The By Now Infamous 300 Page Phone Bill, a Trip to the Legendary Iowa State Fair and GGJeffy Makes Kottubullar

iJustine Makes Television News Debut


Tonight’s Spectacular Sunset Show


When I tuned in this morning, Justine was out on the street being interviewed by a local ABC affiliate (I think?) for the afternoon and evening broadcasts. The video she did about her 300 page phone bill turned viral and by the end of the day, she apparently had done 3 interviews. I’ll have to do a little YouTube searching to see if any of it’s been captured.




Fine Dining at the Fair


I’m not sure if I can believe what I saw this morning. Now, I haven’t been to a state fair in many years. It’s possible the last one I went to was about 10 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A relatively small state fair by most standards, and from what I know of my experience attending the one at the one held at the fair grounds in Oklahoma City. And no! I do not travel around the country attending state fairs! When living and working in unfamiliar locations around the world, I tend to like to get into the local culture and a state fair is just the place to get a picture of things around you.

What I saw today was … well, let me talk to you about it in food terms —

The first thing the family did as they walked from their distant parking spot so that they did not have to pay for parking at the fair grounds was to head to the food stands. Now, from that I gather, different fairs, different food choices, but for the most part, similar things on offer, most of it — umm… garbage. Cotton Candy, Candied Apples, Fried Dough — what is that called? Not beignets — but the same type of thing, different shape, roasted turkey legs, roasted corn on the cobb, corn dogs, fried macaroni and cheese, cinnamon rolls, … WAIT! What did I just say — fried macaroni?!?!?!?!? Who fries macaroni? Well, I just had to go and check this out.


I found plenty of fried macaroni and cheese ball recipes all basically the same. They do look to be made from home made macaroni, not that stuff in a box that so many seem to live on. I thought I’d put a link to the information about this boxed mac n’ cheese stuff here for your reference, and for those of you from distant shores, although from my overseas travel and living, I have seen this stuff on grocery store shelves, so you may, unfortunately, be familiar with it, but just in case, all the information you ever get a hankerin’s for the stuff. It should be enough to scare you.

Thank you to MadMax05 who typed out the nutrition label for me:

Ingredients: Enriched Macaroni Product(Durum Wheat Flour, wheat flour, niacin, Ferrous sulfate [iron], thiamin mononitrate [vitamin b1], riboflavin [vitamin b2], Folic acid); Cheese Sauce Mix(whey, milkfat, milk protein concentrate, salt, sodium tripolyphosphate, contains less than 2% of citric acid, lactic acid, sodium phosphate, calcium phosphate, milk, yellow 5, yellow 6, enzymes, cheese culture) – Kraft Foods Global Inc

Nutritional (????) Facts: (3 servers per box, 7.25oz) calories: box 260 prep 410 / calories from fat: box 30 prep 170 / total fat; 3.5g* (margarine and mil add 15.5g total fat 3g sat fat, 4g trans fat, 130mg sodium, 1g carbs(1g sugar)) sat fat 2g transfat 0g / cholesterol 15mg / sodium 580mg / total carbohydrate 48g dietary fiber 1g sugars 6g / protein 9g //// vitamin a 0% vitamin c 0% calcium 10% iron 10% (based on 2000 calorie diet daily values)


If you have a craving for macaroni and cheese, you can spend about the same amount of money and make something that is not laden with salt, sugar, and saturated fats. I am not going to tell you that I don’t eat foods with fat in them — heck, you can see from all my previous posts that included recipes that this is not the case, but in their attempt to make things easier and quicker, people will turn to those products in the supermarket that come in a package. How hard is it to boil water, throw in the macaroni,

Check out this recipe from the Good Eats show on the FoodTV network for Baked Macaroni and Cheese — I think of places like Iowa when I watch Alton Brown. His show is good — it gives you the science behind food in very basic terms and what he cooks does not usually involve complicated steps and confusing processes


I’ve said before that one of the things that I love about JTV is that I learn something everyday. Today I learned that you can get fried macaroni and cheese at the Iowa State Fair. It’s not something that gets me all giddy inside. When I have been to the fair and am looking for something to eat, I gravitate toward two things — Roasted Corn on the Cob and Smoked Turkey Legs. I am less interested in the turkey legs, but I will walk around gnawing on one as long as I have an ear or two of corn.

Let me ask you something — the fair we were taken to today was in Iowa — that is corn central, is it not? Why didn’t we see come major chowing down on cobs of corn? Is it possible I just missed it? I tend to spend as little time as possible in that room.

I sure wish I learned something more than the fact that you can fry up macaroni and cheese. I also searched for some YouTube action on the Rodgers and Hamerstein movie classic, State Fair and came up empty handed. But you’ve got a chance to see the trailer here!! State Fair.

Jeffy’s Cooking

Jeffy has decided to make the Swedish Meatball recipe that I posted on July 22. for Linus’ wining dance-off with jSpin. I have to depart soon so I am not sure I will see the entire event, but there are always the archives — uhhh… if they work.

He got a great start. Although handling the meat and forming the meatballs was not his favorite thing — he made them really well. The best thing was that since he didn’t like handling the stuff, he didn’t overwork the meat which is a real problem people have with making meatballs, hamburgers, meatloaf, etc. If it’s overworked it becomes a golf ball and can be bounced down the street.

Here are a few shots of Jeffy cooking before I had to bail.mixing.jpg





A Little Housekeeping

I am due to fly out of here in the morning to head for the great state of Texas. It’s an extremely important trip for me and although I will be online tomorrow night from the hotel, I will not be blogging. I will be off the hook by the time I return on Friday evening, so I don’t expect to be writing until Saturday or Sunday.

Feel free to post a comment if something outstanding happened on JTV while I was away. You know I hate to MISS ANYTHING! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I dont think youre missing anything. Justin went to bed last night at about 11:15pm and it’s 10:55am and he is still asleep. And yesterday he woke up at 11:15am…so he’s sleeping like 12 hours a day now.

  2. Wow, the poor boy needs to see an endochronologist! It just can’t be normal for a 24 year old man to be so tired all the time.

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