Who Opened the Floodgates, Office Space, and Cheffy Jeffy


The invasion was like a bunch of clowns streaming into the room

I was busy most of the day, but when I came back in and tuned into the Melinus channel, Foxy and Linus had just come in from their day out. It was dark, but they were chatting with us. It was the usual laid back “conversation,” until suddenly, as if a levee broke, we were flooded with nonsense-talk like we see in many of the other rooms. Since Linus and Foxy began broadcasting, it’s been a rare occasion when the thought of a moderator has come to mind and once we all ignore the useless, unintelligent babble, the person goes away, off to torment some other lifecaster(s) and chatters in another stream.

Today was different. It was as though someone let the detention hall tune into Melinus for a little change of pace and they muddied the waters with enough boarish chatter that I decided I’d had enough and logged out of JTV altogether. I am hoping this doesn’t become the norm in this room. I have become hard pressed to find any stream at all that interests me anymore and seem to spend all my time in Linus and Foxy’s room, so without that, JTV may have worn out it’s welcome for me.

imgp2173.jpg imgp2172.jpg
The cycler that met head-on with this bus on my way to work one morning in Buenos Aires was not having a good day

I would imagine this room fascinates me because they are from here and all we know as usual and routine and this is what interests me — other cultures.

Justin and the boys went out to lunch and looked at office spaces. The place I saw them look at was an unfinished ground floor unit. They were not happy that it needed to be finished and said — why would we rent this we don’t need to do this. And someone asked, “We don’t need an office?” And the kind of giggled about not needing a JTV office for long — I am guessing they are referring to being purchased. Justin said that he doesn’t expect to need an office for more than 1 – 15 years and Kyle said he was hoping 6 months. Then Justin made one of his typical uninformed comments about how no office should take more than one month or even one week to be ready to rent. I guess they haven’t been on the earth long enough to know how things are done. Someone asked if he has hired a real estate agent to help with the search, but the response was no.

I don’t know, but for a bunch of guys professing to be businessmen, they sure don’t have a clue how to conduct business. Although it may seem more cost efficient, more macho in a fratboy kinda way, getting a real estate agent to find places for them to look at is the smarter way to go. The rent may be just a little bit higher because the landlord needs to fund the realtor’s fees, but the time savings and finding the most appropriate space to lease is what someone thinking strategically would most likely do.


Club Med, Sonora Bay –2000

It’s time they either send one of themselves to business school or hire someone with experience in the working world to help them understand how to run this business. Or maybe … one of them could get a job somewhere and learn how to run a business from the inside out. Oh brother, why does my sensible side have to poke it’s head out?

On the other hand, from the rest of the conversation — or from what I could hear in the rest of the conversation — it sounds like they are planning to be acquired at some point anyway. Justin said they shouldn’t need the office space for more than 12 – 18 months and someone else (Kyle, perhaps?) said that he was hoping it would be more like 6 months.

I have no doubt that some entity or entities are looking to purchase JTV. It seems like it could have potential if an established company sucked them up and actually cleaned it up, brought some robust features in, did something to make it a revenue generator and gave it some visibility. It’s still got such a small following.

I hear Ron Paul is going to be streaming again this week and I am very curious to see what his viewer numbers look like. The kiddies and pervs may really dislike the political scene as well as many of the others that tune in to watch the streams, but I would put money on a bet that says the numbers will spike with each Presidential Candidate appearance.


South of France — 2003

Tonight there is nothing to watch. Jeffy’s stream is screeching to the point of a bleeding ear. Linus and Foxy went to bed early — I think the stuff that went on in the room with the kiddies and pervs made them shut down early. Hopefully they won’t decide they do not wish to continue. I need something new, different, something I haven’t seen before (like Sweden) to keep me entertained and interested. Sarah is in a coffee shop with someone, but I can’t hear them well enough to know what is going on. Justin and the Officecam streams are not worth watching and from what I can see, the viewer numbers are very low. Justine is in the airport waiting to board a plane for Texas and the rest, well nothing I am interested in. Lisa is rebroadcasting an Anime cartoon show, Shooby is in a car being driven somewhere and I am not interested in watching a teenager show us his life, nobodylikesonions — I have no idea what they are doing. And on it goes. Nothing interesting at all.

It’s time for me to go. Now, where’d I put that damn red stapler?!


What timing! The stream just came back up on nobodylikesonions, so I am going to watch and will write it about it tomorrow. Shooby tells me this is a great show — great comedy, so I am looking forward to it. I am sure I will have lots to say about it. I will say it was irreverent, funny, creative, offbeat with lots of trash talk, but it appeals to many and had me laughing lots. I’ll write more detail tomorrow night.

