Secret JTV Communications Network and a Little Six Thinking Hats and It’s 8 – 8 – 2007

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All’s Quiet on the Western Front, or Not


Another beautiful summer sunset in Virginia
I spent some time in Linus and Foxy’s room this afternoon. It was pretty quiet, not much going on. They were finishing up dinner when I arrived and then just basically lounging around. Emelie was striking some fairly immodest poses and it got the attention of a viewer or two. Before we knew it, there were more than a few of the usual kiddies and pervs hanging around making the typical immature comments, but it didn’t seem to faze Em. Linus had to kick or ban one or two and eventually things went back to “normal.” Christian (or Christina as he is sometimes called which really confused the kiddies and pervs) came over and the group went out for the evening.


I’m going to have to keep a tripod set up in the living room so that I get better shots with this light show spectacular each night

I am wondering — is there some secret communications network that the kiddies and pervs use to call each other to the rooms they hope will be streaming something other than the usual JTV PG13 viewing? There must be some kind of secret tone that’s sent out to all viewers in the network that is only audible by those that are desperate for flesh? Or is there a listserv that the kiddies and pervs sign up for that the administrators of the list use to notify their subscribers when something catches their attention? Maybe there are multiple admins that troll the service with crossed fingers, hoping something they would normally have to pay to watch online will reveal itself and they get a message out quickly. It sure does seem to spread like wildfire.


I’m not sure, but like dogs that hear a whistle — they all come running. Yesterday, in Jeffy’s room, Jonas Brother’s fans came running with their hair on fire to see what was going on in his room. Surely there was some communications method being used? A mass SMS messaging protocol perhaps? I don’t know. You tell me.

Passionate Tips and Archives discussion


The ever-present Mao at the entrance to The Forbidden City — Beijing, China 2000

When Linus, Foxy and Christian(a) headed out for the evening, I took a stroll over to Justin’s room where Justin, Emmett, Jacob and at times, Michael, were involved in a hot debate about the tips and archives. Justin was on one side, Emmett on the other and Jacob spoke up as the Henry Kissinger of the divided group. Michael could have tipped the scales, but I didn’t hear him for long, he must have had other, more pressing work to attend to.


Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution , Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China 2000

JTV Working Dynamics

There was talk about tipping out of the archives, the difference between Publishers and Viewers , Voting vs. Not Voting, and about time values and end times. Justin seemed to be wearing his Green Hat and was considering the customer service side of things. He seemed to want to do what viewers wanted. Emmett was Emmett. Speaking more loudly and more quickly and interrupting more as he drove to make his point. He clearly had his Red Hat or maybe it was a Black Hat, on today. šŸ™‚ And Jacob put his White Hat on and played the more objective team member, willing to get everyone to take a step back, because as he communicated, things were getting out of control and the session was unproductive.

Actually, if they checked out The Six Thinking Hats, they might find it helpful when they have meetings and brainstorming sessions.

I tuned in hours later and saw that it had been tipped and I was riveted to my seat listening to four men working through a problem. It’s an interesting relationship. It feels as though they are a diverse family of brothers that all defend their position to the end and at some point, someone ends up barking at someone else. I am just happy I have the ability to click the red circle with the X in it to get out of there as quickly as possible.

See the Video of the brainstorm session here.


The crowds on a winter heading toward the main entrance to the Forbidden City

A Comment on Reactions to this Blog

I know there is some disappointment with what I state in this blog by at least one of the JTV team members. Only one has stated so specifically and he’s correct — I AM hard on them and how they manage the business, but I also think I am pretty fair. I am not going to go back through the hundreds and hundreds of printed pages to specifically look for instances in which I made positive remarks about, but in the past 72 hours alone you have seen more than one positive reference. I have also been known to send email “attaboys” to the group or individuals. Responses are not always forthcoming, but that’s not the point.

