Germany Puts on the Map, Sarah Meyers in Grayscale and the 2nd JTV Dance-Off — Or Was It?

I’d like to preface today’s post with a little housekeeping —

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Note: If you’d like to listen to an audio version of this post, please click on the link below:

The German Invasion

A couple of weeks ago we saw a woman from German Television in the fratcave. I wasn’t around to see much of what went on, other than to catch people saying that the fratboys didn’t realize how intrusive their set up would be, but nothing about when the show would air. Well, we didn’t need any kind of announcement about the showtime today. Linus was on chatting with us and mentioned that the overall room count was very high — about 800 people. I saw that and immediately pulled up the full room list in IRC and noted that although Wild949 was in the top (most popular) spot, there were just 4 viewers. Once again making me question the validity of stream placements and popularity.

I scrolled through the entire room list and something jumped out at me — The Germans were setting viewer count records! We haven’t seen this since the bump in stats with Justin’s appearance on The Today Show. After watching the interview again from this feed (the interview begins 2:06 into the video on YouTube) I still have NO IDEA why Justin and some of his fans feel he was attacked?! I am not an Ann Curry fan, but I feel she did a decent interview here. Justin was not very talkative, and some of that could have been the time of day (very early on the West Cost and even earlier by Justin Kan’s internal clock), but she seemed to ask pretty low-key question. I don’t want to go off on a rant about this today so I’ll stop here, but you get my point, right?

As you can see by the room count below, the German TV show drew in hundreds of viewers. When I looked in on however, it was a flood of generic Justinfan#### names coming in and out at a dizzying pace.


The cause of the jump in room count? German Television

No surprise there. As quickly as chat was scrolling through, the few words I was familiar with, or thought I was familiar with looked like questions about Justin and other streams. Many wanted to see Sarah or chat with Sarah. Many wanted to see Sarah without clothes. They are probably a bit disappointed that Justin has chosen to keep JTV PG13 for now. I saw someone ask if RideShare is a mensch. In German, the literal translation of this word is: Human — a person of integrity, a man with scruples, etc. I know the word Mentsh in Yiddish to mean, a guy you’d take home to meet mom. Literally it translates to: humane; human (ideally). The same basic translation, but just used differently. So, I happened to comment in the room that I don’t see RideShare as a mensch and was asked — “Is he human or animal? Well, I had to laugh. RideShare’s icon is a goat. The person was apparently asking literally, is RideShare a human? Not is he somone you’d like to take home to momma.

There is ALWAYS, always something to learn on JTV. Whether it be about photography from people like iTed and his viewers, or about hunting down ghosts in the Livescifi channel or having a view into the cultures of different countries like Sweden or the UK. Today, I learned a little a tiny fragment about the difference in the German and Yiddish languages. I am satisfied. I can go to bed comfortable in the fact that although I spent a lot of time on JTV, I did at least learn a little something.


I’d like to see how holds up. Not long after we witnessed the sudden spike, the count began to fade, and almost as quicky, within about 30 minutes, we were seeing the numbers slide from the 500’s to the 400’s, 300’s, 200’s… It did get back up into the 300’s briefly, but it’s in the 90’s now. It’s the early morning hours in Germany now and I am curious to see if people come back in when they wake up on Monday morning.


In Justin’s room, the viewers were predominantly German speakers.

I took a look in both Justin and the Officecam and nothing was going on. Justin was asleep and Emmett was just getting seated behind his computer. I suggested to Emmett that he might want to get Justin out of bed to see the spike, but whether he didn’t notice the remark or he figured Justin would be able to see for himself later, when he looks at the logs, I don’t know. Yeah right, Justopia! Like Justin sits around reading the logs and I wrote out Emmett’s name in full and have rarely seen him ignore an alert. I know I find it impossible not to toggle over to IRC when I hear the familiar beep I have set up to alert me whenever someone says, Justopia. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, c’est la vie.

I’d have thought the boys would be jumping up and down with a viewer spike like this, but I should know by now that I have no idea what really gets these guys excited about their business venture. We’ve seen Justin smiling and more animated in the past couple of weeks and it seems that it is likely to be caused by the 2nd round funding they have apparently obtained, but I’d have thought seeing more viewers would be something that would be worth getting out of bed for. I guess not

Sarah Puts on a Show


I tuned into see what was happening in Sarah’s room after Mangulo asked me if I had seen what was going on and whether I thought it was pre-recorded or live. At first I was convinced it was a video, but after persevering through her ramblings about Stever Wozinak and reading some excerpts from his book, iWoz. She was droning, and I do mean droning, about how she has met Steve and how he has been a kind of mentor to her. At the point where she was sitting up, she had a kind of Ana Nicole/Marilyn Monroe speech delivery to her. She talked about how her Mother is Jewish and her Father came from Mexico. I am not sure what prompted this bit of family history, but I suspect it was in response to a viewer’s question.

