The Only Thing That Stays the Same is Change and Cooking with Jeffy

New Channel Line Up

The beauty of a start up is that nothing stays the same for long and I get bored and impatient easily, so the quick changing JTV site suits me. In my last job, I learned how to adapt to change so that has enabled me to accept the new things at JTV without angst. No anxeity, no dread, no fear, no resistance — just acceptance.

I spent the afternoon at the pool

Today’s change has some people talking. The placement of streams in the list of icons on the main page and the back page is now being done by numbers — most popular on the left. I don’t have a problem with it. I still know the streams I am interested in watching and I am not much of a follower. Going with the pack has never been my thing. During job interviews, when I am asked how co-workers would describe me, the word conformist has never crossed my lips. If I can’t lead, I’d rather be alone, on my own, than a lemming. I just don’t have the herd instinct. If a stream drifts to the left, it does not mean I am going to rush right in. JTV is a form of entertainment, and I don’t race to watch the big shows just because “everyone is watching” them. I totally passed on Survivor, I never watch football — even though a well known NFL coach and I live in close proximity with just a few sheets of drywall between us, and I didn’t watch a single episode of Idol until last year when living in Buenos Aires and in need of something to watch on TV.

Looking up at my house from my lounge chair — it’s way up there at the tippy top

JTV is not work. Well…at 3 in the morning, when I am finishing up writing, resizing photos and recording the podcast it sometimes feels like work, but it’s not something I have to do, nor something I get paid to do, so it’s up to me. Just like broadcast television. I watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it. Just because it gets good reviews, or millions of people watch a show doesn’t mean I will. I need something to hook me, to make me want to come back for more, so page placement is not going to make a difference in my viewing habits. I might try a stream out if I see it up there, but that does not guarantee a repeat visit.

Hardly anyone goes to the pool, especially during the week

Another thing that brings me back to a stream is what goes on in chat. I believe the rooms each have their own culture. I am not sure exactly how to articulate this, but I “see” or “hear” cultural differences in each room. The way people “talk” or what their interests are or what their expectations are in each room vary and it seems to me that we find something of interest in a room not only based on what is going on in a stream, but because of the “relationships” we build with certain people in a room.

One of the regular readers of this blog made an interesting comment on yesterday’s post. The issue was one I’ve raised in the past — we don’t really know who we are chatting with. Who is really on the other side of the screen when we are typing away in the rooms? What age are they? What gender? What part of the world do they live in? Sometimes it’s easy to detect an “accent.” In some instances, the way a person uses certain words or the punctuation or grammar make it obvious that the person’s first language is not English, or that they come from the UK or other English speaking countries that use the language differently than we do in the US and the idioms and slang are often different. It’s part of the draw for me with JTV. And it’s always obvious when kids enter the room. The conversation goes to hell.

Playing with the camera

What I am not interested in is watching the lives of minors. It feels wrong to look in on a teenager’s life and it worries me that there may well be some nefarious people lurking behind the screen for unscrupulous reasons and I want no part of it. There is a mother son stream and I noticed an icon for a stream for a 15 year old boy and of course there is Shooby-cam, but I really can’t watch those.

I also agree with you about the age thing, but until yesterday, when there were more beta channels, there was a 15 year old kid and there was that mother and son stream. I never watched either. I can’t imagine being interested in a teen’s stream and it felt totally, totally wrong to even think about wanting to. You know Shooby, the JTV intern is young and he has, or has had a stream. I have often thought about who might really be in these rooms, who we are all chatting with, creating digital bonds with. I am sure, 100% sure some are not who we think they are.

Delsal also said that he read that blogging is falling way off with the interest in YouTube and instant video gratification. People don’t want to read, I’ve seen that with my own blog. People have asked for less words or to make it easier to read, and that is why I began recording it as often as I could. I worry about the shift away from the written word. It’s necessary to read to improve vocabulary and grammar, but if people are only watching things, it will deteriorate the use of the language even further. What I see in these rooms horrifies me at times, but I am a stickler for grammar and spelling, I know. Just the Crapstats verbiage is enough to make me want to cry — “I last seen Justopia 2 days and 2 hours ago.” EEEEkkk!!!

Cooking Show Bungled

Making the peanut sauce for the noodles — in a carbon steel wok — not the best option, but since the feed was so poor and we didn’t get on the phone to do this, I wasn’t able to stop him. He made a noble effort none the less.

At the last minute, Jeffy and I decided to cook together. He was going to make the Asian noodles with peanut sauce that I talked about the other night. Unfortunately, when he came back from the supermarket and the garden, the feed was in terrible shape on all channels. It was lagging so far behind — up to 12 or 13 minutes, that it would not have worked out well. So I quickly typed up a couple of recipes and sent them to him. He told me he purchased chicken as well and I had to scramble to come up with a recipe. I did and sent them both, but in my haste, I forgot to tell him to put soy sauce in the noodles. Oops! He says it was good, but who knows. Hopefully it was. I will make that meal this weekend and shoot it and post the photos here so that Jeffy can see what it should look like. 🙂

Stirring the sauce into the noodles

I am hoping the fratboys get things resolved before the end of the weekend. They might find a lot of us bailing if it continues like this all weekend.

Rather sticky, but Jeffy said it was tasty — the addition of a few tablespoons of soy sauce would have done the trick!

Jeffy and I were going to cook together tonight, but the fratboys are working on the streams and it was just too slow to get it done. Next time.

Mikey Liked It!


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