Positive Changes on JTV!, iJustine’s New Video, Viewer Asks, and a Little Little Linus “Skyping”

NOTE: Lots of links in this post. Be sure to check the all out. A dinner video is at the bottom as well.

The Justin.tv Blog


San Francisco from — Somwhere? Please! Help me out here! I can’t remember where I was driving when I took this!

JTV has had a blog up for months now. I don’t know what the traffic is like, but I’d imagine new people to the site check it out when they come in and some regulars may go back to check periodically. Postings to it have not been frequent. I took a look this morning and was happily surprised to see that they communicated information about two outages within the last week; one dated August 9th and one August 13th.

This is a positive step in communicating to viewers and lifecasters alike. The messages are brief, but do deliver a clear message of what has happened, or at least what readers need to know about what happened. What I’d like to see next, is promotion of the blog so that people know this is out there and that they should check it to see not only for up to date information regarding the network, but about past and upcoming events on the network. There was a brief wrap-up about the Jonas Brothers’ appearance, but if the Brother’s handlers were ok with it, it would have been great to have had a notice up prior to the event so that we could have read about it and have known that it was coming.

Again, most lifecasters don’t take the time to update their schedules, so it’s always a mystery what we are going to be seeing when they are streaming — for the most part. Some streams are what we expect … Justine in a coffee shop, livescifi hunting for ghosts, GGJeffy having fun being, well … Jeffy, Linus and Emelie, Sarah

iJustine’s Bill


Orcas Breaching

I took a stroll over to tastyblogsnack.com last night and watched Justine’s video about her first AT&T bill since she started using her iPhone. It made me laugh — hard. I have to say, that for all the stuff some of us have put Justine through these past 5 months, she has never ceased to make me chuckle when I’ve taken a look at her videos. From the ones she did with Dezzychick to the ones on her own, they are well done, are truly humorous and usually pretty topical. Yesterday’s video was about her 300 page AT&T phone bill that came in a box. Actually, it looked like it was express mailed. You can see for yourselves if you click the link to her blog.

I don’t tune into her stream much, so I have not been annoyed by hair flipping, but from the little time I have been in and out of her stream, I have not noticed it. Either I got used to it, or it has diminished somewhat. I don’t go in because the chat in there is worthless and although I do sometimes watch a stream while chatting in one or more rooms, multitasking like this is intense and I HATE when I post a comment in the wrong room.


Bubblenet Lunge Feeding for Herring — Alaska, Inside Passage — 2002

Viewer Asks

Some chatters were talking about what they’d like to see on the site this evening. I’ll make a list here. If you have other asks or suggestions, go ahead and leave a comment. Sometimes Fratboy Central reads Living the Justopian life. And with that, another nod to the boys at JTV — we see tonight that the Archive functionality has changed, and it’s a good change.

Change requests. Now before you get all bent out of shape as you are want to do Emmett, just read the stuff and think about it. There’s no reason to get bent out of shape, some people actually do have intelligent, worthwhile thoughts. I have been wondering if JTV has been thinking of doing focus groups? I know that it can be an extremely helpful thing to do when working to ensure your product is going to be a crowd pleaser, but I also know, as I’ve mentioned in the past, that it can be prohibitively expensive, so perhaps getting viewer input is a way around spending the dough until you are ready to hire a company that performs focus group events.

  • Refresh Button — I am not sure why, but some people don’t use their browser’s refresh function. It’s simple, it exists on every browser, but I think the issue is that chat goes away with the refresh. I don’t find that problematic because there is a “last 50 lines” rule built in — well I think it’s about 50 lines — and that works for me, but perhaps there is another reason for the ask. Some people have found that hitting the archive button and then back to live is the trick that works best for them, but with today’s changes that might not be as helpful.
  • Aside from wanting better communication about what is going on with the network, which we now see is being improved upon, how about creating an Update button on the icon bar? That way, people can head out and check to see if t here is any news. It will mean having one of the members of the team paying attention to it and updating it regularly — Phil perhaps? It could be a fun way to communicate. If course, I think writing is fun, but I suppose the majority of the world isn’t as enamored with writing as I am. 😉
  • On the topic of communications — people have been asking what things like viewer numbers mean and all of us seem to have a different answer. It would be great to have this type of thing included on an Update page.

