The MIA at JTV, a Little Help and Justopia Revealed

The JTV Missing in Action


Cloisonné box from Thailand

I have noticed that there are a lot of people we have grown accustomed to seeing and chatting with on JTV missing in action.

Have you seen any of these people?

  • YBombinator
  • Garet2
  • Peekers
  • iBahamian
  • MizAintBehaivin
  • Sudel
  • Raevyn
  • davecoolsdf
  • Delsal
  • OSUmom
  • Davy

I’m sure there are many more that I have forgotten. What has happened to these original JTV viewers? The ones we became accustomed to spending our days/nights with , the ones we knew and who knew us? Have they gone on to more productive, more satisfactory real lives or are they here in different hair and makeup?

It IS Possible to Surf JTV Channels and Chat in Multiple Rooms at the SAME TIME

Many people complain about having problems being able to chat in IRC and the watching JTV channels at the same time.


Click the image for a larger view

I thought I’d post another screenshot and the details to help people with challenges using both Site Chat and IRC. I am by no means an expert, but people have talked about some of us being in multiple rooms at the same time and how they are unable to go from stream to stream and room to room in IRC, and that part I have perfected! LOL I use a Mac and the IRC client I use is called Colloquy. It’s easy, really! I promise!

If you click on the image above, you should be able to see in the portion of IRC that I have highlighted (it’s in gray) that I am in Justin’s room as both Justopia and Justopiaweb. And on the right, you’ll see that I am in the Melinus room on also.

The key is to create a new Username for JTV chat. You can always revert to your old JTV name if you’d like, but to be able to use both IRC and surf the streams without a major hassle, doing this is the answer. Once you’ve made the new name, you can log into IRC and open as many rooms as you’d like and go hopping from stream to stream without having to log in and without having to re-authenticate in IRC. It’s a breeze!

People have also been asking, “Why should I use IRC? What’s so good about it?” My response is that it’s full of features and you can surf multiple streams and multiple rooms at the same time. The IRC client I use is easy to read, and is very easy to navigate. You also don’t have to give out your personal Instant Messenger name if you’d rather not, be it AOL, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc. You can IM, or what is term’d PM (personal message) in IRC and it’s right there, no separate application needs to be opened. In Colloquy, the client I use, you just click once on a chatter’s name and it opens a PM at the bottom of the room list. Everything is there, easy to get to. The only caution I have is to watch where you are entering your comments. Some of us have been known to frequently post comments in the wrong room, but the worst is when you send a personal comment into a room rather than in the PM box. It can be comical, but I would imagine there are times it could be a really bad thing. When you have a multiple rooms and PM’s open, you’ve go to pay attention.


Chinese Puzzle Ball — It comes from one piece of ivory — inside are many smaller balls made from a single piece of ivory with a special tool. I think I would go crazy before I finished this work!

You have the ability to set alerts as well which is my favorite feature. I can be in any room and if someone “says” my name in full, it beeps (or whatever sound I set up in the preferences). You can change fonts and some will allow you to set it up to highlight different words.

My 2nd favorite feature of IRC is the ability to size the window that that more of the chat is in view — it requires a lot less scrolling up to see what you may have missed.


The layers seem never ending, like looking into a mirror with a mirror behind you

You can log the transcripts of the chat and PM’s. Heck! As addicted as some of us are, you don’t have to panic that you might have missed something if you set things up to log the sessions. If I so desired, I could keep IRC up all day and night and just read the transcripts. I don’t do that. I’d rather not be “here” if I am not online and in JTV, but the possibility is there and many do this.

You can also locate people and see the details they have chosen to reveal by doing a /whois username command. It will show you how long they’ve been logged in, if they have been, where they are currently, and other details.

So, those are my reasons for using IRC here. Hopefully this will help those that are having difficulties.


See what I mean about the craftsmanship of this piece of work? I could not get all the cylinders lined up down to the very smallest, deepest one — how in the world did the artisan get it done with a little carving instrument? And these are not spry, young men that do this work.

Second Round of VC Funding for JTV?


I popped into #Justin and there was talk about what Justin was doing in New York. I don’t know if people actually heard Justin and Michael speak about meeting with VC’s, just as I don’t know if someone acutally heard Justin say he was going to Times Square to meet the Naked Cowboy, but the following I can tell you. The date for the NC meeting was supposed to be at 1:00EDT and I was around until about 3:00 and didn’t see any NC – Justin meeting. I may have missed it, but I also didn’t see any chatter about it, so who knows? Was the supposed meeting fact or fiction, a result of the usual JTV rumor mill and chat-lore?

