What Has the Network Come to?

Offensive Content

When I took a trip around the channels tonight I was shocked and offended by what I saw on the recommended tips list of one of the new lifecasters. I will not post the screen shot I took or repeat the word, but suffice it to say that the term used in the title of the tip, a horrible, all in uppercase letters racial slur is something I know at least a handful of others beside me found very offensive. If this were “real” TV — broadcast television — this would be enough to garner the network a lofty fine and at the very least, a Michael Richards type apology.


Thai Chicken with Basil

The new lifecaster may not know how to remove tips attributed to her site. That is understandable. What I don’t understand is this — why isn’t someone from JTV monitoring this stuff? Or — has she picked up the phone and tried to call for help getting the tips removed?

Wow, what timing. I see that Jacob was in her room just now. He popped in to say “welcome” and to suggest she crop her photo since it was cutting off her head. What he didn’t mention were the offensive tips. She asked for help, but he was gone before she could get an answer.

She mentioned that she tried to use the delete feature as a primary user, but that it was not working.


The first “crop” from my poor tomato plants which seem to have been killed by the rogue wind we had yesterday

She noticed that Justin had been in the room and I scrolled up and saw that he entered the room at 12:19, was promoted to Operator and left, all within the span of that minute.

Lady mentioned that the tips had been up there since LAST NIGHT! What?! In 24 hours, no one at JTV could find time in their day to help or resolve the problem?


Mmmm, dinner

I’d like to see their investors dropping in to see how things are going and watch a lifecaster or two smoking a doobie, take a look down and see the offensive tips.

How things are prioritized, what takes precedence, is a conundrum and one that I suppose will be left unanswered. I just hope she gets the help she needs and gets those tips removed before more people are offended.

Jeffy’s Viewers


As you can see above, the viewer count says that there were 8 people in Jeffy’s room at the time. We all looked when he asked us to tell him what counts we were seeing. I reported 7, some reported 2 and others reported in the 130’s. I don’t know — I am just stating what I observed. But the cool thing is the program I used to capture the screen shot and to put the note in. Springnet, a guy from Austin that does his own lifecast on USTREAM and mashes up all the JTV streams out there with dizzying effect, sent this link to Jing via Twitter yesterday and I just started to play with it a little bit. It’s basically a desktop sharing application.

I”m partial to this feature — you can record your desktop in motion and share it or save it and send or post to a site. It’s fun and while it may not have many benefits in this application, in the training environment it could be very helpful. You can see it in motion HERE. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tonight was a replay of Thai Chicken with Basil and Fried Rice. I filmed the making of the fried rice since you’ve seen the video of the chicken in the past. I was really just trying my hand at iMovie08. I could never figure out 06, but this makes it much easier. The video surely won’t win any awards, but it was fun to give it a go.

To make the rice:

I don’t have real specifics here. I don’t really use recipes — I may look at a cook book for inspiration, but then “do my own thing. This rice is virtually fool proof. You do need to make sure you don’t try to fry the rice when it’s still hot. Cooling it is key and if you use the right size bowl, you can accomplish this quickly in the fridge. Sometimes, the key is patience. ๐Ÿ™‚

Steam the rice — I prefer to use basmati or jasmine for this — and let it cool to at least room temperatureFinely slice green onions

Dice or make paste of fresh garlic

Put the rice in a pan or a wok with peanut or vegetable oil and cook the rice until it has all had a chance to sizzle and pop in the oil

Add the onions, garlic, and any other vegetables or protein to your liking

Stir fry until everything is incorporated. In this case, I added bacon, mushrooms and 3 large shrimp I happened to have in the freezer. I cut them up and added them to the mix.

Stir it all together and then add soy sauce and one egg. Be sure to have the spoon in your hand so that you are ready to quickly stir the mixture before the egg turns into an omelet. Also, be careful not to over handle the rice or it will turn into porridge.


3 Responses

  1. “If this were โ€œrealโ€ TV โ€” broadcast television โ€” this would be enough to garner the network a lofty fine”

    IPTV is not currently subject to the whims of the FCC because it uses the internet and not the public airwaves like traditional broadcast TV .

    Justin.tv only has to comply with laws like COPAA and laws relating to porn after that they havew to only meet the standards set by their investors who have said to JTV they would like JTV to be PG-13 (a voluntary standard for real TV)


  2. Hey Matt,

    Yes, that was my point. This is not broadcast television, but if it was, that is where the word splayed all over LadyLick’s tips space, in uppercase letters, could have been cause for problems. I don’t know if it would have rested on the lifecaster’s shoulders or JTV’s since it’s their platform she is streaming on. Probably something a thousand hungry lawyers would love to have ago at. But it’s still uncharted territory and until someone or rather some group (possibly a powerful lobby) pays any attention to the world of Lifecasting, it’s the wild wild west.

    It’s interesting to note that Ron Paul’s page has no links to anything outside of what relates to Ron Paul. The tips are all only Ron Paul tips, when clicking on the hotter/colder links, only Ron Paul tips come up. There are no icons above his stream. Smart move on his part. He currently has 250 viewers and it would be interesting to see how many came in via the icon bar vs. through his and his supporters promotional efforts. It appears they are trying to shield their broadcast from the rest of JTV — to be on a kind of island.

  3. The Politians and Corps really should ask JTV to offer them a White label product and Im sure they would even pay top dollar for such a product to keep thier stream seperate from the rest of the JTV network if thats what that want .

    Ustream do this to a point with Chriss Pirrilos stream and they did the same with the daily Kos and other politians streams ,

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