Final Words on the Sarah Meyers Issue and Wedding Bell Blues

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When I tuned into JTV this morning I had instant remorse about pulling the podcast and blog post about the Sarah Meyers conversation at I had a lot of time to mull it over and discuss it with my JTV friends and while all think I should not have acquiesced to her request and one or two thought that although it was the noble thing to do, it definitely should not have been removed, I think this:

  • It is a blog and a podcast which only about 80 people, on a good day click on and at best, read.
  • Sarah Meyers has slapped a webcam on her head and has talked about not only this lifecast, but broadcasting her new “business” in which she crashes tech parties and from what I viewed appears to have no shame and no remorse for intruding on an event she wasn’t invited to.
  • Writing directly to the fratboys to ask them to ask me to pull my posts is over the top. She could have left a comment or have sent mail to me. It’s easy.

I shouldn’t have pulled the posts, but that is water under the bridge so… we move on. I will tell you this though — I will not censor myself in the future. What I see is what you get — like it or leave it.

Waikiki Days


Sunrise in Paradise

I decided to spend time watching Justin today and much to my surprise, he was up and out before 10am local time. His body was on San Fran time, so he was actually up and about at his normal time — about 1pm. It looked perfect, like a day that would rate a 10. No Bo Derek or Dudley Moore in these scenes and not Mexico, but a perfect weather day nonetheless.

Justin was looking for some place to have breakfast. He was hungry and although he made a stop in the hotel restaurant, he decided to move on — on foot. He walked and walked and communicated with Christa — SuperCW — via voice and text as she attempted to help him navigate unfamiliar territory, but Justin seemed to want to make his way alone. Poor Super, she blew off her entire day waiting to be with JK. Well, not to worry, they plan to spend time at the wedding together — or do they?


The sun makes a full appearance

What, No Class in Common Courtesy at Yale?

Justin relaxed in his room after a full day walking around in the heat and although he had plenty of time to get ready, he ended up getting down to the lobby to meet Christa with only 10 minutes to spare — it was 4:50 when he got into the car and the wedding was scheduled for 5:00. Christa said it would take 10 – 15 minutes to get there. He appeared calm enough. As they arrived and walked toward the site for the ceremony you could see a pretty gazeebo and guests standing in front of their chairs. He seemed stumped by this and Christa told him they were late. Late? “I didn’t know 5:00 was the starting time?” I am not sure I’ve known a 23 year old that doesn’t know that a formal invitation means to show up at the time stated. Then again, I don’t know if there were formal invitations, atlhough from what I saw during the stream, it looks like there would have been printed invites.


A distant view of the ceremony

The ceremony was short and sweet and looked quite lovely, although since they were late, he just gave us a back row view. Sources tell me that he was supposed to be there to stream the entire thing live. If that’s the case, being late is a shame. He did see Gabe, the groom after the ceremony and gave a little apology, asked what to do with the gift he brought and when asked where Christa was, had to say he did not know. She disappeared right after the ceremony and has not been seen yet. The chatter in chat is that Christa ran off due to embarrassment, but no one knows. The chatter is all assumptions. I can’t hang out in chat — there are two disparate groups — one that supports Justin as though he needs special care and feeding for his social ineptitude and the other side that has no mercy. There are people that blame the tardiness on Christa for “driving too slow.” Some are claiming that Justin and Christa “really like each other” and others are taking the other, less romantic side; “But they only had two dates!” Again, all supposition, nothing based in fact. How do any of us know what goes on in other people’s heads? The facts as we know them are — Justin and Christa showed up to the wedding a bit late, the wedding proceeded and the bride and groom were married, walked back down the aisle and that was the last we saw of SuperCW. Gabe approached Justin and asked were she was and he did not know. He attempted to call her, left a quick message on voicemail and proceeded to the reception where he told someone sitting at the table that he did not know what happened to her, that they had “hung out a couple of times” and that her disappearance was “odd.”


