Much Ado About Nothing



I warned of the fragility of these wonderful and expensive ceramic knives in an earlier post, but I didn’t heed my own warnings!

I spent some time online for a while today, but it was not capturing my attention. It was all quite boring. Justin was asleep, Linus and Emelie were out most of the time I was tuned in, and the other channels, those that were streaming, didn’t interest me. I hung out and chatted with some 2D friends until it as time to go to the movies.

I saw another really good one and it was right up my alley — No Reservations. It’s funny. My current favorite television show is Tony Bourdain’s No Reservations as well. Some of my very favorite movies, with two exceptions, (The Sound of Music and Cinema Paradiso) all revolve around food or have amazing food scenes in them — The Big Chill, Babette’s Feast, Like Water for Chocolate, Chocolat.


When you make the potatoes, weight them with a plate and a brick or whatever you have that is heavy.

I came back after the movie and tuned into JTV and Jeffy was out in the car looking for a place to drop some mail. No one else of interest was on worth watching. I cooked dinner and went back to Jeffy.

There was not much going on in there though either, so I came out to put this short video together and to write.


No explanation needed


I was doing something unusual (for me) this afternoon — ironing! While I was engrossed in this chore, I began to think about a few things that left me with open questions.

  • Why is it called being naturalized when someone gets their US citizenship?
    • Are people not natural until they become citizens? If they are not natural, in what sense are they unnatural?
  • Why are expats or undocumented people in a country called aliens?
    • Are they otherworldly?
  • In some countries, if you have worked for a company for 6 months, on the 181st day, you become a permanent employee, in some countries, this is referred to as being regularized.
    • What is regular about it? The dictionary doesn’t really help to clear it up for me.
    • If a person is not regularized until day 181, were they irregular days 1 – 180?
  • When a person is residing in a country that they don’t have citizenship in, they are called an expatriot or an expat, for short. It means that the person is not a patriot of the country they are living in. I clearly understand the term, the reference, but I always found it a bit off-putting; not among the people I lived among, but when I used the term with the people at home in the US it made me feel — not very worthwhile for some reason.

I have always just accepted these terms, but as I was ironing the wrinkles out of my clothes and hand towels, I wondered just what about me was alien when I lived overseas?


Steak, tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs, lemon and olive oil

Words are important to me. No surprise to those of you that have been regular readers. I use a lot of words, and don’t like to use only those mundane, familiar, everyday words that we are exposed to in our everyday lives. I like to use words that evoke feelings and pictuers in my mind and take some thought before putting down on paper, or typing. I would suppose most would not stand around ironing and thinking about the meaning of words, but this is how things are in the strange perplexing world of Justopia.

The Melinus Gift for 2nd Place

In Linus and Foxy’s room this afternoon, there was some chatter about a Justopia Cooking Channel. A number of people have suggested it, some have pushed and prodded, but I have continued to resist. I’d love to do a show, but don’t favor being in front of the camera, and seeing just the food or my hands and the food and equipment during a real stream vs. video clips on the blog would be strange. But, I did mention that I need a logo for the domain I registered a couple of months ago so that I can put the page up and do something better with the blog. Acro suggested that having Linus craft a logo for me could be my prize for winning 2nd place in the first contest he and Emelie ran. What a great idea! Others echoed the sentiment. While I think it would be asking a bit much, maybe we can work out a deal of some sort; a partial pay/prize arrangement.

Foxy mentioned it to Linus and we’ll see what comes of it. I really do need a logo or some kind of artwork though. I am thinking some cartoonish woman in a chef’s jacket sitting at a keyboard typing frantically. Well, maybe not, but when I sit back and think about my life, these are the images that come to mind. I’d like to be a beautiful Parisian type woman dressed to the nine’s with a baguette tucked under her arm, a bag with fresh produce almost overflowing and a fancy French or Italian messenger bag with her cherished Mac securely tucked inside.

Ok, enough fantasizing. I’m exhausted and have a big week ahead of me, travel included. I’ll write a couple of more posts this week, but will need to focus on the trip before heading out at the crack of dawn on Thursday.

Hey! If Justin can do it, so can I! šŸ™‚


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