An Ode to Yalie and Justin Goes “Naked” on Times Square


An Orchid I have not killed

An Ode to Yalie

Oh Yalie, our vacationing friend,

When will your vacation end?

Things are not the same without you,

The Mods and iJustine think so too.

Justin and Michael traveled to Manhattan,

But while there Justin did not put on satin.

A trooper was Justin as he stripped to his skivvies

Threw on a guitar, a hat and met the Naked Cowboy Hippie.

In New York with VC’s and suits and others around,

Rumors and gossip and speculation abound.

We’re hoping Justin doesn’t “jump the shark,”

As he “works” harder and harder to make his mark.

In the meantime we wait for Yalie’s return

To see whose heads he can turn.

Come back Yalie! Come back quick!

We need some laughs, lickity split!


Justin Takes a Trip to Times Square

After waiting patiently, Justin made his way to Times Square to meet up with the Naked Cowboy and join him in the fun. And what fun it was. I think Justin was a good sport. Some viewers wanted him to meet Naked and go naked with him and he did. It had to be uncomfortable, but he sucked it up and walked out to TIMES SQUARE in his underwear! He stripped down to his skivvies and put on a hat and guitar and went out to the spot where Naked Cowboy spends his day.

Naked gave Justin a brief guitar lesson and they headed to greet the masses. They were approached and they approached the female tourists and Justin had his photo taken with Naked and women and without naked and women.


Jeffy and Naked Bare Almost All

A wave, like a tsunami took over the #Justin room, but almost as quickly as it came in, the tide went out as the viewer count dropped from 140 to 62 viewers. Seeing Justin in Naked Cowboy emblazoned underoos (as Leggeddy so perceptively called them) could only draw people away from the other hot channels for a few minutes. Sarah was on her way uptown to join the fun, but alas, I had to take care of something in real life. I am thrilled to know that JTV has not consumed me 100% and I could actually leave to make my appointment on time. I hear it was a wild time, but I can not find it in the archives, so that is a JTV moment in time I will have missed.

Justin’s Fashion Sense

When I got back to JTV, I saw Justin in a restaurant with Michael and some others (at least one other Yale friend I think) and I made a comment about how Justin doesn’t care about others around him because he was dining in a wife-beater — I don’t know what those armless, shirts are called — I call them UNDERWEAR — but I have been told the popular term is wife-beater. No matter the term, I do not like being in a restaurant with a guy wearing those ugly things.

I don’t much care for a woman in a similar type of top eating near me either. I didn’t allow them on the women at work, and I don’t like it much of anywhere but at the beach. I can’t stand it when someone with no sleeves hugs me. ICK! And on a hot summer day, that compounds the ICK of it all. Call me crazy, but other people’s sweat makes me cringe. Emmett didn’t much care for my comment and we had a short discussion about it, but I stand my ground. Even if Michael and Justin’s friends didn’t mind, they were not the only ones in the establishment. In many restaurants you will see signs restricting sleeveless shirts, so I can’t be the only one offended. There were others in the room that spoke up as well, but I must not be feeling very well, because I was just not up to a debate this afternoon.

iJustine Tops Justin’s Mess


The iJustine hovel

I decided to see what iJustine was up to and when I got there, the camera’s vantage point was different. It appeared to be positioned on her desk or the wire rack above the desk and pointing to the rest of the room. My jaw dropped. It looked as bad as Justin’s room in the old apartment! A total mess! She quickly acknowledged that she is a slob and talked about how she recently found part of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on her desk. ICK! Between the hairy armpits at dinner and dried up food in a bedroom I am running to the nearest decontamination facility.

Quick! I feel like I need a delousing!


3 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA…great!

  2. Thanks iGuy! I am waiting for Yalie to surface — he should be back from vacation soon. How are you doing without an iJustine fix for a few days? You gonna survive? 🙂

  3. Justopia:

    Dont know how to get this to you:

    Is a physical personal moment of nakedcowboy, and if you listen to the conversation on the phone for about 5 minutes, it is a personal business situation. “Hundreds of thousands of dollars” can be heard on the phone.

    feel free to remove this post after you have seen it.

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