The room count put Sarah in the top spot at this point and she was getting some German viewer-ship as well. Her dad called for her and she left wanting to go to Costco because it had “better EDVO coverage.” The feed dropped however, and so did I.

2nd Weekly JTV Dance-Off

This afternoon Linus and Mooncricket were on the docket for another JTV dance-off. Linus seemed a bit on edge and at one point told us that he was very nervous, but that he also was “not really into it.” He told us when the show was becoming more and more delayed that he wanted to get on with it because if Emelie came back and he was still at it, she would not be happy. I felt badly for Linus, he was ready. He had done the necessary work — chose music, had his wardrobe change ready, was sitting patiently in front of the computer, adjusting the lighting and doing a last minute sound check to make sure all was in order.


Linus is Ready

On the other side of the US from me, Mooncricket was traipsing through a park in San Francisco heading toward what we all believed would be a really great site for him to dance in and a great backdrop. Would the feed work? Would we be able to see him dance without interruption? I checked into Moon’s room as well as Jiibah’s to see what the tenor was in each and all seemed to be waiting in anticipation.

Mooncricket got to the spot which looked great, but the feed was not working well at all. He was frozen solid most of the time. Linus was ready to start and so were all of us. I was not in the mood to stick around waiting and waiting while one 1/2 of the competitors, the viewers and the vote counters in Jiibah’s room were standing by.


Mooncricket’s Dance Site

Last week we had to wait while JSpin got organized and that frustrated me, but this week the lack of preparation was about to put me over the edge. They had a week to prepare, Linus was ready last week and this, but his competition was not, once again. He finally got off his seat and started dancing, even though Mooncricket was still hung up and unable to really know what was going on. Linus said he was just going to dance for us even if there was no competition. Jibbah was trying to call a forfeit and the winner as Linus, but the message seemed to be lost on most in all of the rooms.

There were clearly Mooncricket supporters and Linus backers as could be seen from commentary in the rooms. Linus was Linus again however, and said that he was nervous and that Moon is a great dancer and that he respects anyone that can dance and he figured Moon would win.


Mooncricket Frozen as a Block of Ice

Mooncricket did manage to get a couple of extremely short, choppy dances in and it was obvious that he had some good moves, but it was painful to watch and could not be considered complete, in my book. I was frustrated that he did not prepare in advance. It was a great idea to find a beautiful place to dance, but he should have gone out prior to the contest to ensure that he had a working stream.

Both danced twice, although Linus was still dancing his 2nd dance when Mooncricket began dancing, and he was reporting that there was a delay, but nevertheless, it was a disjointed “contest”.

Jiibah opened the room for voting and once again it was a very small number of votes in comparison to the number of viewers. Also, there is no way to determine if people are voting multiple times by creating different names in JTV chat — since there is NO mechanism to stop people from creating as many names as they wish.

But … the votes came in and Linus won once again. I failed to note the numbers, but I seem to recall it a score of 24 – 16, Linus to Mooncricket. Emelie was watching the stream as the vote came in and once it was announced, the nice couple from Falkenberg had had enough. I don’t blame them. I did as well. I left JTV and haven’t been back since — about five and a half hours. I’ll pop back in once I get this recorded and published, but I have lost some enthusiasm for the day.

Another Great Dinner

I was getting to the end of what I had in the freezer and fridge this week and thought I’d make a good Italian dinner of spaghetti with Italian “Gravy” and olive bread with roasted garlic. I roasted a couple of large beef back ribs, put up a Soffrito and started the sauce. It’s not difficult, really! I don’t have a recipe, I just wing it each time. I like to roast beef ribs to give it more depth. I roasted them for an hour in a pan with nothing — nothing needed. Then deglaze the pan with red wine. Put the ribs in the pan with the soffrito and cook for about 3 minutes. Add the wine and pan drippings and let it boil for about 45 minutes. The only thing left is tomatoes — I used fresh tomatoes that I boiled to remove the skins, but you can crush them. I just don’t like having any of those curled up cooked tomato skins in my sauce. Add the tomatoes, the fresh herbs from the garden and let it cook. I cooked it for about 1.5 hours and it was done. The only thing I did not have fresh was oregano — I totally forgot to grow it this year, but a tablespoon of dried oregano does the trick.

And that’s it. Done.


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  1. I was reading your blog for awhile last night on my iPhone while I sat internetless and jtvless. FYI, your blog looks great on it and as always.. it’s a great read ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yeaaah! A comment! It’s been a couple of days. Thanks so much for the words and for continuing to read! Where are you anyway? I see from Twitter that you’re away at a beach, but where? Jersey shore? ๐Ÿ™‚

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