Apple Scores Points and Searching for the Perfect Office Space

Note: It took hours to get this recorded copy of the post to upload, but I finally found the source of the problem — better late than never! 🙂 To listen, please click on the link below:

Local Mac Store Shows the Love


Repair complete!

I have been having a problem with my MacBook lately. I have the 13.5″ black resin model and purchased it just after it released during a quick trip back to the US last year. During the past few months I’ve noticed a crack forming on the edge where my right arm rests. I’d read that the black resin models had a problem with chipping and I though once I could see the inside of the machine twinkling up at me that it was time to take it in.

So, I took a trip to the Apple store and sidled up to the Genius Bar for help. I plunked down my $99 each year for a ProCare subscription and it pays — you get to make appointments for the GeinusBar or for your annual TuneUp or for training sessions from the comfort of the website, so I was able to book the night before and avoid the wait.

The Genius looked at my machine and I was told the part would have to be ordered and that it would cost me $224.00. Wow, I thought that since Apple acknowledged the problem that they would take care of it for free, but no, it would be on my dime. He also told me they would need my Mac for 1 – 2 days. Hmmm…. to replace this simple part? He did say that it could possibly be done the same day once the part came in, so I took a deep breath and and told the Genius to go ahead with the order and I avoided strolling through the mall and needlessly spending money and headed home.


I got a call last night that the part was in and that they would hold onto it for 7 days and once again, that it would take 1 – 2 days. I went to the Genius Bar reservation site, make a reservation for first thing in the morning and wrote a note asking if there was any way they would get it done in the same day — Pretty Please?! Ok, no exclamation points, but the please was there.

I arrived just a few minutes early and the mall was not even open. The store was full of Apple Store employees in bright green tee shirts waiting for the onslaught. This store is always busy — has been this way for the past couple of years. I approached the Genius Bar with trepidation, not wanting to give up my beloved MacBook for 24 – 48 hours. Yes, part of my resistance was the absence from JTV, but more importantly, I can’t be without email now that I am in hot pursuit of a great job and vice versa. I don’t want to let anything fall through the cracks. If someone needs an updated copy of my resume or if I need to look over details of a company before an interview, I need access.

So … Johnny in his green shirt takes the machine and looks up my account and says, “So Eric did mention when he called that it would be 1 – 2 days.” I said, “Yes, can you confirm it won’t take more than 2 days?” Well, he didn’t seem to like that much, and responded with, “Well, that is a fast turn around on a repair here.” I am not sure why he bristled, but my only response was to put on the sad face and to say how I was in the middle of an intensive job search, and how it’s critical that I be without my machine for as little time as possible, that it’s been a very long time and I need a job.

That garnered a, “I hope your last month hasn’t been a bad as mine — I totaled my car.” Ok, so he got me there. I may have become unemployed, had my dishwasher go out on me, have had some other problems, but thankfully, I have not been in an accident!


Great news! No gap in blogging!

He went on to detail the car story after I asked if he had been hurt? It was nothing like that — he bottomed out the car in the mall parking lot and it was a lot of info about the process of getting things taken care of with the insurance company, finding a new car, etc., etc. I stayed with it. I did not want to go all crazy in the middle of the store, but did want to be sure I would get my machine back as quickly as possible.

Johnny disappeared through the mysterious black door and came back a while later with a smile – well, maybe not a smile, but definitely a twinkle in his eyes. He said, “Don’t go anywhere, we will have it out to you in a few minutes — go grab a coffee and come back and it will be done.” Yippee!! I thanked him profusely and went on my way.

I returned, he had the laptop, and low and behold, he had gone one step more — he researched my account and found that my AppleCare warranty was still in effect so the bill was a whopping — ZERO dollars! Yes! You read that right. Nothing! I totally forgot that I purchased the warranty after I got back to the US, so it does not expire until October! Had Johnny, the Genius not taken the time and looked up the info, I would have been out $224 today. Instead, I walked away with the outside of my MacBook in good order, the inside cleaned up and renewed faith in my fellow and in Apple.

I look back on the event and figure that Johnny was just probably having a rough morning. It was his first day back at work after going out of town for a wedding, coming back, having to go up to Pittsburgh car (I wonder if he saw iJustine) and driving back down here to that he could make it to work. So I understand. We all have our moments.

Thanks Johnny the caring Genius and the Tyson’s Corner, Virginia Apple Store.

It May Almost Be Time for a New Red Stapler

The expansive first office space

When I tuned into Justin this afternoon, he was in a car with his brother and there was a third, unfamiliar voice. It was a friend of Justin’s or maybe it was Daniel’s, I’m not really sure, but he seemed to tag along on the office hunt while Daniel appeared to stay put with the car.

On the way to the building, Justin was talking about how late they were and he said he felt guilty. The friend said, “It’s a real estate agent, it doesn’t matter. Is the customer ever wrong?” Wow Justin, nice acquaintance you have there.

They met up with the realtors and headed into the building, a beautiful older property with incredibly large paneled windows, ceilings that appeared to soar two stories high and a blank canvas of white walls and dark wood floors. It was loft-like in feel, well from 3000 miles and a computer monitor away, that is. It had different rooms, different levels and a rooftop space that Justin seemed to be salivating over for the party factor. There was no mistaking it from his voice, this place made him happy, I think if he’d has everyone’s approval and if the check had made it to the bank today, he would have quickly signed on the dotted line.


