Technology Woes for JTV Lifecasters

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We’re Sorry, We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Try Later

Although we are never greeted with a message like this when a stream goes down, that would be — C O M M U N I C A T I O N — it appears that part of that statement was true once again this morning and so at least one of the lifecasters traveled the USTREAM path. It’s almost getting to be routine at this point. Linus resorted to USTREAM, although he doesn’t like to because viewer count doesn’t register, however he knew if he wanted to make his viewers happy, he needed to be streaming.


Emelie looks on while Linus cooks

Linus then took us into his kitchen so we could watch him make dinner and he did a kind of long distance, lower resolution FoodTV episode. He looked at the Chicken with Lemon and Garlic recipe I wrote about a few weeks ago and decided he would do a “Linus Remix” of that recipe. Ok, so remix is one way to put it — he used lemons, chicken and garlic, but that’s where the similarities ended. He made a nice dinner however and seemed to have fun doing so and all the while was Linus — keeping the kitchen meticulously clean and organized.


Linus, like me, cleans as he goes, so that all that’s left when it’s time to eat are the very last pots/pans and utensils
He announced the much anticipated contest that was viewer inspired and had no option but to resort to USTREAM or to leave the viewers hanging. I’d much prefer to watch the channels on USTREAM, the resolution is superior, lag is not an issue and audio is also better. What is not good is USTREAM chat, but at this point, we can chat via IRC and watch on USTREAM. At what point will Justin, his team and the investors see this as a problem. As someone commented a couple of weeks ago — JTV lifecasters pulling their USTREAM feeds into, is paramount to ABC running CBS programming when their network experiences a failure.

Some things just make you scratch your head.


And, like any good chef, he tells presentation is as important as taste

Where Did iTed Go?

iTed’s wasn’t up this morning, or most of the afternoon. His stream, that is. Ted was having internet connectivity issues today, and as a result, until the repair could be made, we had no iTed stream. For Ted, that was probably good thing. When he finally did get up and running, he reported that he actually got a lot of work done today. Funny how you suddenly find time when you’re not sucked into the world of JTV, whether you be a viewer or a lifecaster, isn’t it?

Where is iJustine

I guess Justine is on vacation and has no way to connect, other than her iPhone. I am getting twitters from her, so she’s apparently not totally cut off, but I will be very curious to hear how her time away, totally cut off from this world has been. Does she feel more relaxed? Was she happy not to always have been “on” all the time, even when sleeping? Is she going to change anything about her lifecast once she returns?

What’s This All About?


Enlarge the image

A JTV fan with the moniker — pure_hatred_for_justopia entered Linus and Foxy’s room this afternoon. Wow, what did I do to garner this kind of attention. He/she first came in with pure_hatred_for_justin, and I asked what spurred on that nic and after some other ugly comments he/she disappeared and returned with the hatred for me name. We pretty much let it be and this apparently bitter viewer was gone. Bye Bye

Short Post

For those of you loyal, and much appreciated readers, I am going to keep things very short this evening. I need a little refresh. I took a look and this will be my 93rd post since I began writing in late April. At first I was writing just for myself. I put the blog up on a personal site and just used it as a place to rant, until May 2 when I thought I’d create a WordPress account and put it out there for public viewing. Since then, I’ve made it a point to write and publish everyday unless I had what I deemed was a good enough excuse not to — flying 10,000 miles across the planet and back seemed to be the only thing that stopped me.

I’ve set some pretty big expectations for myself — blog everyday, include interesting images, cook, shoot some video clips, etc., and if I’m going to keep going, I need just a little break. That said, tonight’s post will be short and sweet and I will take tomorrow off. A couple of hours ago I had planned to not tune into JTV at all until tomorrow evening, but I remembered that Linus is going to announce the contest winner tomorrow, so I will be hard pressed to not log in and check it out.

Wouldn’t want to MISS ANYTHING, don’t ya know. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for your excellent commentaries for J.TV. Since I’ve gone back to a full schedule at work now, I miss a lot of the happenings on there but thanks to you Justopia….I feel better because you cover all the good stuff! 😉

  2. Hey Spooky! Thanks for reading and for the comment! I am going to have to blog tonight afterall. Got a twitter from iJustine that she is interviewing OJ tonight. Can’t imagine what that’s all about.

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