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No Rest for the Weary

I thought I’d sleep off the JTV blackout, but after my head hit the pillow I was brought back to life just 2.5 hours later with a phone call. An important one I’d been hoping for, so I can not complain, but I had not planned on being up and alert for at least another 4 or 5 hours.

I also went to bed with the plan to NOT write anything today. I thought I would enjoy the day, take some time to get out, watch JTV without thoughts and ideas about how I would draft a post. It seemed like it would be such a relaxing, peaceful way to spend a sultry summer afternoon.

But I kept thinking of the statement Emmett made a few weeks ago, July 5th to be exact, when he said, “If the network falls down and there is no one around to see it, did it really fall?” At which time there was a short conversation about how people really aren’t up during the wee hours of the morning tuned into JTV. Surprise! Although they may claim that things have changed since July 5th, I know that I have been up until at least 3am and often until 4 and sometimes 5 writing these posts and hanging out with fans in various streams and the respective rooms since just day 3 of, so that statement would be a bit off.

I am going to cut things short here, but I thought I’d revisit that question and see what readers have to say abut it after the most recent outage?

I’ll be back tomorrow night with a more predictable Justopia post. I need a little recuperation time tonight to turn my head off and stop thinking like a narrator.


Club Med, Sonora Bay, Mexico -1999

Right about now I wouldn’t mind being right here!


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