Travels With Justopia, the News and a Question of Names



While I was en-route, Callie88 tracked my flight for Linus’ room — Thanks Callie!

Almost 48 hours away from the world of being a JTV viewer has given me some of my sanity back. Having made the commitment to not blog during the trip, I felt remarkably calm during what should have been and incredibly intense experience these past two days. I am feeling the most stressed right now as we make your way through the remnants or the outer bands or the – geez, just what is this called – of tropical storm Erin, back to the east coast, I feel more stressed and worked up than I did during the interview process. Seated comfortably in seat 2A, I am looking out the window at a scene that refuses to show me blue sky or the ground. Long ago I got over my fear of turbulence when flying, but after the pre take off discussion with my seat-mate about his flight into Austin yesterday, which then turned into a conversation about near misses and other travel horror stories, I began to get pretty damn antsy about this flight.


I had dinner at the Iron Cactus on 6th street in Austin last night — it was ok

We are on a regional jet, so the turbulence is more pronounced than if we were on something larger and when I get nervous, I get angry. Don’t ask me why, it’s not something I can articulate, but I think it has something to do with things being out of my control. The way I normally get through this kind of fear is to tell myself that the guys/gals up on the flight deck don’t want to do anything that will endanger themselves either, so they will take care of us.

That said, I am still sitting35,000 feet above the ground, seeing nothing but the inside of clouds and thought now would be a good time to get back to blogging.

More of iJustine in the News


I went in search of the Whole Foods flagship store — for a foodie like me — it is akin to a place of worship 😉

Wow, cell phone cameras

I know from a twitter I received as I was going through security a few hours ago that Justine continues the interview circuit about her 300 page phone bill, but I have yet to see one of these stories. I will have to do some searching once I am back, safely on the ground, comfortably tucked into my position on the couch with the laptop propped on my lap tonight. I did hear from some chatters last night that if I were to take a look at the comments on her blog, I would see that all of the comments were negative and that many were commenting about how inconsequential Justine’s 300 page iPhone bill is when there is such horrible stuff going on in the world around us.

I guess I will say this – yes, it is not an important news story, hell, it’s not really a news story at all, but in the world of news, human interest stories, those stories that are light and can even make you laugh, or perhaps think well, thank goodness I didn’t get a 300 page, 200 something dollar cell phone bill myself this week are not so bad.


The store was huge and there was a culinary center with a large wall of glass to the street where passersby could see cooling classes in session

Stories of mine disasters, more endless violence in the war zone, a tumbling stock market, killer storms, deadly earthquakes and other seemingly endless stories of despair bombard us whenever we pick up a paper, turn on the TV or tune into the radio. A bit of nonsense video from iJustine or mind-numbing viewing of the Officecam and chat with 2D friends is a welcome respite each day.

What’s in a Name?


I did check in last night when I was done with my day and looking back, think the conversation in #melinus was probably the most adult (no! not that way), intelligent, informational, banter I’ve seen on since I got hooked 5 months ago. The talk moved to the Utah mine disaster after last night’s 2nd collapse and eventually turned toward the state of worldwide energy resources, which then moved to talk about our relationship with China. I was getting very tired and ready to put my head down, when I realized that for once this week, I wasn’t talking about a stream that causes me to get worked into a tizzy, I wasn’t watching a fast-moving game of trivia fly past my eyes, I wasn’t spending time in the mind numbing viewing of fratcave. I was engaged in interesting conversation and was even learning something.

I am not saying I want it to be this way at all times, it was just refreshing. I woke up at a reasonable hour this morning and felt as though I’d felt really rested – a nice change.


A huge display of hatch chiles — a little bit of New Mexico in Austin

This afternoon I logged on from the airport and spent a few minutes catching up with my 2D friends and although we didn’t have much time to fill each other in on the past 2 days, I did learn that some global banning has gone on for one of our long-term friends. My question is this – is it the name that was so offensive or the things said in the room with that nick that caused the ban? If it’s the name, I am confused. I read the TOS and see nothing that cautions us on the names we create. I have seen kicks on people as soon as they enter a room and without provocation – just the name. I understand, some of the names people create are vulgar, offensive, etc., but who deems what names are and are not offensive? I understand that these things reside with the lifecaster and his or her rules, but if a name is not acceptable in one room, does it mean it is globally unacceptable?

I’m just asking.


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