A Rant on Popularity and a Köttbullar Celebration

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This post is going to get under the skin of some JTV viewers — especially some of the tenured ones, but as I said after the Sarah Meyers incident, I won’t censor myself again, so here goes …

Presidential elections, playground bullies and JTV streams all have one thing in common; popularity either screws things up, confuses people, or causes angst, outrage and sometimes … hate.

Just what does the popular vote really mean in the US Presidential elections? Ask 100 Americans and you will get 100 different responses. On the playground the popular kids are the ones with the most kids following behind them like a duck with her chicks following in a line behind her. At JTV, popularity comes in a new form — placement of a stream’s icon. Icon — it works at JTV. Some viewers see their favorite lifecasters and even the fratboys as icons, almost seeming to bow down at the “sight” of one of them in a chat room or in the Officecam stream. I struggle to understand this mentality. Ok, I can almost buy it with Justin, Emmett, Michael or Kyle. They envisioned the platform, they work and play hard at making it happen.


Jeffy makes us laugh — one way he gains popularity.
I will fully admit it — I idolized Jenny Craig when I was an employee. She was feeding me, putting a roof over my head and giving me some place to go and be productive everyday. Ok, well perhaps not Jenny herself, but she created the company, so she was who I looked up to at that time. My next and only other idol was Steve Case. I had an almost desperate drive to work for AOL and once I landed the job, I went running, knocking over the statue of Jenny Craig on my way to the Vienna, Virginia headquarters to take my spot in a cubicle and was thrilled anytime I would run into the guy in the hallway or be in a meeting with him. Steve was my new idol and remained that way for 12 years, even long after he left the company. Actually, it was Steve Case AND Bob Pittman who won my idol worship and continue to do so even today.

You may ask what the difference is between me idolizing Jenny, Steve and Bob and the worshipping of Justin, Emmett, Michael, Kyle and the lifecasters? I’ve got a simple response. MONEY. Plain and simple. As far as I know, the fratboys and the lifecasters don’t pay the mods or viewers any kind of money — at all. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. What’s to worship? Are they saving lives? Have they won the Nobel Prize? Any of them?! Michael has said he wants to run for public office so it appears he has aspirations that go beyond JTV and could, if done well, be a positive change for people, for the world. But … that is not happening today.


My version of a Swedish dinner

When a stream has more visibility, it means more people will take notice and when that happens, the kiddies, the pervs, the infamous JTV regs that crave attention, will storm the gates and unless people do the simple thing — use the /ignore command or take advantage of the ignore feature in site chat, things will flare up and the room will go to useless chatter hell. I saw it today in the Melinus room and have seen it in the other rooms day after day.


I have not ranted about chat moderation in a few weeks and the rooms I have been spending time in have not warranted or needed a mod, but today, people were in Linus and Foxy’s room offering to moderate. Some were current mods and some were mod hopefuls. I don’t get what the whole, “I want to be a mod” thing is about? I didn’t in my previous career and I don’t today in the land of JTV. A mod is not someone of any kind of importance. I was made a mod for about 5 minutes by Jeffy until I realized he had done so and and politely asked him to take the @ sign off my name — ASAP! I don’t strive to have mod capabilities, I don’t want to have mod capabilities. I call it a capability and not POWER. Power is something totally different than the ability to kick or ban a person from a room that can work around it and come right back in. There are ways around kicking and banning, so what “power” does that give someone?

Supporting a Cause

I have noticed that some lifecasters have Paypal donate buttons on their pages. I suppose if someone likes a channel enough to want to pay to watch it, that’s their choice. Linus and Foxy have a donate button up on their site, but they told us today that it is not for their own benefit, it is going to go to a worthy cause. They are working on a way to communicate just what it is all about.

What I don’t appreciate is the self promotion some lifecasters are doing. We have seen one come into the rooms on a routine basis promoting his stream and sending the link into his room. Then we have CrapStats. It’s a nice feature I suppose, although I don’t need a bot to tell me how many people are in the room, I look to the left and the number of people viewing is noted on each room I have open. Once I realized how the comment stats work I really stopped paying attention to it. I am wondering why JTV viewers should subsidize the tool? I know this will anger some, but hey, it’s my rant. I guess it’s another one of those choice things — and I choose not to donate. No one pays me to write/record this blog and I wouldn’t dream of asking. I would like more eyeballs, but I don’t see a time when I’ll self-promote this site. I do appreciate the fratboys putting me on their Blog page — I get hits off of it.

A Swedish Celebration!


Linus and Foxy make it to the #1 spot on JTV — this calls for a celebration! Read on and you’ll see how I celebrated.

After seeing Linus and Emelie win popularity I decided to have a Swedish Meatball celebration tonight. I looked up a recipe on ViedoJug. The recipe is not difficult, it’s basically the same way I would make meatballs, but the sauce is what sets it apart from what I make.

Kudos to the two of you for making the #1 spot today and let’s all hope it doesn’t degrade the quality of the fun we have in your room. It’s a fun place to be and I’m hoping we will get to see more of Sweden and learn more about your culture. I am really looking forward to the cold weather. I want to experience winter in a land that is so far north. Is that called Lapland? I’m not sure.


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