New Channel to Draw Crowd, Justin Learns to Drive a Stick and A Stop in the Kitchen

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Nekomimi_Lisa Dons a “Shower Cam”

Lisa knows how to manage her lifecast. Camera angles, daily life operations such as showering, taking care of her cats, setting up her wireless router, watering the garden; all part of her stream. From what I read, she’s done this in the past, and it’s apparent. She seems to work hard at moving the camera from place to place to capture the bits and pieces of her life.

This morning if the kids and pervs were tuning in, they would have been treated to Lisa’s shower cam. She knew exactly how to set this one up. In what looks to be a typically small city bathroom, she put the camera on a tripod, positioned it cleverly so that her legs, from the knees down were clearly visible and the green frog with the alluring smirk hid what might have been too risque for Justin’s “let’s keep it PG” business model. Thankfully the virtual gropers were not online this morning and we were only treated to mild middle school comments; the kind I remember in 8th grade during the infamous sex ed classes of the early 70’s. I was annoyed by the inane comments then, and continue to be 35 years later.

Sunflower dyed red

She went on to get dressed and sat down to work on the plan for her swim workout. She works for a hedge fund and sources tell me she streamed from work last week, but that the boss stipulated that just video was allowed. I am surprised it would be allowed at all. I’d think at a place of business like that, there would be a lot of personal information that might be visible to viewers, but it’s not my business, it’s just a statement.


Gardening time

For some reason, while watching her have a conversation with her neighbor while watering her garden, I suddenly felt like I was watching the Sims come to life. It was an interesting, surreal kind of experience.

  • knees.jpg

Clever camera manipulation

The Trials and Tribulations of Renting a Car

This evening, as Jeffy was taking us for a drive, I decided to check in on Justin. Our man about town on legs was in hot pursuit of a rental car. I don’t know how long he had been trying, but by the time I tuned in he had apparently been turned down at least once. I am told age and his credit card were a factor. What I witnessed was what looked like a mom and pop type side-of-the-road rental agency agreeing to rent him a car. It took time, but after Justin handed over his card and declined insurance, (told the guy he was covered back home), he finally got a car. It was a jeep and … it was a manual transmission! Justin has no expeirence driving a manual. One of the guys at the agency hops in the driver’s seat and shows him how to drive a stick. Then it’s Justin’s turn. He was nervous, you could tell, but in the end, after stalling a time or two, he was fine and he drove himself around for a bit to get used to it. He did the responsible thing and pulled over before making a call to Gabe and made plans to meet up.

Taking the car out of the rental lot — shifting … it’s a process

Choppy Feeds and Strange Anomolies

As Jeffy was preparing to head out for the evening field trip, we experienced something none of us have seen on JTV before. It was like a Rorshack Test with negative film. The sound was inaudible and the images were wild. What do you see in these images?


I see and image of a Mayan King


Doc! Come quick, I think the patient’s pelvis is broken!!

This is How You Cook Boys and Girls

When I peeked in on Sarah she was doing a nice little cooking lesson. Ok, it wasn’t a cooking lesson, she was helping cook at her boyfriend’s parent’s home and in the process, was either showing off for the camera or just being her usual patronizing self — instructing the viewer’s how to handle an avocado, and how to put together a nice salad. The kitchen was beautiful. It was large with plenty of walking and prep space with a Wolfe or Viking range and other important items for a well equipped kitchen.

Cooking in Colorado

The crazy thing is that I had spent time photographing and filming the preparation of my own dinner tonight for a little different blog post. I was in the process of uploading over 50 stills and a couple of videos to WordPress to include in a little culinary tutorial. I think that I will save that for tomorrow now that you’ve had the opportunity to learn how to cut up an avocado and to put together a salad. šŸ˜‰ I will leave you with the menu and a photo for a little advance mouth-watering anticipation. I did not make dessert, but now that I have extra time I think I will put together something to include tomorrow evening.

  • Chicken with Lemon and Garlic
  • Toasted Couscous
  • Salad
  • Dessert? I have no idea yet — I will seek out inspiration at Whole Foods tomorrow

How to supreme a lemon


2 Responses

  1. Hope you cook enough for all your hungry readers!!! šŸ™‚

  2. All the food that’s fit to print! I’ve just published. Happy reading and cooking. šŸ™‚

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