Please, Can Somebody Help Me? I’m Bored Out of My Onion!

Nobody Likes Onions


I told you I would write about these guys at nobodylikesonions in yesterday’s post. I don’t have a lot to say, but thought I should jot down a few thoughts.

First of all, these guys are funny — in small doses. I hung in there for the entire show last night. It had me laughing out loud at parts, saying ewwww at others and raising an eyebrow — frequently. They are irreverent, crusty, impertinent, disrespectful, undiplomatic, hysterical, witty, uncouth, vulgar, hilarious, creative … I am not sure there is a limit to the adjectives that can be used to describe this group of three.

I watched the video and listened to the audio on and watched video from a different angle on JTV. The sound was much better on ustream as they mentioned it would be and although a bit low in decibel level, headphones cured that.

Shooby was trying to get me to call in, but I had nothing to contribute.

I thought I’d take some shots of onions for this post, but there was only so far I could go with it, so I decided to pull out tomatoes and a few other things. (Music Credits: Here I Am — Music and lyrics by Everyday Jones)

People have asked how I can be in multiple rooms at one time — this is the answer — sizing the windows and using IRC. It’s possible to open as many rooms as I want at one time and to run video off to the right, as well as opening other browsers with different streams. There is a limit though as to how much a person’s brain can take! 🙂 I don’t know if irc clients are similar, but this works well for me (on a Mac)

Cheffy Jeffy’s “Eggplant Eggstravaganza” pas deux and the Trivia Competition
Jeffy, did you take note of the curry powders in the pinch pots — see how much more robust they are than the Costco brand? Do you have a spice shop there? Oh wait! Yes! I’m sure you do! Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni wrote a book (fiction), The Mistress of Spices based on a San Francisco spice bazaar. I wish this place existed — to me, it is like the Shangri-La of spices in the US. In India, this would not have been an unusual place. Even the grocery stores had aisles with a huge variety of spices to choose from. I recommend you take us to Chinatown or to the Indian section of town so we can go exploring. If you can find someplace similar to what Chitra Banerjee described in her book and show us, I’d be your biggest fan — ever! 🙂

Jeffy had a trivia bot set up for us tonight — better than a game of guessing random numbers or celebrity names. The problem is this. I am insatiably competitive. Once I get started, I have to win! I got to the #1 spot in speed of answer and at one point in total rank number or however the game is scored, but I was afraid of getting sucked in for the duration, so I’d leave and try not to pop back in, but it was inevitable — I’d be too curious, would take a peek, answer a question or two, miss some, make some and leave again.

I hope he doesn’t play this every night, or I’ll need someone to make a reservation for me at Bellevue — stat! 🙂


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