Hump Day Was Anything But …

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Nothing to Say

Am I serious?! What? Justopia has nothing to say? How can that be? Easy when nothing interesting is happening on JTV. I thought I would come in, write a short post and go to bed, but no, it’s 6 hours later and I am just finishing! I’ve made a list — a mere 5 things I want to talk about, 5 things that caught my attention:

  1. Linus and Foxy were busy playing to the camera again while keeping an eye on chat
  2. Jeffy went running with his hair on fire to the balcony to see if he had to evacuate his building
  3. Sarah Meyers treated us to a little wild rice and red potato dinner and an after dinner chat
  4. Justin and Justine trolled the streets of Los Angeles while looping and buffering us into hell
  5. And a little school playground bullying went on between Rideshare’s Justin and Gentle Giant Jeffy

1. When I tuned into the hot couple from Sweden, they were doing what appears to be the usual, groping each other and looking at chat. However, today was different than yesterday … although there was still no sound, both were chatting with us. I was impressed by the command of the English language both of them have. Not only are they beautiful, they are wonderfully articulate. Even with idioms and slang and American humor flying past them, they caught on to everything. It is not easy when English is a 2nd language, but they do quite well.

Kissing and groping were the order of the day and apparently Linus felt the room needed to see his blue underwear.

They decided that they wanted to get a new wireless webcam so that they could show things from different angles. I am not even going to ponder what that may mean, but I am sure the kiddies and pervs will be happy. I did not tune back in to see if they were successful.

2. Jeffy was sitting on the floor of his place folding laundry. He said he is going to have company over during the bit JTV party so he was getting things organized and cleaned up. He heard sirens and saw smoke and there were a few minutes of panic in GGJ world.

A lot of smoke, but thankfully no fire for Jeffy

He took us to the balcony and we saw smoke, lots of smoke and it was clear that something was on fire and it wasn’t minor. Sirens were blaring and at one point Jeffy said something abut needing to run out of the house — evacuate, but a minute later the smoke began to subside and calm was restored. There was a sigh of relief from the room — everyone’s Gentle Giant Jeffy was safe and sound.

3. When I tuned into Sarah, she was at the stove with her back to the camera. She was at the stove stirring and stirring for what felt like eternity. When we found out what she was making — wild rice and red potatoes, I had a tough time thinking it was anything other than a pot of mashed potatoes and rice porridge. It did not seem at all appealing. Then she told us she was no longer in the kitchen, but we were watching her continuing to stir. Apparently the lag and looping was so bad that she wasn’t stirring her food into oblivion and a pile of mush.

We next saw her in the library in her robe and she chatted for a few minutes before she decided to call it quits for the evening.

4. Justin landed in Los Angeles and went to E3. It was not my thing and the looping was so bad I stayed for no more than 10 minutes. This evening Jeffy was all excited because Justin and Justine were in the same vechicle both streaming at the same time. It was a first. It was a flop also. The looping, especially from Justin’s stream was impossible to bear, so I left for Jeffy’s room.

Jeffy put both Justin and Justine’s stream up in the room at the same time. Justin was really too dark to see, but Justine is there in living color with Jeffy looking on from afar

5. Well, I hardly know where to begin. I will start by saying that some people have short memories or hear things differently in their heads than what comes out of their mouths. Tonight it was evident in a crazy event that happened when one of Jeffy’s viewer’s went into another room. The story as I experienced it goes this way:

Viewers wanted to play the number game, but there were just 5 people in the room, so Jeffy challenged us to find viewers in other rooms and invite them over to play for a few minutes. Phammock, a very polite, long-time JTV fan popped into Rideshare’s room and said the following:


You may have to scroll to the right to see the full chat screen. If you click on the image it should bring up the full-size image, which will also help. But to summarize, Phammock simply said: Hey ppl, come over to GGJeffy for a minute. Going to play a game for money. An innocent statement I thought, but it was met with a flame from Rideshare himself.

And then things really heated up. He came into Jeffy’s room and stirred up the pot. Jeffy fans were on the defensive, Rideshare was on the offensive and ’round and ’round it went. All the while, poor, innocent Phammock felt terrible for causing trouble. Justin couldn’t keep away, but Jeffy wasn’t biting. He came into the room asking Jeffy if he could call him to apologize, but Jeffy was having nothing of it. I’d go into the Rideshare room and he was making comments that were not pretty. He’d come back into GGJ’s room and kick things up a bit and leave again.

I am hard pressed to understand why Justin would come in and say, “His users came in and tried to rile things up.” Phammock went in, uttered one line, and left. It wasn’t spam as Justin claimed — it just plain did not fit the definition of spam, period.

I felt as though I was thrust into a time warp and it was 7th grade looming large before my eyes. The bully was taunting the nice, quiet kid and the onlookers were 10 deep cheering things on. Most were defending the nice quiet kid, but there were those that were egging the fight on. Jeffy kept pretty quiet, although he did lose his cool once or twice and Justin finally gave up and went back to his room. No punches connected. It’s all viewable in the tips or archives around 10:45pm.

Wow, what have Wednesdays (hump day) come to?


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