Company’s Coming and Justopia’s House on a Lifecast

San Fran is Getting Ready to host the party of the century.

Gentle Giant Jeffy is hosting two mystery guests for the big JTV birthday/launch party and he was busy cleaning last night. At one point, we found ourselves dangling alongside his building, feeling as though we were about to fall to our death, but then we found ourselves laughing. Because there, down on the street, with green shirt and empty garbage bin in hand was Jeffy — looking up at us and waving. Well, I got a kick out of it anyway.


Jeff left us hanging from his balcony and the next thing we knew, he was waving at us from the street while he took out his garbage!


Jeffys street from a different perspective

I’m not sure if he was trying to protect his location, but he took us on an upside trip outside his building. Even when I rotate the image I can’t tell where he is. 🙂

Linus and Foxy Begin Their Summer Vacation

When I tuned in this morning, there was no Melinus video, but Linus was chatting with us. He was finishing up work for the day and heading home to begin his 3 week vacation. He got home, got online and low and behold, we had audio! With audio though, there was no video. Emmett is still working on it. Apparently, Emmett did not know Mac uses would be lifecasting and so he has some coding to do to get it all working properly, but the first step was completed and we could hear Linus and eventually Foxy.


Linus was frozen in time as he switched to audio.

It might be a good idea to remember that everything can be recorded for posterity when it comes to JTV-world. 🙂 I guess it doesn’t matter — no matter how Linus and Foxy are snapped, they are going to show up as an attractive pair or people, aren’t they?

Linus took us outside for a moment to show us Swedish sunlight.  It hadn’t been out in 11 days or something like that and he was exuberant about it — well without sound it looked that way anyway.


Outside Linus and Foxy’s house


They got cleaned up, a friend came over, and they headed out to a party — a friend’s 25th, I believe.


And Then Justopia Appears on JTV

I was quietly watching JTV while waiting to go out for the evening and tuned into Rideshare to see what Justin was up to. I noticed last night that he was staying at a home very close to mine and when I mentioned it in his chatroom he said I should call and we could meet up.

I didn’t. First of all, I thought — meet up with a guy whose stream I have barely watched? Get on camera? No and no. When I tuned in though, he and his friends were deciding where to go for lunch. They chose iHop (ugh) and I knew exactly where they were headed. Then they mentioned coming to my neighborhood so I thought, hmmm…I can’t let the opportunity pass me by, I am going to call. I left a message and when they finished lunch and were determining what their next move would be, they decided to head to Reston. So … I left voicemail. As they were getting close he talked to me via the stream and we made a plan to meet via SMS. I walked across the street, waited by the ice rink as I told him I would and waited a few minutes. I could see on the stream that they were less than 5 minutes from the Town Center before I headed to the elevator so knew I would be there as they were parking.


More of yesterday’s incredible Virginia sunset from my balcony, looking toward the Shenendoah Mountains

I called him and he said something about how his friend was really tired and they were at an ice cream shop (just down the street) and that they were heading back home, but would be out and about or something. I couldn’t make it out really well — cell phone reception and all. Anyway, I came upstairs and tuned in and I could see that they were in very familiar territory. They apparently went one exit too far and came up from the other direction. They took a right turn and I saw that they were on the road I live on, about to pass my house, well condo building. As they get to my building, they were trying to determine if they were passing my house and then they saw a woman and were wondering if it was me. I can’t quite tell, but I don’t think it was me — the top was too light.

It was strange that I was able to see them driving past even though he called me from the ice cream shop before I got up here and tuned in. Turns out there was a huge lag. I am not sure if they got mixed up with whatever directions they were using because they totally missed the Town Center — they turned into a shopping center next door and I would imagine thought — what is this? It’s not worth going into and drove off. LOL

Not a problem, I had dinner and theater plans so I couldn’t spent much time anyway, but I had prepared myself to be on camera. I was not going to do it, but thought — hell, why not? It’s part of what this lifecasting thing is all about — I am a random fan, in a place where a random lifecaster happens to be — why not? Callie told some people I was going to be on camera and they came running, but alas, I was saved by the lag or the change in plans, or whatever.

Washington, DC is likely to have a lifecaster show up at any time, so there is always next time. For some reason I can’t get the link to the spot in the archives where Rideshare drives by to populate properly tonight, but here it is: It’s not clickable — so you’ll have to cut and paste it into your browser to see it.

What to Watch?
Well, on to checking out the streams. Jeffy’s out with Brian from pplwrd, Justin and others are out to dinner with pops and I haven’t checked anyone else yet. The excitement for the JTV launch party in San Francisco is palpable. I can just about all the press and dignitaries as they converge on the city for the party of the year. Ok, ok! I’m being just a wee bit sarcastic, I know. I suspect it’s a bit like Christmas Eve for the fratboys and some of the lifecasters. Like anxious children, waiting to see what gifts are under the tree, they are waiting in eager anticipation of what morning will bring.


Mosaic of a child on his Carabao Clarkfield — Pampanga, Philippines

The big question of the day — Will Justin be on time? My vote — yes…tomorrow is all about him and that’s what gets the guy stoked. I don’t see our boy Justin missing a minute of the glory.


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