iJustine is Still iPhone Crazy, Linus and Foxy are Still “Normal” and The American Dream

NOTE: The photos in today’s post are for Leggedy/Leggy. She is our resident horticulturist and said she might be able to tell me what’s wrong with my tomato plants if I could show her a few shots. I thought I’d take advantage of her readership and post them here. They look kinda creepy, don’t you think?

iPhone Mania — for One

I had to make a trip to the Mac store today to see what can be done about the chipping that is happening to my less than 1 year old matte black MacBook. I didn’t make a reservation at the GeniusBar in advance thinking that surely the iPhone mania had died down and on a Monday afternoon — how busy could the mall be anyway, right?


I asked a sales woman if I really needed to see a Mac Genius for this or if a salesperson would be the one to help with a defective product issue. It was a good try, but not the right approach. I was told that this, “Definitely needs to be handled by a Genius.” I tried to rebuff the response, but came away a loser.

Roma or Baby Grape? I have no idea!

I now have an appointment — I learned my lesson. I am not happy though. I don’t know if it was this salesperson’s inexperience with the problems with the black MacBooks — I have not seen her in that store before — or if she was just trying to get me to go away and live with it, but she said that she doesn’t know that there is anything that can be done about it. I’ll spend some time doing my research before heading back there, but I do recall reading about the problem and that Apple reenginered the casing and am hoping they just put a new case on it, but … I don’t have a 2nd computer anymore, so the thought of being without it is giving me the shakes. 🙂

iPhone Mania Continues

So anyway … the reason for this bit — I checked out the iPhone. Believe me, if I thought it was worthwhile, I would be an iPhone owner tonight, but I was not impressed. Yes it’s sleek, yes it’s sexy, yes it’s got some cool features, but is it the be all and end all in phones? Not for me. The features that make it so sleek and eye-catching are the ones that would drive me crazy — the keypad, the fingertip scrolling, the smooth, rounded surfaces. The things that are not included confirmed that this is not a phone that I can live with. Perhaps in another release, but not today. I don’t get what iJustine’s giddiness about this toy is all about? She was back at the Mac store with Shooby and Karen and someone named Kevin. Kevin and Karen were purchasing their phones and Justine was giving hugs and was getting all gushy about the phone — again. What is it that makes her melt when it comes to the iPhone? Does anyone know?

Linus and Foxy Still #1

Linus and Foxy are still number 1 in my book. They may not have sound, they may not be able to be truly mobile, but they continue to entertain in their relaxed, real people style, and they remain obvious in their joy in having people discover what they can about Sweden and their hometown, Falkenberg.


The view Linus and Emelie left us with tonight has a Norman Rockwell kind of feeling. It looks inviting, as though if I were there I would throw on a sweater, walk down the stairs and see who is around in there to chat with. I’d like to believe it is a coffee shop with a counter that I could pull up to and make new friends. I’ll have to remember to ask Linus and Foxy what kind of place it is when they wake up.

Living the American Dream

I gave The Naked Cowboy another try this morning, but it was more of the same — he’s got the same schtick day in and day out. I suppose that’s what an entertainer does, but how does he attract a following without variety? I did hear him strike up a couple of deals with people that want him to entertain at their events. He makes good money — $500 per 1/2 hour for one deal, and he mentioned $250 for a job he did recently. With fees like that, if he can keep a busy calendar, he will have made quite a life for himself. It’s confirmation of the fact that the American Dream truly is out there for all of us. I’m not sure that going to Times Square and actually seeing The Naked Cowboy is a tourist’s dream, but the place where he parks himself, right outside the Marriott Marquis right on Times Square is a huge tourist destination. I suspect it would be hard to miss him if you were in the area.


I am going to close here. I need to fall into my bed and into a good night of sleep. If I can get myself to bed before midnight, it will be a major accomplishment. I am exhausted and think I need a little reenergizing. I hope to be back tomorrow and in good blogging form.


3 Responses

  1. Your pics are always so sharp, Justy! I would venture a guess that you haven’t been feeding the tomato plants, correct? I think a couple of good shots of Miracle Grow might help a lot – once a week, especially since they have to go through a lot of water on your balcony (that uses up the plant’s nutrition) Don’t worry about the whole organic thing, unless you want to go through the trouble of making a compost and compost tea, instead of Miracle Gro!

    Good Luck and let me know how it is coming along. Keep up the GREAT BLOGGING!

  2. PS. Since the pics are such good close ups, I can’t tell if they are Roma’s or Grapes, but the Roma plant tends to be shorter and bushier and the Grape plant is leggy (hehe @ the pun!).

  3. Thanks for the feedback Leggedy!

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