As Summer Winds Down, Will JTV Wind Up?

The Dog Days of Summer


Another Virginia Sunset

As the weather heats up and people seem to melt into the pavement IOWA caucus’s were held today. Ron Paul’s room brought viewers in. I looked into his room at one point and there were more than 600. It was loud in the stream with volunteer enthusiasm running wild. I didn’t stay long. I checked into the Iowa Independent room and it was a pretty slick page with an animated promo running. I thought I’d check on them now to see if they were still up and running and when I clicked on the icon — the red, white and blue donkey/elephant — I get Honestguy’s stream. I notice that the icon is very poor resolution.

What is this about? I mean, I’m not sure if that image is copywright or trademark protected, but I wonder what the purpose of using it is? Is he doing a political show? A Campaign ’08 type stream? Or, is it in some kind of statement about the other icon he has been using — the NORML logo. He frequently speaks about his use of medical marijuana and used that image to identify his stream, but it appears to be gone now with a campaign image in it’s place.

Nothing to lose sleep over — just a question.


Video Capture

I have not figured out how to download clips from the streams, but I did manage to record using Jing. Jeffy was in the room chatting it up with the people in the room and then pulled out a bag of corn he purchased yesterday. I implored him to cook it up tonight. Corn breaks down quickly. It’s a starch and turns to sugar and gets all gritty. So, he shucked the corn, cooked it up and cut if off the cob. Well, cut some of it off the cob and what looked like salad with some kind of salsa. I captured him shucking some of the corn. Gotta love this app — Jing Project. It’s perfect for JTV.

With the Iowa caucuses being held today and the Ron Paul stream being a big hit again, a dialog was opened up about the elections and I decided to stay mum — as silent as I could with a question or comment here or there, but it did make me think about what lifecasting has the potential to do in the future. If this makes way for discussion, perhaps less people will be apathetic and unwilling to vote. I heard Justin tell his dad as they were walking in the house yesterday that he doesn’t want to vote. It’s a shame when the youth of our country don’t feel they make a difference, that voting is a waste. But … this is not the blog for this.

It’s just an observation about something I thought about as topics changed.

UFO’s — Real or Not?


Then we moved into interesting territory — the case of the reported UFO sightings at O’hare over the United terminal last week. Jeffy treated us to a video. It was pretty wild. Well, that got me to head over to YouTube and to search for more video coverage and it wouldn’t be YouTube if there weren’t an overwhelming number of videos to pick through. I could have spent hours out there, but had to stop myself, because I wanted to get something posted tonight.

I am finding it more and more difficult to find things to write about. I’m not sure — do we need more Jonas Brothers streams on JTV?! 🙂


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  1. Quite frankly, this topic and any who follow, are nuts.

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