The Terms of Service JTV Style and Some Unusual Broadcasting

Have YOU Read the JTV TOS?

The Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Fiesta is an Amazing Event

I have, and yes, it is long and kind of convoluted, but could be important if you are going to be a lifecaster and maybe at some point important as a viewer. But for until, since apparently the fratboys had not read it in full prior to this afternoon, I guess it means nothing. I am not sure what moved Justin to begin reading it a few hours ago, but if you go to the archives and navigate to 2:28PDT you will hear the discussion Justin had with Jacob and Emmett about some of what is in the document. I captured the discussion using Jing, but having gone back and read the JTV TOS for a 2nd time, and knowing that now that at least one of the fratboys — Justin — has now read through it, I am hesitant to post video I’ve captured from the site.

Wouldn’t life suck if they evoked section 6.1 on me? Although it warns lifecasters that: … JTV can not guarantee that there will not be unauthorized copying or distribution of Lifecaster content, nor will they be liable for any copying or usage of the Lifecaster content not authorized by… I would not want to get sucked up into the muck and mire of JTV in real life.


Albuquerque is far from Roswell, I think this guy got lost

I will say that it is well worth going to the archives to pull it up. When you pull up 2:28 it actually takes you to about 2:25-ish, so be patient, you will get what you came for if you just wait a few minutes. Justin asking, “has anyone read the TOS?” and Jacob responding that he started to, but that it was, “so freaking long.” There was a little more discussion about a specific section talking about Lifecasters and email distribution or something to that effect, but that was all I stayed around for.

I do have a question though. Does anyone else know what was included in paragraph 6.2???? It skips from 6.1 to 6.3. And during my first read-through I noticed this and since I have decided to go down this path, I thought I’d see what you think of this:

Effective Date, Date Last Modified:

Privacy Notice last modified on June __, 2007.

Ok, so yes! You all know that I am rather over the top, that I tend to be a pain in the butt perfectionist, but, if you were the owners of this company and had a legal doc that you were asking the users and viewers of your network to abide by,(well not ALL — anyone that created a name prior to August 6th has not had to sign the TOS or Privacy Policy for those names), wouldn’t you want it to be perfect prior to posting for all to see? I do think these were simple little oversights, but I would not be me if I were not to point it out.


And while we’re on the subject of the JTV TOS and Privacy Policy, I found it interesting to read that there is a warning to Lifecasters that they might be exposed to things that may not make them feel all warm and cuddly. And … by accepting the TOS, Lifecasters agree to waive any rights or remedies against with respect to this type of online behavior exhibited by viewers. It’s worth reading through this section: 7.4 Lifecaster Content Disclaimer.

I will need to take another read-through to see what it may say with regards to Lifecasters trolling rooms other than their own to see if viewers are making comments that they find objectionable which prompts a ban in their own room. I think, from what I’ve read, Lifecasters can fully choose whom they do and do not want in their stream/room (discriminate). That’s fine, I can also choose which streams are worthy of my viewer-ship. 🙂

Just What is Considered Offensive on JTV?


This afternoon was a different time on JTV. A lifecaster that had been on hiatus came back with an invitation for people to rename his channel. A 2D friend called me over to the room to see what was going on and I, although truly not a prude, was taken aback. I suppose because I’ve heard Justin talk about wanting to keep this network PG13 and from what I have read in the TOS. But what I saw was definitely NOT PG13. I was not offended, just surprised. There were “girls” … and a pole … and well, you can make either make up your own visions or go to the archives and do some searching for the video. He was bragging about it this evening — telling people to watch the archives from late last night until 6am to see all the fun.

Imagine if a minor tuned in?


6 Responses

  1. Don’t be afraid to put up video content. They have a download mechanism which
    contradicts their TOS. If they offer the video and you have not agreed with the TOS don’t worry..

    Plus Michael always talks how he wants their content on youTube to spread the word.

  2. Hi Node!

    Thanks for reading and for the input. You make two good points!

  3. can anyone have there own live video feeds

  4. Brandon,

    You probably want to send mail to the guys at

  5. @Justopia: I’m back in hiatus, I thought I was having fun with the stupidity of what I was doing for a week there, but it was just that — stupid. Rideshare is over, EpicShow is a joke and I am just hanging out .. Neither ride share or epicshow has been “real life” casting for me, just two things I’m involved in.

    But then again, I’m not sure where to go with my life cast. IDeas?

  6. Hi Justin,

    Well, I really don’t know you or your background or interests so that’s a tough question. If you have hobbies or are talented in something that would be interesting probably. But after spending the last 5 hours on Stickam with a few JTV viewers, I don’t know how anyone can keep it up all the time. It’s exhausting.


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