Tough to sit through the broadcast of the reception, but you can see the empty table here

The stream is total garbage and all we can catch are snippets of audio. They are currently introducing the parents, wedding party and sponsors. The feed is so choppy it’s incredibly annoying, but I am hanging in there to see if Christa shows up at some point. For all we know she fell down, hit her head and can’t get up. Justin never went running to find her. He just accepts that she’s not there for some “odd” reason and that is that. I don’t think he’s aware that there are rules of etiquette. A gift of Leticia Baldridge’s New Manners for New Times would be a great gift for Justin — heck, for all the fratboys!

What has me particularly riled up about this evening, aside from the horrendous feed that is unbearable to watch (I am only sticking around to see if Christa eventually shows up and to hear what he has to say when he finally finds a ride back to the hotel and leaves) are the dynamics in the chat room. From what little I can hear, Justin is telling the “I created this 24/7 lifecasting , we want to build up the YouTube of lifecasting, blah blah blah…”


We’ve been treated mostly to a black screen or hideous looping all night


This is always the part that makes Justin most happy at any event — FOOD! πŸ™‚

This brings up another point. Has anyone but me done a Trademark search at the governmenet’s PTO site lately? Lifecasting has been trademarked and not by or any of the fratboys. It looks like one of the original regulars has taken the liberty of scooping up the term that Justin likes to claim as his own. I wonder if we are going to be in for some letigation at some point? Now THAT would make for some good JTV content!

I hear SuperCW is fine and was back in chat a while ago. Good news. I can finish this post and go to bed without worry that something sinister happened to her. πŸ™‚


4 Responses

  1. good post as usual.
    i actually dipped out when justin sat down between two people in that last row where there was only one seat. so not only got to be embarrassed for showing up late but got to have my ‘date’ take a single chair. i was there as his ‘date’ but i wasn’t there. it was sort of the last thing i need right now. so i broke out.
    no worries. i’m not his girlfriend or even dating him there’s no need for me to expect anything from him. he isn’t here to see me. i offered to show him some rad stuff here but ya the vacation to oahu wasn’t my deal he was here for gabe’s wedding.

    much love,

    ps: i really appreciate the concern and messages from you and ggj and it’s nice to see that ppl are real and actually cared. it’s definiately a change from the last ‘date’, lol.
    i’ll check in with you and ggj from time to time but ya i’m done.

    do drop me a line if you are ever on the islands fran!

  2. Ok Christa. Ping me if you feel like it and if I get to the islands I will be sure to let you know. It sounded like you would be a great host/guide.

  3. Hi Justopia and Christa,
    I was the guy who talked to Justin right after the ceremony…I was one of the groomsmen and Elaine is my wifes sister. Anyways so sorry to hear what a boob Justin was for taking that seat like that…i was actually hoping he would sit closer where there were plenty of seats on the aisle. I wanted to hold the ceremony up for 5 to 10 more minutes so viewers incl family across the country wouldn’t miss it, but our friend and wedding coordinator, Melissa, was such a stickler for time. boo. no worries here cw, just glad ur fine.

    cw did you ever get my message that night when i called you from justin’s phone looking for his room because he had no idea what it was…i have such a crazy story of trying to get justin home that night…i shared some of it in chat…maybe ill tell it later…too funny.


  4. Hey Jayster, thanks for the comment. It was impossible to really follow anything with the horrible looping and choppy audio/video all weekend. I finally backed out of the site when they went for food. I heard Justin had one of his falling down drunk nights, but was comfortably asleep by that time. He did seem to recover enogh to have fun learning to drive a stick yesterday afternoon though. πŸ™‚ I had this crazy visio of him slamming into another car as he attempted to downshift and having it turn out to be Christa. That would have been extreme irony. Thankfully, that didnt happen.

  5. Justopia

    dizilbdog here Aka Brian what IRC do you use Colloquy?? or another one,a nd is there any other use besides JTV thanks

    Brian or aka dizilbdog

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