At the time he was supposed to be meeting with NC, it appears that he was meeting with a VC instead. I don’t know if this is true either, but it looked like business. I’d imagine something positive was going on and we may, or may not know. When I tuned into Justin later, he appeared to be at a restaurant for dinner or perhaps drinks and he was smiling. I’ve heard Justin laugh, but I have never really seen the guy all smiles. He seemed much more animated than usual. My speculation is that he was very happy. Maybe he won the lottery, maybe he met a beautiful woman, or maybe he scored some venture capital!!

I’m hoping that if he did score some VC capital, the money comes with some needed help – more than the money to fund a payroll for developers, programmers, engineers, etc. But money to hire some professionals with experience, creativity, the ability to organize and to develop solid plans. But I’ve droned on about that enough in past blog posts, so I will end here.

For those of you that are interested in working for the fratboys — they’ve got a job opening posted at Gizmodo

The Big Reveal — or is it?


Club Med, Cancun … 19?? Does anyone have a time machine I might borrow tomorrow evening?! 🙂 I would really like to travel back to this date! Did you really think I would post a current shot? 🙂 People ask if I will launch a stream and my answer is no no no. Not unless someone comes up with that time machine — pronto! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Justopia! As far as the UnderooCowboy and Justin meeting in Times Square, I think I was the one that mentioned it to you the other day. I actually heard someone (Michael?) in Justin’s room, on the phone with Cowboy, asking Justin about this meeting. Justin agreed to the meeting on WEDNESDAY at 1:00 pm (sorry that was unclear) and when Cowboy (via Michael) asked if Justin wanted to show up in his undies, he (Justin) said “Why not?”. There was more discussion about possibly wearing a cowboy hat and playing a guitar or singing.

    Who knows what will actually take place?! I am expecting to be busy with work at that time, so I will have to look for a HOT TIP when I get home!

    In other JTV news, I viewed something tipped from ParrisHarris which ran into a different, very strange event. Apparently someone sent Parris a link to something rather negative and malevolent about him. After some time passed, with Parris reading it and wondering who put it up, the linkster admitted to setting it up themselves. As fun and zany as Parris is, he spoke to this person out of pure love and compassion, very seriously. He tried to understand why this person would do such a thing (not getting enough love, something in their past, etc) and even referred to it as their “art”, yet let the person know that such a negative act will just breed more negativity. It was an amazingly compassionate reaction and diatribe.

    One reason I bring this up is as a simply interesting lifecast event, but I have also wanted to comment on Parris’ compassionate, loving nature for some time. He is a trip, a character, full of energy, confident, wild, fun, funny, a ham, but I never get a sense of egoism or exploitive opportunism from him, whatsoever. He certainly uses the opportunities he has to promote his his interests, but without that negative definition of opportunism. One just can’t help but love him and his positive energy!

    I purposely left out details about what the person did, as Parris didn’t want it to get any more attention. It just made such a great example of the loving nature I have already noticed in Parris and I wanted to bring it up!

  2. Hi Leggedy!

    Thanks for the comment. I do remember you mentioning the Naked – Justin meeting the other night now, but someone else mentioned it in the Melinus room yesterday morning. Linus was having trouble doing the time conversion so I did it for him and a few of us in the room were planning on catching it at 1:00 yesterday. I don’t recall who told the room it was going to happen, but it was at just before 11am yesterday that someone let us know. I’ll have to check it out today.

    That is an interesting story about Parris. I never watch him, but will have to make a point to “drop in.” He does seem like a very caring guy.

  3. Hi Justopia.

    I’ve also noticed that some of our e-friends from JTV have been absent lately. I hope everybody is doing well.

    I received a message from our friend in France, Davy. He’s doing well, and sends his regards. With your indulgence, I’d like to paste some of his message here, please. Thank you.

    From DAVID:

    “…ok dont worry if you not see me on is not i dont whant to comming in the site but i can comme in the room becose (i have send a e-mail to jcob) jacob he tell me that ) have do a thing on the broser to chose the channel we whant and i can do that eny more so this why i m not comme on the site since then so if enyone ask if wher i am tell htem i am okay i have do few thing for my health (i have do few thing for see if iam okay on my yess and other thing) so if you in the thcat room tell to callie and the rest of gang who know me i miss all of them say hello for me to jeffy and and to the justin gang and (if you whant i dont forcingyou ) send a kiss to norah and justine of corse LOL

    “speeking of the site i see a lot of channel have gow up is nice to see that long live for them

    “ok take care my freind

    “i send you “de gros bisous” de la france to you
    (“the big kiss” from france to you )

    “david ”


  4. Hiya Codi!

    Thanks for letting us know! I am not sure I can make it all out though. Is he saying he’s not allowed on or he is having technical difficulties? I see he is having a health issue also and I hope that resolves itself soon!!

    Hope you are doing well also!


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