These are a few suggestions. For those of you that have more, I’d recommend you try using the comments field on the Justin.tv blog page. If someone is updating, they are probably reading the comments. It might get quicker attention than what I write here.

Click on the buttons and you can try it all out, but I will take you on a tour. It’s well worth checking out.

This is Jeffy’s page when you are watching him Live.

This is Jeffy’s Page when you click on the Browse Archives link.

This is Jeffy’s Page when you click on the Episodes link.

And finally, this is Jeffy’s Page when you click the Highlights link.

The chatter in the room seemed to indicate that people are happy with these changes.

There is also a Directory icon at the extreme left of the icon bar. It is more visible, which helps.

Grammar Fixes


Wow! I am in heaven tonight. I see that Mark FINALLY fixed the incredibly annoying (to me!) grammatical error with one of his macros. I have a thing about people using the incorrect tense for the word See. I have friends and colleagues that use the word incorrectly and it’s all I can do not to make huge enemies with them by pointing out the error, with one exception. A friend that I used to bug about it is now a reformed user of the word See in all tenses! Yippee!

This is what I was awarded with when I tried to locate Delsal this evening:

justopia : !seen delsal 9:56pm
itsmycrapstatsV: -> justopia <- I last saw delsal leave 27mins 37secs ago

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Mark! I feel much better now.

Linus Skypes Mangulo — Twice!


Linus went to Stokholm today for work and although I was busy this morning and being quite productive — Dr. appointment, vehicle inspection, farmer’s market, grocery store … blah blah blah, I missed anything he may have shown us in the city. I know there have been archive issues today with the updates, but I hope something has been saved so that I can see this city I have been curious about.

When I tuned in, Linus was with Loomy and they were in a happy mood. Then, with Delsal’s help (he gave Linus the phone number!) Linus called Mangulo! They spoke for a while. Mangulo did not know Linus was going to call. He was buried in work apparently, but he seemed genuinely happy for the call.

Well, then Linus and Loomy went out on the town and came back a little more happy (not Justin Kan happy after a night on the town in San Francisco) and he called Mangu again. It was funny because he tried to hide what he was doing, but Mangulo told him he just knew he was going to get another call. Of course, this was after he had called Emelie and woke her up. I guess it was just a phone calling kinda night for Linus.

He told us that he pranked Justin a couple of times and that Justin threatened to shut his channel down. Haha, it’s like a dad to his kid. I guess it can get pretty annoying though. Hell, I can’t stand sales calls on my cell phone. I wish there was a Do Not Call for cell phones!

A De-lish Dinner — Again!

Now I just need to find some people to share what I cook with. It sure is sad putting the time and effort in for just — ME!

You’ve seen the chicken recipe before, no need to repeat the recipe. You’ve also seen the galette recipe, but it was posted as a pie previously — Summer Berry Pie. I just put it together as a free form galette tonight.


3 Responses

  1. Ohh happy day!

    Am I the first non-lifecaster to have a tiny sub section devoted to him? 🙂

    Linus called me again this morning while he was on the train going home but he lost his signal because he went through a tunnel. I told him when to prank call me.. while he is at work, because that is when I am sleeping… not sure if that was a good idea.. it will test my true wit, if.. I mean when it happens.

    The tips are still not working properly.. so enjoy:


  2. What happened to my comment ??!?!

  3. Yes Mangulo, you are the first non lifecaster to get a subsection of a post dedicated to you. Now, that and $3.00 will get you a nasty corn dog and fried mac n’ cheese. 🙂

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