blog? It’s been a long time since I’ve “seen” you. Hope you’re doing well. You should check out my broadcast at justopia.com. It’s a lot of fun.

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