Reason for JTV Obsession Uncovered

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iTed up close

It dawned on me as I carried my laptop toward the washing machine to get the clothes into the dryer and nearly fell on my face with my lifeline in my arms, that I have a problem.

No, not a problem, not just any problem, but a mega, mongo, monster, king-sized, monumental, gigantic, substantial, grandiose, majestic problem that has left me in a quandary. First I need to figure out how I got myself into this predicament, and next, the harder part, how the hell do I get myself out?


Do ya think I need to put my glasses on to read chat?

As I’d mentioned the other day, I haven’t gone so far into the swirling JTV abyss to have blown off a very important doctor’s appointment, nor have I let myself go without eating or showering, but I do feel like a somewhat worthless sack of potatoes today, and it was confirmed that I have some kid of strange addiction to this medium and as I stood there, looking down at a washing machine full of darks I realized what compels me to spend so much time “here.”


It’s not that what goes on in anyone’s stream on a given day is that interesting, really. It’s not that anyone is solving the problems that would result in world peace. It’s not that Justin, iJustine, Sarah, iTed, Melinus, ParrisHarris, NakedCowboy, Ahhyeahforchrist, or any of the others are teaching me or showing me anything that is so pressing or significant that I have a responsibility or a dire need to watch and to stay and chat. No, it’s nothing like that.

My problem is that I have, and ALWAYS have had a fear of missing something! I don’t want to be in the dark about anything. I know I can read the logs, I know there are archives — in THEORY, but I like to experience things as they happen, not in retrospect. I do like having a DVR, but much prefer to catch a show when it airs, not after. I love going to the movies, but when there is something I am really looking forward to seeing, I like to see it on opening night, so that I can be part of the fun when it opens for the masses. I don’t want to hear what people are saying about it before I’ve had the chance to make up my own mind how I feel about the movie.

It’s the same thing with JTV — what are people seeing? What are people saying? Who is doing what? And with whom?! WHAT AM I MISSING?! If I leave the computer, I might miss something!


iTed is a very talented photographer — these screen shots probably make him cringe, although Zeeter’s (is this one Zeeter?)eyes do look good here.

Ok, so I’ve now identified WHY I have this obsession, now — WHAT do I do to stop?! I think an intervention is called for, but I really don’t disclose this little secret to people I know in real life and I downplay it to those 4 people that do know, so an intervention is not likely to happen. Do I check myself into Betty Ford? And if so, what do I say when I call for the reservation? “What do you mean you’ve never heard of lifecasting!? Surely you know, it’s that guy that’s streaming his life 24/7, blah blah blah, and I’d say it just like that.”

I have always said that it’s a good thing I don’t like alcohol or I would be one step away from cirrhosis of the liver and that I should never accept a job in the Las Vegas area or I would end up in the poor house because I’d be playing the slots all day long. Unfortunately, there was no way to know I would become so wrapped up in the world of JTV. If I could have forseen this, I would never have tuned in. You know, it’s interesting, had I not been watching the local news that night in April, I never would have heard of I wonder what I would be doing tonight instead of listening to warbly Pink Floyd through iTed’s stream, writing another extensive blog post, and following a few chat rooms. Maybe I’d actually be typing away at the book I am supposed to be writing? Hell!

Maybe by now I’d be negotiating a book deal and planning the tour. LOL 🙂 Not likely, but I do think about it.

iTed, this one’s for you — I told you I made a departure from the more involved dinners I’ve shown on this blog the past couple of months and still managed to get all the food groups into a healthy, possibly less interesting, but delicious meal. You can stop with the pre-packaged, processed stuff like Lean Cuisine and go this route. No recipes necessary.


2 Responses

  1. A-ha! I suffer from the same affliction. I’ve was that way even as a kid. When we had family get-togethers, I would often sit with the adults and listen to them to see what I might find out.

    BTW, I enjoy your posts. I was gone on vacation for almost a week, and I just finished up reading the last week’s worth to see what I might have missed…always worrying:) Thanks for filling me in.

  2. Thanks for the comment carrot and for reading! Enjoy

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