I write about what I hear and see — this is a blog. I am not a journalist. I don’t claim to be 100% accurate, I never have. It’s not easy to catch everything everyone says accurately 100% of the time. If the archives worked perfectly I could go in and do some fact-checking, but I’m not sure what the point would be. Anyone is open to commenting and correcting any mistake I might make. Sarah has done it and I published a correction after she did and I received a correction from the fratcave yesterday and noted the more accurate information in yesterday’s post.

I am not compensated in any way for publishing these rambling tirades everyday. I do it because I find it fun. To me it’s great exercise for my brain and it gives me an outlet to write and to self-publish. The biggest pay for me is the comments, either on the blog itself or via email or in the rooms from people that let me know they enjoy reading what I write. That’s all I’ve needed for the past 3-plus months to spend my days putting these episodes together, but people can expect that I will not change what I write to only be a rose-colored view of JTV and the inner-workings we are privy to.

When kudos are due, kudos are given and that also will not change.

Was Jacob Pod-sharked?


Jacob’s Tip is the 2nd under Recently on GGJeffy Interactive!

There was talk tonight in Jeffy’s room about the tips on his page. ryhno_aka_apple_pie tipped at approximately 4pm PDT with the title: PICK FIGHTS? THEY THE ONE WHO CAME IN HERE JACOB. The tip below was created by the name Jacob with the title: Nothing better to do than pick fights with teenagers, and the one beneath Jacob’s is … well, you can read it for yourself if you enlarge the photo, no need for me to spell it out, but suffice it to say it wasn’t PG13. I wasn’t in the room this afternoon, I don’t know what prompted the tipping fest, but I guess some of the kids that have been prowling his (and other?) since the weekend were in the room causing problems. I don’t know if taunting was ensuing or what, but what surprises me is that a JTV employee would tip something and write this title.

It goes along with what I’ve written about before in terms of conflict of interest and effective and efficient room moderation. But, rather than jumping to conclusions — I will leave it open and suggest a few possibilities:

  1. Jacob’s account was compromised and some nefarious user logged in with his name and came into the room and saw what was going on and tipped
  2. Someone using Jacob’s name was watching the stream in the archives and tipped at that point
  3. Someone in the fratcave pod-sharked Jacob’s machine. I used to see it all the time at work — someone walks away from their machine, doesn’t put up a password protected screen saver and leaves their accounts wide open. Someone breezes in, plays around with screen resolution, writes mail from their email account to guy’s wife, or sends an IM to the person’s boss. It’s a childish prank, but I have to admit, is good for a laugh.
  4. Jacob didn’t like what he saw and felt he needed to do something about it and a tip was the answer


The Tiananmen Gate

Jeffy apparently was not in the room when it all transpired. He was probably still on the road back from his week at Guerneville, but needless to say, he was not happy when he saw the tip and heard people recount what they saw going on in the room at the time.

No opinions from me, just a question — is it appropriate for employees to editorialize?


Now THIS is Peking Duck!

It’s just 365 days until the next Summer Olympics. The actual games have lost their luster for me, but I was supposed to be living in Beijing so it’s a kind of bittersweet time. I was there when they won the bid for the Olympics and remember watching from my hotel room may stories up just days later, as bulldozers and men began razing some of the old buildings below and as sparkling new chrome and steel buildings were going up to prepare for the throngs that are expected for next August’s Olympic games. It’s going to be interesting to see if they can overcome the horrendous pollution and wicked sandstorms that mar the skies of the city with a thick tinge of yellow from the Gobi Desert so that athletes can come and compete safely and comfortably. I know there are plans to shut down the coal plants and the factories in time to clear up the skies. Trees have been planted to try to slow the yellow skies from overwhelming the Beijing, let’s just hope it’s not all being done too late.


On our way in for dinner

China is a wonderful place to experience. The people, the architecture, the food! In honor of the celebration of the 1 year to the opening ceremonies, I had steamed wontons for dinner. I did not make them myself so I did not photograph them, but I think tomorrow I might just make a real Chinese meal for dinner to share with all of you. I will have to see what strikes me when I wake up in the morning.

8-8-08 will be an auspicious day and it’s worth celebrating! šŸ™‚


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