Strolling Down JTV Memory Lane and A Little Indian Fare

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Archived “Interviews

I decided to take a trip down memory lane this afternoon. Nothing was happening in the rooms and the weather was strange. The skies were threatening rain, then sun, then clouds and a sprinkling of rain finally. I figured I’d just hang out and do a little reading, clean up a bit, look in on the rooms, and think about what I was going to write about tonight while reflecting on the past 3-plus months in Justopia.

City Palace at Sunset — Lake Pichola, Udaipur, India

And low and behold, I ran across what I call “the lost interviews.” Surely the tenured regulars remember those interviews? The ones I had such trouble with? The ones I could not listen to without yelling at my computer with all the “ummms” and “gotcha’s” and giggles and “one of the viewers wanted to know…” Or how about the infamous, “So and so asked me to ask you…?” I don’t know what you call the fear of asking your own questions in a situation like this — any ideas anyone?

I just need validation on one thing; doesn’t an interview mean the interviewer spends time researching the interviewee, puts the facts together, gathers background information, adds some human interest and composes questions that will glean the information the listener tuned in or opened the paper or magazine to learn about in the first place?

The Taj Mahal at Sunrise — 2003

If you haven’t heard theses interviews, and I only heard one of them in full prior to this afternoon, it’s worth a listen. If for no other reason than to remember what things were like in the “early days” of JTV. It’s hard to believe that I can reference 100 days ago as the good old days, but after spending days and nights here, it feels like April was eons ago.

Aside from the um’s and oh’s or not showing a real interest in what the interviewees were saying, I found it very frustrating that there was no follow up on any of the questions or responses. Ann Curry drives me up the wall with this type of interviewing as well, enough so that I’ve written to The Today Show a couple of times to voice my concern with her interview style. It’s less important to me that she leans over and pats someone on the thigh to make someone in a difficult interview situation feel better, and more important that she continue to drive the interview so that I actually come away with information I did not previously have about the topic or person.

The JTV interviews are very similar. It is just a list of questions that the interviewer asked, cajolled, begged chatters in Peanut Gallery 1 t o submit before each one of the interviews. In the interview with Michael, we were going down an interesting path with one of his responses. He mentioned that he has future political aspirations. My ears perked right up when he said that, and I thought, wow, really, and what kind of politics are you interested in going into? What do you think your experience at JTV will do to inspire or help you to go forward with your interest in being a public servant? Do you feel there could be any potential repercussions from working on this start up? What if someone does something on the site that is unacceptable to people, do you worry that years down the road it might come back to haunt you? I could go on and on and on, but I will spare you. The people that read me, all 100 of you, seem to be pretty on top of things and if you enjoy my biting wit, my humor and my sarcasm, I am sure you will have similar thoughts.

Lake Palace — Udaipur, India

One thing I will give the interviewer, the questions were open ended, so that the interviewee couldn’t just gloss over a question with a yes or no. Thanks to the JTV viewers that sent in their questions, there were no closed ended questions — it looks like the viewers really did want to know these things. I could care less if Emmett wears boxers or briefs, and asking someone that is just 23 years old what their 5 or 10 year plan is probably wasn’t going to get a detailed response, but these were apparently what the Peanut Gallery was interested in. In response to the what does the next 5 or 10 yearse hold in store question, Emmett said something to the effect of how the year 2017 isn’t really a year, that 2010 doesn’t even seem to be a real year — it’s all so far away and they’re so busy with what they’re currently doing. They haven’t even been at this for one year yet, and they don’t know where they are going with the company, if it will remain solvent or if they will be acquired or if something they haven’t even thought of might happen. This is technology — it’s tough to imagine what computers, the internet, telephony — all communications will be like in 5 – 10 years. Asking one of the fratboys what they think the future holds for JTV was sure to end up as it did — no real answer from anyone. And that is understandable.

Are these interviews, or are they simply questionnaires with questions from viewers? They were more like a sort of survey composed of a list of 2 dimensional questions, since none of the four interviews had any depth or perspective. It’s not all bad news though — it has inspired me to think about scheduling my own interviews with the gang to see if there is more that we can learn.

I’ve said it before in his venue — I am a curious sort and I like answers — I am feeling a bit closed off.

Jerusalem, Israel

Another Break from Western Cuisine — Indian Fare

I had such an awful dinner last night at yet another American chain that I decided to make a good Indian meal, with a hint of Leabanon mixed in.

I’ve had people ask about things like the ceramic knife I was using and recommended in an earlier post as well as about recipes and ingredients, so it appears that there is some interest in Justopia’s culinary escapades. Below are the recipes with a few tips. None of this is difficult, there are a few steps in each, but unless you are very pressed for time, it should be nothing intimidating.

Happy cooking!



Don’t let these recipe names scare you. All of the ingredients are available at any of our large supermarkets these days and are affordable, even the saffron. If you don’t want to purchase the spices individually, find a good curry mix to use as an alternative. I like to toast the spices in a dry pan to bring out the aromas, and you can do this with the already prepared curry mixes as well.

The rice is not done in a rice cooker. My housekeeper in Bangalore used to use a pressure cooker, but I have never been a fan of those (my grandmother scared me away from them decades ago when they truly were unsafe) and really, it doesn’t take all that long to prepare this rice in a pot on the stove. Be sure to follow the directions as they are written. I know people have a tendency to think they should stir rice, but resist all temptation! That does nothing more than make rice porridge — mush.

If you have a problem finding the sumac for the salad, you can do without it. I don’t use lettuce when I make fattoush — usually, but I will leave that to you.





2 Responses

  1. Hi Just,

    It’s interesting how technology has changed and it will definitely be interesting to see how JTV progresses in 6 months. To be honest with you, i am satistfied with the numbers of the livecasters today. Can you imagine if there were 1000 Livecasters?how do you choose? how do we live ourselves normally without spending countless of hours searching for your fav livecaster? This is really an addicition and its beyond reality i might said. Blog was once famous but now diminishing in popularity. I was reading the other day that the number of active bloggers has dropped to 40% compared to last year mainly due to Youtube phenomenon where people can do an instant blogging rather than writting it on a blog.
    i think LiveTv is amazing but crime rates will be higher, criminals are watching everywhere especially the thieves. People have to seriously consider the setback before putting themselves on a camera on Live Tv and watch by thousand and even million of people around the world.

    Do they even consider the legal age limit to broadcast? i am hoping it’s 18 years old.
    If not, i hope JTV or other media Live channels would consider this seriously. i do not want to see a 15 years old telling me how they live their lives. Absolutely Not!
    how bout a pedophile watching them? isn’t it a crime!… Hmmm Remember Myspace issues…Livecasting will be ten times the risks

    Just my two cents

    PS; Do you consider Livecasting? i think you should…you have lots of personalities and i think you will be able to entertain your mass audience with your cooking and humor. Eventually you will have a sponsor for your cooking show and getting your own channel on TV, book signing and recipes. Major corporate sponsors and you are featured on CNN with Larry King šŸ™‚

    I can see you have the potential to be as entertaining as Melinus, GGjeffy or nekomimi_lisa. They are very interesting individuals as you know it.

    My three cents

  2. Thanks for the 3 cents! šŸ™‚ Yes, I have thought about everything you have mentioned here and I think you have just given me the topic for tonight’s post! I had drafted a long comment in response, but will refine it and post it tonight instead.

    See you in the room. šŸ™‚

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