Second property

But, they had to head out to the next space, however…not before calling the fratcave to urge the guys to get in the car and come right over. He tried to stall until they got there, but after calling and making a comment about their horrible sense of direction, well, put in much more colorful words — you can find it in the archives — the realtors implored him to move on to the next facility since they were already running so late.

He called the guys and let them know they needed to now meet them at he 2nd building. This one was a more contemporary, meaning current building with a large floor plate, normal office type infrastructure and much less character. Both were located in areas of town that he seemed to like, but the first was clearly his favorite. He did not have nearly the sense of excitement about this place, it was obvious.

The rest of the fratteam arrived, Norah and her hat in tow and they took a look. No one was jumping up and down, but while on the roof with the building’s property manager, Justin was talking about how he really wanted the guys to see the other space.

At one point, Justin received a call from Shooby. Justin apologized to him and said they would be back soon and told him to get a cup of coffee while they were all out office shopping. Hopefully Shooby’s pockets are lined with more change than Justin ever seems to have.


This is great, “our CEO likes to cook”

Justin, his brother and friend went to lunch and Kyle, Emmett, Jacob and Norah went elsewhere. To let Shooby in perhaps?

They all met up at the appointed time and toured the first space. Everyone seemed to like it much better, however there were some well placed questions about lighting, noise, paint, etc. Clearly some of the fratboys think with their heads rather than their hearts and as they made their way to Safeway, Justin made a call to Michael. He left voicemail telling him they found a great space and that he wants to get him to see it as soon as he returns to San Francisco.

One of them asked how they can find out if the building is in good shape and Norah responded that they should just hire a general contractor — that a GC would be able to tell them what they need to know. I don’t know, I’m not sure how it works in California, but I am not sure how the landlord will feel about doing a kind of home inspection on a rental. It seems to be a good idea, but I’ve never seen it done. And, while Justin is feeling flush this week, is he starting to add any of the costs in his head?


This 2600 sq. ft. space is renting for $4500. Then there are utilities, costs for furniture, fitting out the space — there are no offices, no closed in spaces. The floors were recently refinished, but it is quite noisey in there, is he thinking about what might need to be put on the floors to help temper the sound? Either the realtor or the landlord suggested curtians, but if you look at the size of those windows, they may spend a lot of dough on curtains and hardware.

And let’s not forget the big point — NO AIR CONDITIONING! I know San Francisco has a temperate climate, but … if he is looking to hire many people and fill the space with bodies, hardware and lighting, has he thought about just how warm some of the summer days might become? Can he get window units in? He may end up needing bigger one or 2 ton splits spaces throughout to keep things comfortable on the warmest days and the ceilings don’t seem to offer any opportunity to put the splits there.

I remember seeing a bathroom with a working tub/shower, but I only remember seeing one toilet. I may well have missed other bathrooms, but if he’s going to hire a group of people, has he thought about the need for a real bathroom group? More than one toilet at a time? Is he going to hire women as well as men? If so, there’s probably nothing that says he has to provide separate bathrooms, but has he thought about how he will keep them clean? Not only woman appreciate a clean bathroom, of course, but apparently the fratboys are not so hung up on it, so in line what I’ve written about before — creating a good work environment, he’s going to want to figure out how to keep things clean enough so that a female employee doesn’t feel the need to have to run to the nearest restaurant to use their facilities during her work hours.


Back of the building

Someone asked if there was any problem with bugs in the building and the landlord seemed to be taken aback for a moment and responded with, “No insects now, but if you don’t keep it clean …” And a chuckle. I don’t think she knows just what she may have in store for her property. He mentioned some former or current (in other parts of the building) tenants — Ironweed Films, Actnow, A modeling Agency, Robert De Niro’s company and things that some of them have done with the space in the past. She seemed quite open to changes.

During the first pass in this building the realtor managed to mention that Justin had received funding this week and that the check was coming, so money would not be an issue. Hmmm…that might make negotiating the lease a little tougher than they’d hoped.

In any event, I’ve got to say the space was, if not the most appropriate for a JTV office setup, a really great piece of property with character and a life of it’s own and all involved with JTV seemed to feel that it was a fit in terms of their “style.”

I just hope they get furnishings and accessories that go with yellow shorts.

The group left, the feed went dark, many of the streams faded to black and at some point Emmett popped into the room and noted that Kyle was “on it.” Wow. I was too busy to go channel surfing to see if he was letting all rooms know that they were back in the office and aware of the problem and working on a resolution, or if it was just in Justin’s room? I don’t care at this point — it was the first step at communicating something to viewers. It may take baby steps, but you can’t run until you learn how to walk.

The art of communication is the language of leadership.” — James Humes, Ryals Professor of Language and Leadership, speech writer for five US presidents and author of 28 books.


2 Responses

  1. i just got my MacBook repaired too im kind of upset it even needed repair but now im a little less annoyed because your post made me realize it happens to everyone!!!

    Great post, very enjoyable read!

    Maggie Leanne

  2. Glad they took care of it for you, Maggie. I recently got a new machine, a MacBook Pro, but my old one was chipped again. They told me they would have replaced the case again for free, but I sent it off to a friend before I realized it. I suppose he can take it in if it gets worse.

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