JTV Brown Out and a USTREAM Solution — Again and the Office Space Hunt Continues

Summer at JTV

Streams Down — Again
Just like in a big city when the temperatures soar and the infrastructure that supplies power to the people is compromised, so too it appears, does the integrity of the infrastructure that supplies the ability for the lifecasters to stream.

Now, I don’t want Emmett to get bent out of shape by the above comment. It’s all very possible that this morning’s outage of many streams, which caused some to seek out ways to bring their lifecasts to JTV viewers via other means, was planned or known, but there was no messaging to the viewers or lifecasters. Emmett — he’s a sensitive guy. He’ll raise the decibel level and rate of speech to be heard, to get his point across, but when someone says something he doesn’t like — Wham! So I am always ready for the arrows to be headed my way when I make comment such as this.


Linus shows us his creativity streaming his video in JTV and ustream at the same time

When I tuned in this morning I couldn’t find a working stream. There was a message in Nekomimi_Lisa’s room pointing everyone to her ustream feed. I went over there and quickly found out she was streaming there because it wasn’t working in JTV. I tuned in to see what Linus and Emelie were up to and low and behold he had not only ustream working, but when JTV came back up he was streaming there as well! Clever guy. You had to turn off the sound in one of the streams so that you didn’t get bombarded by sound from both streams, but otherwise it was great. The ustream feed was, once again, superior to the JTV stream. I noticed the chat on Lisa’s ustream page was not great. It took some cajoling to get the things I wanted to say to populate properly, and she wasn’t chatting in IRC, or the JTV chat, so I made do for a while.


Lisa had some challenges getting her stream into JTV, but with perseverance, she was able to get it done shortly after this shot was captured

I suggested she talk with Linus about embedding her ustream feed into her JTV channel and once she did that, we could all communicate in IRC or site chat on JTV.Last night Justin told us they are making a really great new website, something we are going to all love. That’s great! Great news! I like new, I like slick, sleek new UI’s. I like to see new things — progress. But just letting us know this during a drive-by in the #Melinus room last night is not how I’d recommend doing this.


Japanese Gardens — Portland, Oregon — June, 2007

I don’t want to belabor the point, to continue to beat a dead horse, but if they are looking to staff the organization they need people that can manage communications, someone that can manage the operation, people that can manage program, project managers, product managers, people that can manage people. How about someone with a financial background to manage the books? Do they even have a budget? When they find a new office, will they have someone that can help manage the facility — keeping it secure, keeping it clean? It’s one thing for the fratboys to come to work everyday an not mind working around the mess, but if they are going to hire people, experienced people that have expectations, they need to think about creating an appropriate work environment, a place that is set up to be a productive space in terms of not only ergonomics, but lighting, flow, etc. If they grow to 50 people, they are going to want to have someone with Human Resources knowledge.


Ganesha, a Gift From the Team — Bangalore, India 2003

Months ago I wrote about how they were making mistakes in their hiring process — broadcasting the results of interviews or of applications in the stream. That could spell potential disaster. It’s common sense, but not necessarily something someone just a couple of years out of school, without experience in the working (or corporate) world would have any background on. Recruiting is not an easy task, and managing resources is even more difficult. Human Resources talent will be a necessity if he is planning to bring up to 50 people and more on board. For those of you reading that have ever had a job in a corporate or even a small business environment with more than a handful of coworkers, think about how it would be/would have been, had there not been someone there to worry about the care and feeding of the employees? Perhaps you’ve experienced the negative side of that world? If so, you know all the more how bad this thing could be as they grow if they do not plan for HR support.


Justin was on the phone this afternoon speaking with someone about helping to them identify office space. He seemed pretty vague on his needs —

We’d ultimately like to have something in 2 weeks

Maybe 6 months – 2 years, hard to say

The money should be in the bank by Monday at the latest

Maybe 50 people


One parking spot (One? He needs to think about his future employees — I know that people I’ve worked with consider that a big deal)

I’m willing to pay whatever it takes to get a place that’s comfortable for people to want to come and stay and work — a lot! (Yes sir, Mr. Kahn, and I’d like to take as much of your money as possible! Now remind me, when did you say you’d be receiving your funding?)

I would like to have seen the look on the face of the person on the other end of the conversation. Justin was really looking for a ballpark figure on what he can expect in terms of cost, but I would imagine without knowing some real details of what he is looking for, it’s tough to just puke up a number. Knowing what the range of prices are is a good thing, but rather than only asking the realtor, how about doing some research? Go to a commercial property management site or a regular real estate site and see what offices are going for. Giving an open ended — “sky’s the limit” response to the “what is your price range” question is one way to respond, but having a budget in mind is the better, more responsible way.


Fresh raspberries for dinner

It looks like they are looking for things that are similar to where they are currently living, but 50 people is a lot of heads, it would be a good idea to be open to a variety of possibilities in terms of the type of space.

Kyle came in and they had a brief chat about the space he had looked at while Justin was away and he made an interesting comment about the empty facility he previewed. It went something like this:

Funny story about that place we looked at. A VC gave them 2mn and they blew through it in 6 months and the guy kicked them out. Said they probably should have checked their credentials first — they had no accounts payable. Good story for us.

So … conjecture would tell me that they have been funded with $2mn Of course it could be more, it could be less. It’s a total guess, but in any event, the way Justin was speaking with the person on the phone, he had no budget in mind. Big mistake Even if the realtor was not going to take them for a ride, you don’t run a successful business without sitting down and creating a budget and LIVING by it.


Some may continue to bash these guys for what they have been doing, what they are planning, or rather, would like to be doing for the future, but I’m interested in all of this. It’s what kept me tuning into Justin and the Officecam streams for so long before I spread my wings and latched onto a couple of new streams as they launched. It’s stuff like this and the trip to New York that really keep me interested though.

I’ve been saying this since day 3 — if they could just step it up, get some help and do things with some experience, organization and professionalism behind them, this could really end in the Happy Ending, or Good News category of the Nightly News.

Tonight’s Dinner

Chicken Tikka

Parsley Fried Onion Rings
— Thank you Callie! You mentioned onion rings and gave me a good idea for dinner 🙂

Steamed Green Beans


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