Fizzling Out and Just a Little About a Few Streams

Lost Steam


Two of the Fried Wonton ingredients — cilantro and tofu

I am tired beyond words. I woke up and had a morning call, then had to dash out to get “beautified” as I like to call it. Or plunk down a couple hundred dollars to get a color, cut and blow dry. I didn’t have to expend any energy during that part of my day, thankfully. My plan was to walk over to the movie theater and catch No Reservations. I walked through the heat and oppressive humidity the two blocks to the theater and found that the movie was not scheduled to begin for another 50 minutes. Hmmm… I could shop the stores, or give up and go to the market to pick up the ingredients for the fried wontons I am going to bring to the monthly wine and cheese tomorrow. I took a stroll through Williams Sonoma — I’m just not able to resist that store, purchased a few items in their summer sale, and headed to the market.

By the time I got home, I felt like I had spent the afternoon in a sauna and if I did not unpack the groceries and make the wontons, I new I would never get it done.


Ground chicken, garlic, tofu, scallions, cilantro, diced water chestnuts, hoisin, mirin, soy sauce

I unpacked the bags and raced to the computer to check in on JTV. Jeffy was broadcasting and that darn trivia game was running. I was about to give up, when someone stopped it. Whew! I am not sure what went on earlier, but Stacia told me to check out her tip. I looked and looked, but couldn’t find it. I’ll have to check again.

This morning, when I checked in on Linus and Foxy, they had a webcam box propped in front of the camera — a good sign. Maybe we would soon be getting a look at Sweden!! I am excited about that.


I also checked to see if Campsbay_tv was streaming, but disappointingly he was not. Perhaps he’s having trouble with his internet connection again. Hopefully he will resolve all of that and take us around Capetown.

I received numerous twitters from iJustine and DJSteen today and it looks like Justine is enjoying her time at the beach. I popped in to see what was happening and she was eating cereal and chatting while friends and family were milling around the background. Seemed very much like a normal, busy morning household.


Tonight as I flipped between a few rooms, I noticed a USTREAM lifecaster doing his nightly, or is it hourly driveby — dropping a link into the room for people to come to USTREAM and which his live feed. I know we’ve talked about how surprising it is that the fratboys don’t get all worked up when their lifecasters are forced to resort to embedding their USTREAM stream into their JTV page, but from what I heard them say the other day, they actually think it’s “smart.” At last that’s what Michael said.


The hard part — filling the wonton wrappers

Ok, so I’ll buy that they have their reasons for not finding this a problem, but having someone that does not even have a JTV stream bombing each room with a plug for his USTREAM broadcast annoys me. It feels like I am watching CBS and they suddenly run a commercial for one of NBC’s shows. How strange would that be? I don’t find it much different in this situation. If I were a JTV lifecaster, I’d be ticked off. Even if he’s just running all the channels side by side, the lifecasters don’t get popularity points when they are being watched outside of JTV — unless some has changed something.


Finished — tomorrow I will plate them … oh and yes, NOT include the ones that I overcooked! AArrgghh

I notice some new channels tonight, but it’s strange … almost as quickly as channels appear, they are gone. Some don’t seem to staying power. I am wondering if it might be helpful for those that don’t pick up an immediate following to post a schedule and stream at specific times? Just a suggestion.

I am going to catch up on the episodes of Top Chef that I have not gotten to watch yet and will close early once again — trying to get back some of the energy I seem to have lost this week.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Justo! This is Johnincal… Just wanted to say “Hi” and to tell you that I have been checking in on your blog on a regular basis. Thanks for filling us in!

    I have to tell you that I recently have loved the food that you are making! I can’t believe that people have not been dropping in to enjoy it… If I was in the area I certainly would!

    You are a great cook. You could put a few pounds on all of us. God knows after your visit to Costco, you have enough food. Anyway, just wanted you to know that those of us that follow you love your posts and want you to keep it up. It makes my day after a long day at work!

    I hope to run into you in one of the chats again and thanks for keeping us informed.

    Please include information on how I can get take-out of your food here in Las Vegas!


  2. Hey John!

    I have been wondering where you’ve been — haven’t seen you in a while. Glad you’re “still around.” Thanks for the kind words on my cooking. I can type and I can cook! Maybe I should write a cookbook! ROTFLMAO!

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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