MOO Cards and A Round Robin Trip Around the Streams Looking for Something Interesting

MOO Cards


Have you read about these things? I haven’t seen anyone with them, but as usual, I didn’t want to be left out so I ordered a box with my own photos. It wasn’t expensive, was easy to order a set and it was fun to receive them. They come in a nice plastic box and are printed on high quality cardstock. They are very small, but that’s part of the novelty. Anyone can get normal sized calling cards made — this is different. You have the option to have a few lines of text printed on the back. If I can get a logo for I will get a set printed with the blog address and the JTV address and hand them out liberally and see if anything comes of it.



I decided to try livescifi tonight. I needed something different. The usual rooms were quiet and although some of the regulars were in chat, nothing exciting was happening. I’d just finished making a cheesecake for the monthly pot luck and could not go to bed for an hour or two until it cooled down so I could put it in the fridge for the night.

So I settled in to watch livescifi. I popped into this room a couple of weeks ago, but it was very late and I was too tired to hang in there, but it’s just midnight now, so I think I will manage to stay awake for an hour or two. I logged into the channel and although people were talking about all kinds of activity going on in some of the 4 cameras, I could not see anything. The resolution is poor and the size quite small.


The premise of tonight’s broadcast is to check into this house. They have their equipment set up and various people are doing well, I don’t know yet. I have not spent enough time in this channel to know how the process works, or who the people are. At this point, an Etch a Sketch and a Spiderman ball were placed in different places in the room where “activity” has been reported. I guess if there is any type of paranormal activity, the ball, which has an image of Spiderman pointing forward will be in a different position and I suppose there will be some movement in the magnets behind the screen, making something appear on the screen.


Ronald Lewis

I then took a trip over to Ronald Lewis’ room and I’m sorry I did. He was wasted and claiming to have never been drunk before. Whatever. He was going on about what he wanted to do to some woman and it was pretty awful talk. Between that and chocking on the popcorn or whatever he was stuffing in his face, I had to get out — quickly.



I headed over to the Ashleymarie channel next. She was doing nothing — typing and I would imagine reading chat, some of which was pretty inflammatory about her looks. One viewer asked how she makes money — her profile claims she makes a living by “online income only,” which leaves a lot to speculation. A viewer just mentioned that her father would like Ashley to wear a promotional tee shirt everyday and he would pay her for it. She doesn’t know what to charge, so she asked him to make an offer. Interesting way to do business, but I suppose at age 18, that is not a bad approach. What i can’t get over is the way her lips look. She has so much light lipgloss or lipstick (it’s tough to tell) and it’s as though there is a black-light in the room causing her hair, the lettering on her sweatshirt, her nails and her lips to have a purplish-white hue to them. I guess this is what some of the 39 viewers are attracted to. Well, make that 38 — it does nothing for me.



Over in Tibtie’s room one of them has an Optimus Prime helmet on and is dancing around the room. I am thinking that although the Sarah video in which she drove through the McDonald’s drive through and ordered lunch with that helmet on was funny, it has a limited lifespan.

No iJustine
Interestingly enough, Justine is not publishing and there are still 104 people hanging out in the room. Nothing worthwhile being said, but it’s hopping. I watched her go to Podcamp, but I caught the stream as she was heading in for the day and then at lunch. What I caught on a few of the streams that were devoted to Podcamp was just too difficult to focus on and to hear. The setup was not working well at the time I tried to tune in.

But … enough of this. It’s been just plain boring — not worth detailing any of the other channels that are publishing tonight. If things don’t pick up, I am going to have to find something else to blog about. I have


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