I Wish I Knew How to Quit You!

More Fun and Games on JTV


This is what I went to be to at 5:30 this morning — daylight was breaking

Justin and the Officecam streams hold little interest for me lately, although Justin’s trip to Hawaii was worth tuning into from time to time. What used to be fun to watch — a bunch of young 20 something’s working on creating “the next big thing,” is much ado about nothing now. They are not up and awake in the morning on the East Coast, so I rarely have anything to “watch” on JTV until later in the day. But still … I don’t quit trying. It’s an atrocious addiction that makes little sense to me, but I don’t close the computer and walk away, my days and nights continue to be consumed with JTV viewing and this strange need to post something to this blog on a daily basis.

Yesterday ranks up there in the #1 slot of not necessarily number of hours spent watching, but rather, the time of day I finally logged out after publishing the day’s post. I left my computer after 5:30 in the morning! I actually saw the beginning of the sunrise, panicked and ran to wash up and go to bed.

Unfortunately, my phone rang early and woke me up, but I managed to stay away until just before noon. The only thing I found to watch was #melinus. He was sitting in front of the computer at work and a few of us were chatting away, nothing earth-shattering or remarkable, just quiet “conversation.” It gave me time to finish a project I’ve been working on, but didn’t leave me with what I’d hoped would be something inspiring to write about.

Well, that all changed in the early evening hours when I stepped back into their room and they were pushing a contest. Linus had posted a link to a PDF file with a contest that created some fun and something other than material other than that which leads people to request Linus and Foxy to take a leap outside of the PG box. The contest melinus_competition.pdf was something that required more than just guessing a random number or celebrity name. It meant taking a few minutes to use logic, or reasoning, or the right brain to determine the translation of a bit of Swedish text.


Foxy and Linus reading entries and having a good laugh

The competitive side of me ran to Google and I furiously surched for a Swedish to English translator. No such luck. I stared at the unfamiliar text for a while. There is some chance that you can get at least a few words with one of the Romance Languages, but with a language that has characters and accent marks that we are not used to, I could come up with nothing. I finally came up with a translator that would process Swedish to English and quickly searched Linus’s blog for the portion of copy that included the competition text. I cut and pasted it into the translator, drafted mail with the translation and sent it off. I felt good. If nothing else, I got a rough translation and sent it in before the deadline hit.

Chat was afire with questions, suggestions, funny comments and a little Swedish from fellow viewers, but no hints. I re-read the contest rules and realized that Foxy and Linus were looking for fun – not necessarily a perfect translation. Fellow Swedes were not allowed to play and there was always the opportunity to ask one for help, but I had not made “friends” with anyone that had a name that looked Swedish, or Danish or close, so I resorted to my creative side. I made up a silly poem. It’s a mess gramatically, but I thought would do better than the first entry I had sent in since I knew the translation had to be almost nonsensicle.

I put fingers to keyboard and this is what came out. It’s silly, is not gramatically correct, and is pretty elementary school, but I need to get something out there that wasn’t so literal.

There was a guy and a gal from Sweden
Who were living in JTV freedom
They wanted to take part
And to show they have heart
So they put on a cam and began feedin’

The two quickly learned
That where increased viewers is concerned
To improve network share
They’d really have to care
And created a great game and prize for a winner to earn.

The contest deadline was near
And although their voices we could not hear
The laughs and smiles
Made me think I’d go miles
To pick up my prize from Foxy and Linus dear!

And, much to my surprise, I won 2nd prize! I don’t know what will arrive in the mail as my reward, but no matter — it is one of things I find so interesting about JTV — we are all separated by time and distance, but we make a virtual connection each day, and sometimes virtual life becomes reality, even if it’s just a small envelope or a postcard in the mail.


Tonight’s beautiful sunset

Now, leave me alone! 🙂 I’m done early for a change. It’s time for me to see about some gravlax and a sandwich on rye crispbread alongside some prastost. Anyone care to join me?


8 Responses

  1. You can’t quit it’s like ripping off the inside of fresh challah you just have to keep eating it. I mean watching it…

  2. LOL Dizil! I keep threatening, but I don’t follow through. 🙂

  3. mmmmm…. calamari!!!!

  4. Ahhhhh..Love your writing. What is Prastost? I am trying to make a salad with fruits, shrimp and tomato? Any recommendations?

  5. Hey Johnincal — how much calamari do you think that giant 500lb. squid would have made? It wouldn’t be the same as what you’re used to — you could fit your whole body through a ring of calamari from a squid that large.

    BTW, here is a little info from keyword dictionary — aparently, just like the crazy American misuse of the word Panini [plural for the word Panino (sandwich)] we all use the word Calamari incorrectly as well. Imagine — more than one 500 lb. giant squid washing up on shore? I bet Red Lobster would be happy with that. Nothing like a huge chain restaurant that serves overly salted, greasy food to get their hands on a find like that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    American Heritage Dictionary – Cite This Source
    ca·la·ma·ri (kä’lə-mä’rē, kāl’ə-) Pronunciation Key
    n. Squid prepared as food.

    [Italian, pl. of calamaro, from Late Latin calamārium, pen-case, from Latin calamārius, relating to a reed pen, from calamus, reed pen (perhaps from the “ink” the squid secretes); see calamus.]

    This is the real beauty of JTV — I think I learn something every single day — much of it isn’t very useful, but hell, who cares?

  6. Ok Delsal — Prastost: Prastost
    Prastost means “Priest Cheese” in Swedish. This cheese received its name in the days when it was customary for Swedish farmers to donate a tenth of everything they produced to the local priest; and only the very best would do. A distinctive cheese with a rich and strong flavor, enjoy Prastost as you would a fine Cheddar – as a snack or shredded atop chili or soup.
    Made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
    We cut and wrap this item by the pound.
    Please contact us if you would like to purchase the whole 28 lb. form.

    May I send you a 28 pounder? 🙂

    Now, for the Shrimp, Tomato and fruit — I’d put the fruit on the side and go with a Shirmp Louis. Well, that is what sounds good to me at the moment anyway. Here is the recipe:

    1/4 cup mayonnaise (in this instance, I’d have to make it from scratch)
    2 Tablespoons chili sauce (more or less — your preference)
    1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
    1 Tablespoon FRESH lemon juice
    1 teaspoon grated lemon peel — be sure to keep the pith out of it
    Pinch of salt and pepper

    I don’t know what kind of veggies you have for the salad, but avocado is almost a must with this one. You can live without it, but it’s like a Cobb salad without the blue cheese or bacon.

    It also really needs hard boiled eggs, but you can survive without them if you don’t have any in the fridge.

    I think you just need lettuce, cucumbers green onions and tomatoes. I’d keep things like sweet peppers out of it. But, you could make a little chopped side salad of sweet veggies, onions, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar with some cilantro.


    Oh yeah, and thanks for reading me!!

  7. Thanks for the recipe, i am going to ask my woman to make it!!

    This is awesome, my sister used to make this. Almost the same!

    Once again thanks

  8. Let me know how it turns out. I’m sure it will be great.

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