No Rambling About JTV Tonight

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No Words


It didn’t sound like hail, but the storm that seemed to come out of nowhere blew in and out within about 10 minutes and appeared to dump small hailstones on us

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that speaks volumes, so tonight, though people were expecting a wild rant, I will give you this: nothing — nothing detailed about JTV. No words about what I saw when I logged in this morning. No words about the site that was sometimes up and sometimes down today. No positives or negatives about what was being said in the chat rooms around the network. And most importantly, no opinions about lifecasters and their minions trolling rooms to see what is being said so that they can make determinations about who they do and don’t want participating in their channel.


In the mail today, I received one of the familiar red envelopes from Netflix. I had no idea what was next in the queue, so I was excited to pull apart the envelope to see what I was going to be treated to tonight. I love that I can queue up movies that I want to see and that the technology allows me to move my selections around to suit my viewing habits and preferences. I am not always in the mood for a comedy, I sometimes need a real tear-jerker to watch with a box of tissues by my side, and sometimes I want to spend time reading subtitles and experiencing life on distant shores. I don’t spend a lot of time in the Netflix site, so I never remember what is on it’s way to my mailbox. Since I’ve been engrossed in JTV, I have sometimes waited weeks before watching what lurks in the the red envelope on the coffee table in front of me, but for some reason, when I put the key in the mailbox today and saw the red envelope, I was excited that I’d have a movie to watch to take me away from all that is JTV.


I was not in the mood to watch lifecasters broadcast their lives. I was not in the mood to wade through the lines and lines of chat as it scrolled by. Tonight, I wanted to make my annual peanut butter and jelly (preserves) sandwich and to watch the movie that was waiting for me.

I was tickled to see what my selection was when I pulled the DVD sleeve out of the opening in the envelope. After my afternoon on JTV, this was the PERFECT movie for me to sit down with and become absorbed in. The perfect movie to transport me into another place and time. The perfect movie to make me wake up and realize that what got me so worked up on JTV a few hours ago, was simply a trivial, unimportant event.

I have just spent 82 minutes being shown that out of intolerance and hatred can come understanding and learning and, most of all — Tolerance.


The movie, a documentary released in 2004, is called Paper Clips. The story, about a group of middle school students in Whitwell, Tennessee, who after embarking on a project to learn about prejudice, ended up learning about much more and who, in their enthusiasm to learn and to contribute, touched many.

Life is too short. There is a great and wonderful world out there to explore and billions of people that have important things to teach each one of us, so I will continue to participate in JTV and will attempt to see that what goes on in this mostly 2D world does not raise my ire. Because as things heated up in chat today, to the point where I could actually feel my blood pressure on the rise, the realization came to me that this is is simply not worth getting worked up about, and if there are those that have felt I have been intolerant, to you I say I’m sorry. To you I say, it’s worth going over your chat logs to see just what was and was not said before you cast aspersions.


As for me, I will go to bed knowing that life has more to offer and that I am going to be a full-time participant in it.


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