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The whatchamacalit plant — Leggedy, I am looking to you for the name. The name I have for it is not so nice 😉 This thing keeps blooming and blooming and blooming. I think it’s been at it for about 3 months or more. I must have the perfect exposure for the plants I have on the windowsill.

I couldn’t resist opening WordPress and at least putting a few words up here tonight, although I did say I wouldn’t post tonight. I spent just a little time tuned in today and I came in mostly to see who the big winner of the Melinus contest was.Congrats to go to Danielbk and Angincal for tying for 1st place. Both had sane thoughts that they responded with. We’ll have to see what their prizes are.I put a somewhat lighthearted spin (although I truly wish it were true) with my entry which I will use as my post tonight.



It’s likely that some JTV fans will find my entry, well, offensive, but I think most are coming around to believing that Americans don’t know it all, don’t always have the right answer and could use a bit of help in bridging the culture gap arena. My entry fits into the “Solving World Peace” category. So, here goes:


I’d like to have someone invent the technology to make dogs talk. They are man’s best friend, you know. And it doesn’t matter the dog’s nationality — there is already dog peace (mostly).


German Shepards get along with French Poodles, Affenpinschers get along with Australian Cattle Dogs, Belgian Tervurens get along with Bernese Mountain Dogs, Westhighland’s get along with Tibetan Mastiffs …and on the list goes. There are working dogs — they don’t form unions! They just work and don’t complain.

There are Utility Dogs — the ones that people that are sight or hearing impaired use to live full lives, dogs that help with the ill or children that have emotional problems. What about rescue dogs? No one asked them if they want this job, they just do it!


How about the heroic War Dogs? The ones that sniff out land mines? Have you heard of them signing releases before doing their work? And then there are show dogs — there are some French Poodles that care more about fashion than their human owners, real socialites that don’t get drink and drive around the streets of Paris endangering anyone’s life.


When dogs argue, it’s a few minutes of barking back and forth and then it’s over, no fences to build, no DMZ to create. Just a bit of arguing and it’s over.


Which dogs don’t seem to get along with anyone?


Uhhhh….well, the American Pit Bull Terrier seems to be an aggressor, seems to have issues with everyone else, goes in for the kill. Seems to me, that if we could just get dogs to speak, we might be able to end some of craziness, the violence and hatred around the world.


Hell! Billions of dogs can’t be wrong! As John Steinbeck once said, “I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.”



8 Responses

  1. Hi justopia!
    Ur entry was gr8t to, but we found a bit hard to get why dogs would be the answer to the question. but we totaly agree with you that would have been an way to lern more of life and this planet, more of why. Beacuase i also think dogs are very inteligent spicies.

    More of you! Smiles from sweden

  2. Hi Emelie and Linus!

    Thanks for the comment and for continuing to read me. I’m looking forward to the next contest!!


  3. Hi Justopia!

    I am just getting to catch up on reading your blog after spending the past week (1st) getting ready to go out of town (2nd) going for a glorious long weekend with fun cousins at the mountain lake house..ahhh! Lifting my arms to my laptop now is difficult, as I used some muscles that I apparently haven’t used in some time while I was bouncing around behind a boat on a tube.

    Anyway, that plant is an ANTHURIUM and it does look like it is quite happy at your house! They like lots of light and water (though not soggy all the time), love to cramped in their pot for good blooming and would also benefit from a weekly dose of that Miracle Gro you got your your tomato plants!

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to catching up with you soon to find out what these hints about bans are all about!

  4. Hey there Leggedy!

    It’s good to “hear” from you. You have been missing some fun times at JTV. Have you seen the new UI? I so want to put a clip of Linus this afteroon in tonight’s post now that there is a download button, but it downloaded as an .exe and I am stuggling to figure out what to do with it in Parallels. Surely one of the viewers can help me out, so I’ll ask for help tonight instead of showing this funny episode.

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a good time. Being pulled by a boat while in an inner-tube sounds like great fun!

  5. Oh..i love those days when you just don’t have anything better to do than to
    search for random blogs trying to find something interesting to read. And i’m
    always lucky, today i found your blog and it brightened up my day to the MAX,
    looking forward to coming back for an evening read 🙂

  6. Welcome dailyfacts!

    Wow, I have not looked at this post in ages. I am happy you “found” me and hope you’ve enjoyed reading tonight. There are close o 185 posts, so there is a lot of reading to do to catch up. 🙂

    Happy Reading!

  7. Beautiful pictures and plants. I am trying to root some of my plants from cuttings but they dont take well in the winter time! Your plants look great!

  8. Hi Bernese!

    Thanks for reading and spending time to comment. The plants are still doing ok, even though the weather is now much cooler. I think they must love that window.

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