Cheffy Jeffy

I made a fatal mistake! I heard my name and looked up and it was someone in Jeffy’s room calling out to me. I went in and it turns out Jeffy was just starting to make his dinner.


If you don’t add some pectin or cook the egglant at a very high heat to brown it and keep the vegetable from oxidizing, espeically in the carbon steel wok, you will end up with gray eggplant. I know you said the lighting was causing it to look gray, but eggplant oxidizes quickly.

After the garlic was added, and nothing was browning, Cheffy Jeffy decided he needed to add something to it — so he pulled out a big container of curry powder and proceeded to shake … and shake … and shake … and shake … and it just wouldn’t stop! So what was looking dark gray in the pan, would now leave the yellow cast of tumeric on Jeffy’s white dish.

It was not looking good. When he began eating he decided he needed something with it, so he had packets of Uncle Ben’s rice. I am not an Uncle Ben’s fan, basmati rice or jasmine rice would have been a much better option, but he said he was in a rush, so the packets were opened and poured into the wok, stirred up and he plated the stew … errr curry? errr … stuff onto his plate. Leggedy (who named him Cheffy Jeffy — very appropriate, thank you Leggedy!) and I were appalled at what we were seeing. Jeffy was about to eat stewed eggplant with tomatoes, garlic in a curry powder “sauce” and RAW rice.

Yummm… to some

I was laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom and my eyes were tearing up. Jeffy explained to us, once I had returned, that it was some kind of instant, already cooked and vacuum sealed (with God knows what chemicals added) rice. I don’t know what flavor he was using, but he said it smelled when he opened the packet and that tells me right off — fake cheese! Or fake cheese and mushroom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, kiddies and pervs (if you read me) think about this, please! Eggplant, canned tomatoes, garlic, and rice with cheese or some other ersatz flavoring? I don’t know about you, but I am going to be sick thinking about it!

Jeffy, I know you like to cook, I know you want to have a little cooking show thing on Wednesdays, but PLEASE, if you are going to do the show where a viewer calls in — PLEASE do listen to him or her! And if you ever get out this way, please let me know — I will invite you in and we will cook in my kitchen. I promise you, you will go home with no less than 5 good recipes or techniques that you can apply at home so that you are eating better food.


11 Responses

  1. i like your pictures !

  2. Thanks Bryan! Thanks for reading.

  3. Have you noticed the feeds have gotten worse and worse to watch. I mean the stuttering the computer problems ect ect. I’d like to see a person for 5 mmmmiiiinnnnuuuut tttt t ttteeeesss without bufferring.
    aka dizilbdog

  4. Yes I have dizil. It’s especially bad when they are using mobile cameras.

  5. The Cheffy Jeffy cooking fiasco was, indeed, an absolute scream! You forgot some of the ingredients, however, Justopia! He included some fresh thyme and/or rosemary that he grew himself, as well as onions and green peppers!

    I must agree, with as many lifecasters as there are, it is often difficult to find anyone broadcasting (or it is looping so badly, its too annoying to watch), not to mention watchable content.

    As far as JTV being acquired, I would think that it would only be lucrative if they hold out for a couple of years and build up a decent audience, as well as work out the many kinks. At this point, it seems it would be easier and less expensive for a company to simply start their own lifecasting from scratch. I guess being acquired might just override Justin’s vow to lifecast forever!

  6. Justopia,

    I was also watching during the office space visit after lunch. I heard Justin say that the reason they would only be at a new office for about 6 months is that they would need a bigger place as they would be employing 50-100 people in a year. The 6 month comment came up when Justin called that “long term” and Kyle said that 6 months to him was long term.

    As you said, they really need somebody with some business experience.

  7. Thanks for the info Carrot. It seems to me that they could hang in at the fratcave for the additional 6 months if they truly believe they are going to expand like that in a year, and then spend the money, but that would take strategic planning. 😉

  8. Hop you like the show (Nobody Likes Onions). Thanks for spreading the word a little, and we hope you’ll continue to tune in. We’re getting some new equipment and hope to have the sound quality improved through JTV soon.

  9. Partick — I did enjoy the show — you can read my thoughts in yesterday’s post. (BTW — I tagged nobodylikesonions.com)

  10. i love how you incorporate pictures into your post!
    i think your posts are great!


  11. Thank you Chrissy! I had to do something to break up all the words and I figured photos was the best way. 🙂

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